Why do people living in poverty in other countries tend to get skinny while people living in poverty in the United States tend to get fat?

Simmering Frog 2013/08/20 22:35:48
Starvation Africa

fat Americans
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  • Colsophnel 2013/08/20 23:17:17
    Junk food's a lot cheaper than healthier foods...I'm living off ramen right now which of course is really bad for you but it's only $0.25 for a meal.

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  • FELINE ... T J 2013/08/24 10:05:19
    My daily menu is more or or less like that ;
    3-4 simit ;
    a simit ;


    lots of water
    milk with a few drops of coffee

    sometimes a piece of chicken or meat is added . Sometimes I starve for something special like filled & rolled vine leaves ;
  • Baduyo 2013/08/21 04:16:05
    In another third world country; this is considered "Living high on the hog" High on hog
  • Baduyo 2013/08/21 04:13:37
    The poor in the USA are what in third world countries are called Rich; Refrigs, TV, Cars, Cell Phones, AC, etc etc; When you have seen a child looking on the ground for a grain of rice to eat in the mud; now that is what you would call poor;
  • Addixtion21 2013/08/21 04:08:47
    because the "poor" in US not really poor.
    the gov get them money and food stamp, with those they tend to eat junk food which is cheaper and they tend keep living without a job, the combination of those two just make them fatter

    while in 3rd world countries like indonesia poor people are people that have to work themselves to the bone just for food.
    in here there's people that make less than a dollar per day, and they make it with hard work. they working in manual labour 6-7 hours a day, but barely got any food to eat, obviously that just make them skinny.
  • T J Addixti... 2013/08/21 04:24:48
  • Addixti... T J 2013/08/21 04:57:41 (edited)
    well, see what i'm trying to say here is the definition of "poor" in developed country like US are very different than "poor" on the 3rd world country.

    and believe me, i live in indonesia, i understand how poor people really struggle here just to get one plates a day to eat, they make less than 1$ per day working 6-7 hour manual labour job.

    the government here is giving money too, but not much just $15 per month, and it's just for 9 month a year, other than that the gov here give bad quality rice for poor people too, not much a bag per month.

    and the way the indonesian gov give the money is chaotic and dumb, they let hundreds of people get the money and the rice themselves, rather than delivered it door to door, many people die because of the heat, rushing force and the lack of oxygen in the jam packed waiting line.
    people die heat rushing force oxygen jam packed waiting line

    you can get the idea of the different term of the "poor" in indonesia and the US are, they barely can afford rent, food and the gov care is a joke in here.
  • T J Addixti... 2013/08/23 01:38:20
    T J
    I am aware of what poor is in Third World Countries. I'm also aware of the pitiful labor treatment, it is sad. So I do understand that third world countries have it a lot worse, but you should blow the poor in this country because they don't appear as poor in other places.
  • Addixti... T J 2013/08/23 04:28:27
    i don't mean to attack the poor on the US, nor do i stating they are lazy.
    like i said before, what i mean by "the poor not really poor" merely just because the different in the poor definition and of the poverty line in the 1st world country like US and the 3rd world country, the poor in US will be seems like middle classes in indonesia.
  • T J Addixti... 2013/08/23 21:51:28
    T J
    Okay that makes more sense. And I see your point. Bottom line is, people in poverty is tragic.
  • Addixti... T J 2013/08/24 03:41:53
    yep :)
  • Trader1... T J 2013/08/21 07:45:40
    Trader1 is kerbonkin'
    Compared to the poor in third world countries, no they're not poor. The guy in the first pic has clothing, he has possessions, he looks fairly healthy. The second pic, they have a bed and possessions, they're skinny, yes, but not emanciated. There are dozens of places the poor can go to get food and dozens of ways they can earn money to buy their own food in the U.S.. Heck, the new fad now is to go dumpster diving for leftovers.
  • T J Trader1... 2013/08/23 01:43:06
  • Trader1... T J 2013/08/24 15:00:08
    Trader1 is kerbonkin'
    This discussion was about starving, not about whether people had homes. The guy does not look like he's starving, he looks like a guy down on his luck. Help him? Yes. But like many here have already said, the poor in our country are tons better off than in third world countries.
  • deidara... T J 2013/08/21 08:19:16
    deidara.true,art-[SHP]- BTO-t- B
    we do not have the starving masses of the third world country.
  • Major Mel deidara... 2013/08/21 12:14:45 (edited)
    Major Mel
    Not yet, anyhow! But, if the real string pullers of people like Obummer have their way, this is somewhere not far beyond the horizon. According to Agenda 21 food is to be or is actually being used as a weapon against 'We the People.' See: http://www.infowars.com/food-...
    Also see: http://truth11.com/2010/06/13...
    Monsanto is going to be much the same as was The Soylent Corporation in the movie 'Soylent Green.' Everyone will eventually be dependant upon it for food, if they have their way.
  • deidara... Major Mel 2013/08/21 12:26:26
    deidara.true,art-[SHP]- BTO-t- B
    I know, and that stuff plus meat from stem cells is just so gross
  • Baduyo deidara... 2013/08/21 13:48:53
    guess where they get stem cells "Solvent Green"
  • deidara... Baduyo 2013/08/21 14:17:56
    deidara.true,art-[SHP]- BTO-t- B
    My stomach, can not deal with smeat
  • Major Mel Baduyo 2013/08/27 11:14:00
    Major Mel
    Precisely my point!
  • T J deidara... 2013/08/23 01:40:51
    T J
    Are you sure about that?
  • deidara... T J 2013/08/23 05:08:39
    deidara.true,art-[SHP]- BTO-t- B
    yes, roadkill before smeat
  • Dave T J 2013/08/21 15:50:45
    Sure, there are truly poor people who need help. then there are millions of lazy,greedy, selfish leeches who game the system while sitting on their fat asses.
  • T J Dave 2013/08/23 01:42:28
    T J
    There are also greedy, selfish leeches with money who game the system. You don't need to be poor to get money from the government. In fact, I would venture to say that the people with money are more of a detriment because they have influence, poor people do not.
  • Kozmo, ... Addixti... 2013/08/21 08:05:49
    Kozmo, Kostable of the Kustodian
    That's relative, completely different societies/environments

    Using that logic, guess you think the rich aren't rich either
  • Addixti... Kozmo, ... 2013/08/21 09:08:40
    well, the question itself implying to compare 3rd world country poverty and US(developed 1st world country).

    the people that considered poor in the US are people that doesn't meet government suggested income, it's $11490 in 2013
    it's still fairly high for people in 3rd world country, in indonesia the middle classes just make $4000 per year, while in the indonesian people that considered poor are they that make less than $336 per year.

    while they in different environment and living condition, and the cost of living are more cheap here, but they still having trouble just to eat with that super small income, on top of that the burgers are still priced $1, and the electronics are nearly double priced than in US, the gov support are joke too.

    in the other hand most people that considered poor in america actually can still have tv cable, car etc and they don't really having trouble too eat with gov support.
  • Woof 2013/08/21 04:07:05 (edited)
    It's easy to blame fast food however I've seen obese people who are simply sudentary and have a healthy apatite. If people go on a ice cream craving or muffin craving prolonged it piles on when there is inactivity. It takes the same will power to leave a muffin as it takes to leave Fast food so I don't believe it's the fault of fast food I think it's the desire of the individual. It's their choice. Unless of course it's a medical condition or outcome from medicine. They have enough money for Mac and cheese and so on. The third world dines on roasted mouse on a stick, if they can afford it or catch one. The city dump is another but there the pickings are slim too. We have it good here, even our poor eat well, our poor aren't eating roasted mouse or rummaging through the dump.
  • Jay Theyme 2013/08/21 04:03:35
    Jay Theyme
    It's a bizarre '1st world problem'.
    1. Our poorest people can never starve and actually eat excessive calories.
    2. Our poorest have the problem of NOT being able to physically work (or wanting?) so are basically poor by having to 'not do' anything.
    - Compare to poor in other nations who CAN try and get food by labor and work.. they just can't labor enough food.

    3. and the crazy thing being that the cheapest foods we have are... starch! simple carbohydrates and oily fatty foods.
    Which is a 1st world dilemma!

    One famous story in our town. Back in the early 70s a landlord had to visit his own apartment to collect the rent door-to-door for the first time in his life.
    After meeting all the tenants in his low-budget 'slum' he was perplexed that many people seemed to have yellowed skin.
    Later, a doctor explained this was some condition seen in people who ate nothing but pasta noodles.
    The landlord was so horrified to think many were existing on nothing but non-enriched pasta noodles that he gave everyone a free months rent.

    *I'm told that you can't get that now due to enriched pasta rules?
  • American Nate 2013/08/21 03:50:12
    American Nate
    because the only affordable food is fat food

    mcdonalds dollar menu
    mcdonalds dollar menu
    burger king dollar menu
    wendys dollar menu
    taco bell dollar menu
    arbys dollar menu
    dairy queens dollar menu
  • Trader1... America... 2013/08/21 07:50:34
    Trader1 is kerbonkin'
    Do you know that dried beans are one of the cheapest foods and also one of the richest in proteins? Very easy to make and season so you don't even need to add meat to them. Poor people don't have to resort to fast food, just learn to cook smarter.
  • Kozmo, ... Trader1... 2013/08/21 08:14:11
    Kozmo, Kostable of the Kustodian
    Many of them live in places you can't cook,
  • Trader1... Kozmo, ... 2013/08/21 08:27:43
    Trader1 is kerbonkin'

    My point is, junk food is NOT cheap. Shoot, dumpster diving for veggies is probably healthier than junk food and it's free and no cooking.
  • Kozmo, ... Trader1... 2013/08/21 10:23:06 (edited)
    Kozmo, Kostable of the Kustodian
    Here, there's a municipal ordinance that all food establishments have to keep their dumpsters locked & residents have to toss food in the compost (may get fined) so little is found. Divers here find goods to vend on the street
  • Trader1... Kozmo, ... 2013/08/22 22:17:56
    Trader1 is kerbonkin'
    Trust government to step in and screw things up. I go to restaurants and am able to eat only half my meal. They give you soooo much! I keep thinking it sure would be nice if the other half could go to feed someone else.
  • Kozmo, ... Trader1... 2013/08/23 02:02:54
    Kozmo, Kostable of the Kustodian
    (Our) Society has been brain-washed into unrealistic entitlement, (especially since TV became common).

    Back then, a single serving of Coke was 6½ oz. and a burger had 2 oz. of meat, now it's more like a (UK) pint of soda and & some burgers can top 12 oz.

    In the 80's a bag of popcorn at the Cinéma was about 5 cups, now has crept up to 11 cups, a bagel then was about 2 oz, now those often top 4
  • deidara... Trader1... 2013/08/21 08:25:14
    deidara.true,art-[SHP]- BTO-t- B
    I grew up from 8 till 17 on brown beans, wild greens, homemade bread, and a garden in the summer, or than a hambone for beans, no meat except holidays. Most of the time that was hamburgers
  • Trader1... deidara... 2013/08/21 08:47:41
    Trader1 is kerbonkin'
    Same here with the homemade food. Now I go to the store and see people buying nothing but prepackaged foods and frozen dinners and snacks. I don't know whether they're paying with their own paychecks or food stamps. Doesn't really matter. They spend a fortune on this stuff, and little in the way of fresh produce or items to make from scratch. It's not cheaper, I know because I can't afford all that stuff, but I can afford to cook from scratch.
  • deidara... Trader1... 2013/08/21 08:53:40
    deidara.true,art-[SHP]- BTO-t- B
    I have MS, and about 7 yrs ago I had a very, very bad exacerbation. I was a mess. For about 4 years, all I could safely use was the microwave. During that time, I ate so many crappy TV dinners, I can not stand to look at them anymore. I paid for it with my own money, but you see a handicapped person with bunches of frozen meals, and I think the first thing anyone thinks is government dole
  • deidara... deidara... 2013/08/21 08:55:30
    deidara.true,art-[SHP]- BTO-t- B
    also the first year, I carried extra weight due to the prednisone, I was given to reduce the inflammation in my brain. @ weeks of steroids, equals about 30 lbs, and it does not come off in 2 weeks
  • Trader1... deidara... 2013/08/21 09:46:09
    Trader1 is kerbonkin'
    Yeah, prednisone will do that to you. :(
  • Trader1... deidara... 2013/08/21 09:45:20
    Trader1 is kerbonkin'
    No, I don't think government dole when I see frozen dinners. My stepmother bought them by the truckload, she hated to cook. lol

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