Why do teen use the word "like" so much

kawaiigurl1234 2011/09/05 23:07:37
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Here is an example if you don't know what i am talking about: "I was like at the movie and my friend was like here comes the girl i was talking about. And i was like for reals"
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  • spiderpanda 2011/10/03 02:37:48
    im like, so sorry that i like overuse the word like. its just like, a bad habit. lol im kidding.
  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2011/09/06 01:04:16
  • Ara 2011/09/06 00:09:32
    It's a crutch word, due to limited vocabulary. It's also a bad habit you pick up from friends.
  • METALheadMom 2011/09/06 00:01:41
    Ignorance of proper communication skill, habit, laziness, and insecurity - one who fears standing out as "different" from their peers. After all, why communicate properly - that takes effort to learn and apply. It's easier to say the same word over and over again, that way one does not have to put much effort in to forming proper sentences. It identifies them as being young and kind of dumb, I suppose that's "cool" in the eyes of the young and dumb, but it drives me nuts. Saying "like" all the time, tells me you just aren't very smart.
  • Evil Temptress 2011/09/05 23:17:23
    Evil Temptress
    Limited vocabulary coupled with insecurity.
  • kawaiig... Evil Te... 2011/09/05 23:22:32
    I am not stupid i am 13 and i like say it all the time
  • Evil Te... kawaiig... 2011/09/05 23:23:35
    Evil Temptress
  • Evil Te... kawaiig... 2011/09/05 23:25:17
    Evil Temptress
    I did not say you were stupid I said that people who use the word "like" do so because they have a limited vocabulary and are insecure. Neither of those words indicate an inability to learn.
  • kawaiig... Evil Te... 2011/09/05 23:27:05
    Oh sorry
  • METALhe... kawaiig... 2011/09/06 00:04:20
    AND, not too smart. I see you told SodaHead you are 14. OOOPPPSSS! You are not allowed to be here ya know......
  • kawaiig... METALhe... 2011/09/06 11:57:00
    Yes i am the thing would let me pick my real D.O.B so i just picked 14 and i am allowed on her because if i wasn't i would be here. Btw i was here when i was 12. So worry about you please.
  • kawaiig... kawaiig... 2011/09/06 11:58:40
    I am smart i am a straight A student for someone who doesn't know me shouldn't be talking
  • TrueAmeros 2011/09/05 23:14:54
    college campus trait, and stupidity?
  • X-GIRL 2011/09/05 23:12:23
    They lack a large vocabulary.
  • Sour Dime 2011/09/05 23:11:14
    Sour Dime
    Why do young teens use improper grammar?
  • kawaiig... Sour Dime 2011/09/05 23:20:03 (edited)
    For typing (like facebook or texting) it's just a faster way of typing and it might b easier to read for some people i guess. For talking they use it to sound cool sometimes
  • Sour Dime kawaiig... 2011/09/05 23:27:28
    Sour Dime
    I think it just makes them sound dumb.
  • Evil Te... Sour Dime 2011/09/05 23:29:21
    Evil Temptress
    People keep telling me that English is a living language but it sounds like many are attempting to see to it that we speak in hoots and clicks before the next century is out.
  • Sour Dime Evil Te... 2011/09/05 23:30:15
    Sour Dime
    I agree and I hate that it seems like we're going back to cave man times.
  • Evil Te... Sour Dime 2011/09/05 23:36:41
    Evil Temptress
    I'm often asked what a word I've used means and when I give synonyms I'm asked why I didn't just use one of those. Because some words are much more appropriate or descriptive to the situation. I love words and linguistics and enjoy the company of people who can still speak and not just quote lines from comedians or movies.
  • Sour Dime Evil Te... 2011/09/05 23:37:50
    Sour Dime
    I agree and if I don't know a word I'm not going to lie my vocabulary isn't that big but I lip up the word so I do know.
  • kawaiig... Sour Dime 2011/09/05 23:38:03
    Well thats what we teens do
  • Sour Dime kawaiig... 2011/09/05 23:38:41
    Sour Dime
    No I mean in the main question:
    "Why do teen use the word "like" so much"
  • kawaiig... Sour Dime 2011/09/05 23:40:43
    Yeah i am curious why do teens do that
  • Sour Dime kawaiig... 2011/09/05 23:43:03
    Sour Dime
    I think you will have to answer your own question I know your trying to put it off like you did it on purpose but I know you didn't.
  • kawaiig... Sour Dime 2011/09/05 23:49:16
  • Sour Dime kawaiig... 2011/09/06 00:08:13
    Sour Dime
    What do you mean what? Wasn't I clear about what I had said?
  • Sour Dime kawaiig... 2011/09/05 23:28:29
    Sour Dime
    Also I don't think you meant to say they since you are included in that young teen improper grammar category, look at how you wrote your question.
  • kawaiig... Sour Dime 2011/09/05 23:37:04
    Yeah what's wrong with it
  • METALhe... kawaiig... 2011/09/06 00:11:18
    You asked the question AS IF you have no clue whatsoever WHY kids talk like dopes. You then respond to almost everyone who KNOWS why, by defending YOUR use of "like" excessively. Do you REALLY think we are that lame to not catch that? Are you from another planet, or drop out of school at 10?
  • METALhe... kawaiig... 2011/09/06 00:05:04
    That statement just backed up what I said 100%. OPPPSSS!!
  • PortaPocketGal 2011/09/05 23:10:41
    because their mouths move faster than their brains.
  • Stone.Cold.Krazy 2011/09/05 23:08:13

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