Why do we censor stuff from children?

Lisa 2012/07/23 08:06:56
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By censoring "stuff" I mean sex, violence, drugs, foul language, etc... And at what age would you introduce to you child (if you had one) these things?
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  • Ashes 2012/08/26 01:25:20
    I always knew everything... everyone censored so I figured it out by myself XD
    Wasn't a big deal to know what behind the censorship is so I don't know why people censor :/
  • Bibliophilic 2012/07/26 04:16:43
    The brain of a child is different- adults perceive the world differently due to both experience and brain function. Exposure to antisocial behaviors at a young age can disrupt a child's normal emotional development. A bit of censoring may be permissible, but cloistering children from the entire adult world can be harmful.
  • TwistedArtisan 2012/07/23 12:31:05
    It's just how society works
    If only America were more like Japan.
  • A Lionh... Twisted... 2012/07/23 13:33:34
    A Lionheart
    How so?
  • Twisted... A Lionh... 2012/07/23 17:07:02
    they don't censor stuff like Americans do. Hell, even Sailor Moon got censored. They completely dropped the last season in America!
  • A Lionh... Twisted... 2012/07/24 04:54:43
    A Lionheart
    Ah, I was unaware.
  • Twisted... A Lionh... 2012/07/24 05:11:44
    Few more examples
    In scenes where Serena was sitting in her bathtub, in the japanese version, there was visible clevage, in the american version, no cleavage is seen.
    sailor moon censorship
    In the last season of Sailor Moon there's a few scenes in the last episode where Sailor Moon is completely nude, though her genitals aren't defined. Also in this season, the Sailor Starlights were men who physically became women after their transformations.

    Two characters, Zoicite
    sailor moon zoicite
    and Fisheye sailor moon fisheye
    were gay men in the japanese version. in america their characters were made women.
  • A Lionh... Twisted... 2012/07/24 05:25:57
    A Lionheart
    Cool! Well not cool for us. I don't censor much for my kids, I give them context and explanations. I think it helps them better understand the world around them.
  • Twisted... A Lionh... 2012/07/24 05:29:11
    of course all this censorship happened because it was in the 90s and there were 5 year old girls (including myself) watching this show.
  • A Lionh... Twisted... 2012/07/25 04:36:02
    A Lionheart
    Hmmm, gods forbid there be something celebrating womanhood, oh nos's hot chicks with power, the world must be ending. *sarcasm* Conservative America disgusts me.
  • Twisted... A Lionh... 2012/07/25 12:27:43
    speaking of, I almost forgot.
    sailor uranus sailor neptune
    These two characters were made into cousins in the American version because in the japanese version they were lesbian lovers.
  • A Lionh... Twisted... 2012/07/26 03:42:45
  • Twisted... A Lionh... 2012/07/26 03:47:32
    Yup, I hope when the new Sailor Moon series comes out, they'll keep the characters the way they are.
  • Sister Jean 2012/07/23 12:23:43
    None of the above
    Sister Jean
    never would be good
  • Metaldane 2012/07/23 09:21:02
    None of the above
    Some people like to hide life from em personally I don't plan to I'll explain things to em as they ask about em.
  • Anthony Souls 2012/07/23 08:20:39 (edited)
    It's because...
    Anthony Souls
    These aspects of life are too traumatic and negative for a child to be introduced to. Why would anyone want to blatantly describe the mentality behind serial killers, how prostitutes work and the sex that they participate in for money, and addictions which people will kill and steal for. Wouldn't all of this cause a child to have mental disorders and psychological damage?

    Take care,
  • Scream Anthony... 2012/07/23 09:18:33
    How young do you think is too young for kids to know about people like serial killers? When I was 10 or so my Mum and I were obsessed with true crime. We'd read books about serial killers, watch the crime channel, watch her forensics DVDs where they take you through the process of solving actual crimes. We'd do tours of abandoned prisons and learn about the things that went on there. And because a lot of those crimes involved drug users/dealers and prostitutes I knew about that from a young age too. It was incredibly interesting. I don't think it messed me up in the slightest. It actually just made me really passionate about forensics and solving crimes.
    Kids are a lot more capable than people tend to think.
  • Anthony... Scream 2012/07/23 18:44:01
    Anthony Souls
    I would think that children 8 and up could handle it; I think that going below that age would be questionable.

    I don't have children so I wouldn't know a proper age: I would have to observe children if I were to truly try to arrive at a legitimate answer :P

    However, just on a cursory note, you would think that being subjected to graphic violence and mentalities of the mentally disturbed before you have a concrete personality would become traumatic.

    Take care,

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