Why do some guys like to play with girls emotions

applekeyshia 2008/12/11 23:55:02
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  • Ally 2008/12/12 01:52:40
    All of the above
    Because it makes them feel powerful and macho and tough and whatever else that goes on in their mind. They think that by messing with girls' emotions, they can get whoever they like/want, and away with it.
    Not when it comes to me though :) I'd beat their asses haha.
  • Val 2008/12/12 00:05:47
    All of the above
    And mostly...they're immature asses.
  • appleke... Val 2008/12/12 00:07:39
  • Athanaric 2008/12/12 00:04:24
    All of the above
    You forgot a very important reason: Power and control. Nuff Said.
  • appleke... Athanaric 2008/12/12 00:08:03
    yeah ur right
  • Val Athanaric 2008/12/12 00:10:27
    Agree. And that applies to every age group.
  • appleke... Val 2008/12/12 00:16:07
    yeah it does sadly
  • baby gurl 2008/12/11 23:58:32
    they dont how you feel
    baby gurl
    they think that since a girl likes them they all kool and everything
  • appleke... baby gurl 2008/12/12 00:00:09
    fa real they do
  • baby gurl appleke... 2008/12/12 00:01:05
    baby gurl
  • appleke... baby gurl 2008/12/12 00:02:30
    yeah but u tripin over it
  • baby gurl appleke... 2008/12/12 00:03:12
    baby gurl
    no i dont care i just made up that ? outta no where
  • appleke... baby gurl 2008/12/12 00:05:00
    o good cause i was about to say
  • dr queen appleke... 2012/11/28 23:08:36
    dr queen
    says who
  • Val baby gurl 2008/12/12 00:31:23 (edited)
    But guess what? You don't have to play that game.

    What if you act like you don't like them? Wouldn't that put the shoe on the other foot?
  • baby gurl Val 2008/12/12 00:33:28
    baby gurl
    yes that iz definityly wat i m gonna do
  • Val baby gurl 2008/12/12 00:37:05
    You be the cool one. Don't play HIS game.
  • baby gurl Val 2008/12/12 00:38:23
    baby gurl
    i m totally not cuz he gets jealous everytime i talk about another guy and either he heres it or friends run back and tells him
  • appleke... baby gurl 2008/12/12 01:13:59
    really i didnt know that

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