Why do they call it root beer when there isn't beer in it?

GoDucks5 2011/08/02 02:37:51
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  • Resp 2011/08/02 02:54:37
    Root Beer was originally a fermented ale. Made with sassafras, however, in 1960 the FDA outlawed sassafras because it contains safrole, which was proven to cause cancer in lab rats. The primary element in the root beer flavor we know today is wintergreen and vanilla. An optional must-have is the ingredient sarsparilla.

    Root Beer today has forced carbonation, not from fermentation, and is non-alcoholic.

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  • James 2011/09/11 22:20:18
    Have no idea
  • Zozo 2011/08/09 04:47:59
  • Kandii 2011/08/08 17:03:11
    No clue.
  • ~ Niyala ~ 2011/08/06 00:49:15
    ~ Niyala ~
    I don't know....who would drink it if they just called it "root"?
  • Spyderman739 2011/08/04 17:47:57
    I had no idea until I read the posts, thanks for the information!
  • Smurf 2011/08/04 14:45:53
    I have no idea?
  • bettyboop 2011/08/03 21:18:13
    No it does not have alcohol, but like alcoholic beer, root beer is a brew..........brewed from the Sasafrass root originally. alcoholic beer root beer brew brewed sasafrass root originally frosty mug of root beer
  • Lerro DeHazel 2011/08/03 21:03:10
    Lerro DeHazel
    Actually the "Other Beer" is the phony one . . . Like Budweiser and them . . .
  • No0neeversaidlifewasfair 2011/08/03 17:18:08
    Don't know.
  • Jackie 2011/08/03 15:58:10
    Don't know but if you throw a few scoops of ice cream in it it is mighty tasty stuff.

    Can't say the same for regular beer.
  • Myrle Hulme 2011/08/03 06:09:04
    Myrle Hulme
    Don't know it, don't have it here
  • bluejacket 2011/08/03 04:14:35
    They call a lot of things that they aren't. Just look at 1600 Pennsyvania Ave.
  • Bob DiN bluejacket 2011/08/03 05:31:53
  • Bash aka Demondestroyer 2011/08/03 02:59:08
    Bash aka Demondestroyer
    The same reason they call American beer, beer I guess. lol here in Canada.
  • Rosalie 2011/08/03 02:48:13
    Don't know,but I love Root beer,and birch beer !!!
  • Bob DiN 2011/08/03 01:59:20
    Bob DiN
    Root beer was originally Sassparella. Which originally had alcohol in it, but was outlawed by the FDA sometime back.
  • zebsmom 2011/08/03 01:41:03
    My guess is because the original home made variety is made mostly from roots [sasafrass & licorice} and brewed like beer. It just doesn't have alcohol.Ok, unless you screw up making it, then it does have alcohol.
  • Jackie 2011/08/03 01:28:19
    it is made from the sassafras root and brewed like beer with no alcohol
  • Megajo 2011/08/03 01:04:38
    In its "babyhood", it was made from various roots and brewed like beer. Many mfrs. today use artificial color and flavors, no roots.
  • King of the woodland realm 2011/08/03 00:18:12
    King of the woodland realm
    i dont know...
  • RS 2011/08/03 00:02:33
    I know it had a fermentation process years ago...
  • Georgia50 2011/08/02 23:47:07
    That's ok...after a case of Coors, I call it root beer.
  • Bo 2011/08/02 22:57:53
    There's not root either
  • Diana 2011/08/02 22:36:17
    Their are no roots either.
  • EpicLuci 2011/08/02 22:10:51 (edited)
    idk? lol
  • Angry Amber 2011/08/02 21:57:08
    Angry Amber
    There's no roots in it either.
  • sweetgreatmom 2011/08/02 21:55:30
    Good question. I guess because it's a drink.
  • hannah 2011/08/02 21:27:37
    i dont know. maybe they used to put it in there.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2011/08/02 21:00:50
    Because it's a different kind of beer. The root originally was sassafras.
  • Spir8girl 2011/08/02 20:53:49
    My neighbor growing up in So California made root beer and beer in his bathtub, and it was the hit of every neighborhood gathering!
  • Morgan Spir8girl 2011/08/02 21:25:16
    Did he bathe in that tub too?
  • Spir8girl Morgan 2011/08/05 01:35:34
    As a child you don't think about that but I am hoping that was his "beverage" tub only!
  • Morgan Spir8girl 2011/08/06 08:42:12
    I would hope so too lol :)
  • Jack's Pearl 2011/08/02 20:50:22
    Jack's Pearl
    It was beer when it first came out on the market.
  • Claybern 2011/08/02 20:23:53
    When you pour it it has a good head of foam just like beer.
  • KingOfPop1958-Forever 2011/08/02 20:04:15
    Good question.
  • Ghost.Of.Me. 2011/08/02 17:20:02
    Good question but I don't have an explanation or answer.
  • RobertRowe 2011/08/02 17:19:07 (edited)
    because it was orginally meant to be a beer but with the taste it could also be good as a non-alcoholic drink. there is root beer schnops.
  • Elz 2011/08/02 16:55:31
    i never thought about it but it would be interesting to learn.
  • mustachio 2011/08/02 16:54:50
    because kids kept asking for beer so they called it that so that when kids ask for beer they could give them that because its not really beer and then the kids would act like there drunk but u know that they arnt because its not really beer so it would b funny watching them act drunk

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