Why Do Some People Like to Argue JUST For the Sake of Arguing?

Melizmatic 2010/10/19 19:49:47
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Alright; I enjoy a good, stimulating debate as much as the next guy (or gal.)

However, in my short time on SH, I've noticed that there seem to be many people here who are not interested in exchanging ideas or engaging others in rational, civilized debate, regardless to the topic.

Hell, many don't seem to understand that there's a huge difference between personal opinion and documented, verifiable FACTS.

Those kinds of people often go on a thread just to 'stir the pot' and cause unnecessary drama, and usually can't carry on a conversation very long without resorting to hurling personal insults and being disrespectful.

So wh
y do you think there are those out there trying so hard "to pick a fight?"

Is it just that they have too much free time?

Or maybe they didn't get enough attention from 'Mommy & Daddy' while growing up, and they are overcompensating for it now?

Or perhaps there's some other unfathomable reason?

What say you?

wh fight free attention mommy daddy growing overcompensating unfathomable reason
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  • Ferηαηdo 夢 ɗəɑʇɦ ɗəʃɪəʀ ʘʃ ρɦɑəʇ
    Old school polls for the win lol.
  • Melizmatic Ferηαηd... 2013/12/20 03:57:00
    I guess so.

    I'd forgotten I'd even posted this.

  • Rude I3itch 2013/12/20 01:42:14
    Rude I3itch
    arguing is fun
  • Melizmatic Rude I3... 2013/12/20 03:29:01
    To each his or her own.
  • :D@!$Y 2010/10/31 19:16:50
    well i like a good arguing but sometimes it can get 2 far !!! <3 :)
  • KatMandu 2010/10/21 14:11:27
    I believe your graphic has captured the sum of my comment.
  • Devyana 2010/10/21 02:17:35
    its fun!! but when it gets to the point of personal insults then its dumb.
  • Ash-the-empress 2010/10/20 22:53:46
    It makes them feel important
    feel important
  • Icedragon1969 2010/10/20 15:51:30
    For me it's a game. It's like chess: supposition - argument - counter argument - ....
    It's all about seeing if you can out maneuver your opponent or find a hole in their logic. It's not about being "right" or "wrong" or even trying to convince them, because you can't do the latter anyway. It's just a mental exercise that's incredibly fun when you can find an open-minded, engaging, and intelligent opponent; someone that you can argue with, possibly even getting heated, then laugh with and go have a beer or two.
  • Melizmatic Icedrag... 2010/10/20 16:00:17
    What you're describing is a proper debate; and while stimulating and enjoyable, they rarely happen here on SH.

    No, I was referring to the usual hate filled diatribes and veritable cyber-bullying that goes on regularly here:

    For example:

    Common topic; "Pro life or Pro choice?"

    SH #1: "I'm pro-choice; it's a woman's decision, not the government's."

    SH #2: "Thou shalt not kill! You're going to burn in Hell, you baby killer !!!"

    And it just goes downhill from there.

    That's not a real debate, IMO.
  • Icedrag... Melizmatic 2010/10/20 16:04:20
    Fair enough. I guess it's a matter of definition. :)
  • Melizmatic Icedrag... 2010/10/20 16:08:39

    My definition entails exactly what you described:

    Supposition, argument, counter argument. No personal insults or belligerent behavior towards either opponent, no hard feelings when the debate is over.

    Many people on this site seem incapable of that, unfortunately.
  • Rude I3... Melizmatic 2013/12/20 03:36:29
    Rude I3itch
    I've seen so much of that and have replied if jesus is all forgiving doesn't that mean he wont judge you for a choice you made and they get pissed even though I'm not pro abortion I don't think the gov has the right to stop a woman from making her choice and these angry CINOs don't understand that its like talking to a brick wall
  • Marc 2010/10/20 14:09:33
    I think they don't understand what a PROPER debate is... They think they're debating instead of listing facts, evidence, or even considering they might be wrong.
  • Melizmatic Marc 2010/10/20 15:44:23
    Well stated, thanks.
  • Spent 2010/10/20 10:27:07
    They are called internet trolls, as I'm sure you've heard.
    internet trolls heard
  • Melizmatic Spent 2010/10/20 15:44:33

    Luv the gif.
  • Discoman 2010/10/20 05:39:55
    why do people pick fights?
    No. 1 reason is to have make-up sex.
    but as this is the internet, I'm going to modify the common answer to 'so they can have make-up cyber sex.'
  • Melizmatic Discoman 2010/10/20 15:46:53
    That's an interesting... theory.

    Somewhat unsettling, but interesting.
  • Discoman Melizmatic 2010/10/21 04:15:04
    unlikely too.
    I was making a joke.
    seriously, most people only cyber, or try to cyber on Omegle or Chatroulette.
    haven't you heard about some of the stuff people do there?
  • Melizmatic Discoman 2010/10/21 04:24:01
    I am aware that you were joking.
  • Char. Limit 2010/10/20 05:22:59
    Char. Limit
    Because it's fun.
  • Melizmatic Char. L... 2010/10/20 15:52:48
    Your idea of fun and mine are very different, then:




  • 0000 2010/10/20 00:33:05
    there are some people that just aren't right in the head and get a thrill from trying to get others riled up.
  • Melizmatic 0000 2010/10/20 03:13:55
    Apparently so.
  • Kat 2010/10/19 22:08:13
    I resent the Pic no offence my daughter Is specialneeds so I don't see the humor in it sorry if my remark offense you!!!!!! With that said some people are just rude, hateful and have no respect for other's feeling's but there own if it amuses them they they get off on it there just sick and twisted that way!!!!!
  • Melizmatic Kat 2010/10/19 23:06:44
    Um... you'll forgive me if my heart isnt in this conversation anymore; I just almost got hit by a car while running a quick errand....

    My phone was run over.... and i cant get my hands to stop shaking

    im going to log offf anfd pull myself together...
  • Kat Melizmatic 2010/10/19 23:11:04
    hope your ok friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kevracer 2010/10/19 21:10:10
    unknowable; everyone has a difference reason
  • Brats 2010/10/19 20:24:49
    Lol cuz its funn! Sometimes. I only do it one time. Especially when its a topic affects me.
  • Melizmatic Brats 2010/10/19 20:34:59
  • Brats Melizmatic 2010/10/19 20:51:15
    Lol, what?
  • Lunacat 2010/10/19 19:54:20
  • Melizmatic Lunacat 2010/10/19 19:57:42
    That's probably true.

    You know what they say about misery and company...

    true misery company
  • Tutboy (oYo) 2010/10/19 19:52:57
    Tutboy (oYo)
    because they don't have enough self confidence to do it in person...this is their outlet?
  • Melizmatic Tutboy ... 2010/10/19 19:56:24
    I think you may just be onto something there, Tutboy...

    The internet must seem like a veritable Godsend to those with passive-aggressive tendencies...
  • Tutboy ... Melizmatic 2010/10/19 19:57:07 (edited)
    Tutboy (oYo)
    and wimps too...lmao i have actually had guys who have said....'oh yeah, let's meet and fight' now that's funny
  • Melizmatic Tutboy ... 2010/10/19 20:07:05 (edited)
  • Tutboy ... Melizmatic 2010/10/19 20:09:14
    Tutboy (oYo)
    that's a great idea.......
  • Melizmatic Tutboy ... 2010/10/19 20:10:27
    I think so, too.

    Credit goes to Gun.

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