Why do people wear underwear?

HaleyPanther-TheAngelOfDemons 2009/09/06 02:37:38
I mean, if you wear pants, then what's the point??
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  • lotrgirl 2011/03/31 02:17:02
    Girls do because the use pads
  • sheep skin lotrgirl 2011/12/20 06:56:04
    sheep skin
    That's the only acceptable awnser. Cheers to you!
  • sheep skin lotrgirl 2011/12/20 06:57:24
    sheep skin
    Call me
  • Chris Torres 2011/03/18 05:34:47
    Chris Torres
    I believe everybody should wear underwear. It's more proper and professional. It's good hygene. It's inapropriate not to wear underwear. It just nasty and wrong to go without. I personaly believe if you don't wear underwear you should go to jail. underwear is very important piece of clothing.
  • rocky Chris T... 2013/04/03 19:34:00
    i dont wear underwear to bed so why do wee need it
  • GreggWorden 2010/11/29 20:39:44
    Wearing underwear sucks.
  • Rasuke 2010/07/28 17:10:01
    if you (guys) get an erection, underwear can stop your thing from popping out.
  • TAYTRE-TOTS 2009/10/04 02:30:38
    kuz if u piss in u'r pants you have sumtin 2 hold it up there kind of
  • Correa 2009/10/03 11:08:49
    Brosia, I love when you have to wear pads. It's lovely to want to cry wearing underwear to wear pads. Welcome to my underwear party. Which I love when you wear pads, is when you spread your legs wearing shorts, I love seeing your underwear, and I spread my legs wearing shorts, you'll see my underwear. During my underwear party, we'll see each other in our underwears.
  • DancingMachine 2009/09/29 23:48:32
    You don't wanna be anything nasty on your pants do ya?
  • Kaytlin 2009/09/15 00:57:58
    That's very true! I really never thought of why i needed em, i just wore em cuz i was told to by my rents and i guess society! lol
  • SAM 2009/09/12 14:41:16
    what do u wear underwear cuz i do
  • HaleyPa... SAM 2009/09/12 15:04:16
    lol Of course I do, most of the time. lmao.
    But I just don't know why people do.

    But people have given me some pretty interesting answers. XD
  • SAM HaleyPa... 2009/09/12 15:07:46
    o kool like wat
  • HaleyPa... SAM 2009/09/12 15:13:55
    Well some guys said for "support" and some people said to protect from germs, and because jeans would be uncomfortable. lol
  • SAM HaleyPa... 2009/09/12 15:15:48
    lol thats funny
  • Chris T... SAM 2011/03/18 05:41:28
    Chris Torres
    you should, if not you are nasty.
  • Maritina 2009/09/07 20:36:49
    Its a kind of protection from all the outside things like bacteria!As well as,you need to wear,to keep clean your trousers,feel more comfortable and protected and......i couldnt imagine it without!
  • Fingon Celebrindal 2009/09/07 19:00:27
    Fingon Celebrindal
    I don't wear any so I don't know.
  • Chris T... Fingon ... 2011/03/18 05:45:30
    Chris Torres
    You should wear them. They are very comfortable
  • Beckwolf 2009/09/07 18:19:53
    For guys, support. Nothing is more annoying than having everything bounce around in your pants.
  • HaleyPa... Beckwolf 2009/09/07 18:21:49
    lol Well I wouldn't know about that.. XD
    And I asked a guy about that once and he said he didn't notice.
  • Beckwolf HaleyPa... 2009/09/09 23:22:38
    Maybe he wasn't a real guy then. It is 2009 after all. :-P
  • HaleyPa... Beckwolf 2009/09/10 01:04:36
    lmao Trust me, he's a guy. ;P
  • Aurora the*Take*a*Chance*Kid* 2009/09/07 16:35:39
    Aurora the*Take*a*Chance*Kid*
    ...because lint there wouldn't be comfortable OR appealing :/
  • Dilasa Chowdhury 2009/09/07 16:22:14
    Dilasa Chowdhury
    to cover their ... more clearly!
  • twothunders 2009/09/07 13:55:44
    the same reason you wrap birthday presents! To make the package more appealing!!!!
  • Gopalak... twothun... 2009/09/07 18:54:35
    Gopalakrishnan MS
    That's a good one!
  • twothun... Gopalak... 2009/09/07 18:57:21

    thank you.
  • eclecticpassion 2009/09/07 12:23:23
    i suppose so you don't have to wash trousers as much...lol
  • little mrs. Edward Cullen 2009/09/07 05:37:51
    little mrs. Edward Cullen
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2009/09/07 04:36:03
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    I don't know. I rarely wear them anyway. Only when I have to, like when I am going to work, because I wear a pad to help with moisture and odor control. But the rest of the time, especially when there are no visitors around, I rarely wear clothes at all.
  • ☆☮〶♥♫ ♥H3av3n ♥♫ ♥〶☮☆
    well for little boys
    you dont want to clean the sh!t stains of the pants do you boys clean sht stains pants
  • Eric ~ The Logician 2009/09/07 01:23:05
    Eric ~ The Logician
    Because underwear is sexy
  • RandomFandoms43 2009/09/07 00:47:47
    pads (for those who use them) dont work well on the inside crotch of pants, and you might zip up on your pubic hair or . . . something else. so for tampon using girls who shave that area . . . go undie-less!!!
  • HaleyPa... RandomF... 2009/09/07 00:48:38
    Well true. lol.
  • hatshepsut123 2009/09/07 00:45:26
    so they won't have to wash their pants that often! lol
  • TD 2009/09/06 23:41:59
    my point exactly......COMMANDO!!!!!
  • Chris T... TD 2011/03/18 05:48:46
    Chris Torres
    You are out of your mind Commando. Wear Underwear!!!
  • Milk Maid 2009/09/06 23:12:59
    Milk Maid
    What? You know people who do...lol *_*

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