Why do scientist say we come from monkeys if God made us?

cupcake wana be 2011/01/08 21:45:46
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Scientist arn't as smart as they claim to be
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  • +velouria+ 2011/01/08 22:38:57
    we did come from monkeys but God did create us too,IDK
    there is more evidence supporting that fact that we came from apes, than there is for us appearing out of thin air. it's just obvious why. even the pope recently admitted that we came from apes. it's called evolution.

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  • cupcake... La 2011/01/11 22:38:54
    cupcake wana be
    oh irony mi ass u can" sit on a rainbow" with all your stupidly
    (your gay)
  • La cupcake... 2011/01/12 00:02:34
    You seem to be implying that the situation was not, in fact, ironic. Just wanted to let you know that it was indeed.

    >with all your stupidly (your gay)

    Oh irony. Oh deja vu.
  • cupcake... La 2011/01/13 00:14:32
    cupcake wana be
    ya im gay but your the one who has nothing better to do then write back to me with big ,may i add, annoying words so if any thing you YOU are indeed GAY MY "FRIEND"
  • cupcake... Mark 2011/01/11 22:36:53
    cupcake wana be
    YES! YES! YES!!! thats what i say
  • ... 2011/01/08 22:24:51
    Scientist r dumb God created us & monkeys seperate not 2getha
    My dad was pretty hairy, but he wasn't a monkey. Jackass maybe, def not a monkey.
  • cupcake... ... 2011/01/11 22:39:52
    cupcake wana be
    WOW!!! i would shave mi dad if he was that hairey
  • Anna E 2011/01/08 22:07:00
    Anna E
    Scientists don't say we came from monkeys. Religious people just like to say that scientists say that. Monkeys and humans have never been the same. Each evolved separately from previous forms of mammals.
  • cupcake... Anna E 2011/01/11 22:41:28
    cupcake wana be
    the monkey part is right but i still belive God created us humans from dust
  • Anna E cupcake... 2011/01/12 21:42:10
    Anna E
    That's ok. Science says we probably came from bits of proteins and RNA that landed on Earth on meteorites. Perhaps those bits of proteins and RNA came from gods. :)
  • cupcake... Anna E 2011/01/13 00:15:49
    cupcake wana be
    now those are facts(hypothesis) i can agree with
  • Anna E cupcake... 2011/01/13 22:01:05
    Anna E
    Well, it is a fact that those building blocks for life did land in meteorites.
    The Murchison meteorite and the ALH84001 meteorite contained them.



  • cupcake... Anna E 2011/01/18 23:52:38
    cupcake wana be
    realley is that true or are you just "F" ING me?
  • Anna E cupcake... 2011/01/18 23:54:27
    Anna E
    That's what people have discovered about some meteorites. And since then they've experimented with it.
    No, I'm not messing with you.
  • Lovelybadone 2011/01/08 21:53:30
    ha ha ha, there is no god that cares, we might as well have come from monkeys
  • LetLoveGrow 2011/01/08 21:51:12 (edited)
    We did NOT come from monkeys. I can't tell you how many people think that!! Scientists say we share a common ancestry with them. Big difference. We did not come directly from monkeys. My biology teacher would have screamed at this post.
  • cupcake... LetLove... 2011/01/11 22:43:26
    cupcake wana be
    well its a good thing your biology teacher dint read this now aint it
  • Icarus 2011/01/08 21:49:46
    Great selection of options there - If you'd had one that said "humans are apes" then I would have ticked that because, of course, it's the truth.
  • cupcake... Icarus 2011/01/11 22:48:13
    cupcake wana be
    are u a DUMB ASS are what!!! people dint come from apes if any thing,we came from some kinde of mammal
  • Icarus cupcake... 2011/01/12 00:37:54 (edited)
    You are an ape, your mum is an ape, I'm an ape, we're all apes. That's a simple fact of biology. The reason we're classed as apes is that there is no valid way to group all the other apes together that doesn't also apply to humans. In other words, whatever criteria you use to define what is an ape, in order to include chimpanzees, gorillas, orangs and gibbons, humans will also fit those criteria. Chimpanzees are more closely related to humans than to gorillas, and gorillas are more closely related to humans and chimpanzees than they are to orangs, so any classification that separated humans out from those other apes would not make any sense.

  • cupcake... Icarus 2011/01/13 00:19:05
    cupcake wana be
    ok yea sure i guess that kinda makes sense soooo thanx
  • Icarus cupcake... 2011/01/13 00:28:36
    Well thank *you*, and you're very welcome.
  • katherine cupcake... 2013/09/26 13:43:45
    Cupcake you had it right the first time, God created man from the dust in his image, then he created us from Adams rib and hence that's where the first woman came from.

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