Why do people label others?

Speechless 2009/09/27 04:43:24
For example: emo isn't even a word, it doesn't mean anything.
It is just short for emotional. Just cause you're sad doesn't mean you cut yourself or anything.
Besides this is what emo means:

"Emo is a genre of music that came from hardcore punk in the 80's in DC. NOT 'I want to die'. So stop using it like that."

Most people think some people cut themselves cause they want attention, some may want attention, and others may have a serious problem.

I know someone who used to cut themselves not cause they wanted attention, they were hurting emotionally and couldn't stand it no more. But thankfully, they don't hurt themselves anymore.

Labeling someone as emo, is really immature.
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  • slug 2009/09/27 07:34:40
    i guess cutting yourself is the "cool" thing to do now?? i think it's retarded and don't see the reason. i remember when emo was just emo and emo bands were just bands.

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  • x-_amber_-x 2009/10/28 17:34:47
    I personally find labeling a pathetic waste of time, normally done by people who need to get a life of their own.
  • ..00 2009/10/11 19:07:41
    Ignorance is the word I'm looking for.
  • musiclover154 2009/10/05 02:46:41
    because people need to label others to put other people down.
  • nancydoodle 2009/10/01 22:13:56
    yeah ive heard about it before a while ago.
  • PriyaMJ 2009/09/28 03:48:00
    You are completely right! I agree with you!

    I will follow this and spread the word in the future!

    Thank you so much for the info!
  • Speechless PriyaMJ 2009/09/28 03:49:15
    No problem. :)
  • PriyaMJ Speechless 2009/09/28 03:57:37
  • Speechless PriyaMJ 2009/09/28 03:57:52
  • 水 † Invidia-sama 2009/09/28 00:33:16 (edited)
    水 † Invidia-sama
    Emo = Emotional = Humanity
    We are all emo's in the end and the ones who cut themselves are attention seekers.

    People label each other because when they see a person they assume what they are like by just looking at them, it's really until they get to know someone that the label will stay. People also give labels to make themselves feel or look more superior than others.

    Either way it's completely stupid to label people, since labels belong on products not humans.
  • Christiexjmdmj ~Killjoys, m... 2009/09/27 17:41:02
    Christiexjmdmj ~Killjoys, make some noise!~
    I completely agree with you.
    I think people take these labels way to far.

    and with the cutting thing! I have people at my school who make fun of the ones who hurt themselves, and I just wanna beat them down when they do!
    What kind of sick person tells a depressed girl to go kill herself, or when they get mad "just go home and cut yourself"
    I've heard both of those at my school and it really makes me lose faith in humanity... :\
  • Chrisci 2009/09/27 17:39:05
    Some people think if you dont have a place you dont belong
  • twothunders 2009/09/27 14:21:09
    labeling people make some feel better about themselves
  • g!anna 2009/09/27 13:23:50
    agreed with you 110%.
    labels are not fun, and they make no sense what-so-ever.
    it's so stupid.
  • Chrissy592 2009/09/27 12:26:20
    I'm with savage hippie on this one, it has just come to have another slang meaning like "faggot" is a bundle of sticks or a cigarette and now means homosexual, same thing with "queer" it used to simply mean odd or unusual, "bitch" is a term used to refer to a female dog and now is used to describe a woman with a strong personality :) As for your question why people label each other....it is because most people in order to feel safe and comfortable in this crazy chaotic world must have things in an understandable order. Along with that order comes labels sort of like labeling your drawers as the sock drawer, underwear drawer, t-shirts, etc. This order makes them feel safe and in control. People do the same with others people so that they feel safe and in control of their surroundings. It is a sad and unfortunate copeing mechanism the human species has developed. It really limits our opportunities for making and building new relationships.
  • 水 † Inv... Chrissy592 2009/09/28 00:35:28
    水 † Invidia-sama
    How about the word Gay? It use to mean Happy and now if you use it in a sentence most people think your mentioning a homosexual.
  • Chrissy592 水 † Inv... 2009/09/28 00:39:53
    Yep, you are correct my friend. There are dozens of words in our language that now have double triple quadruple meanings, sadly a lot of them that were once benign have taken on some kind of negative or derogratory meaning.
  • 水 † Inv... Chrissy592 2009/09/28 00:49:11
    水 † Invidia-sama
    It's a sad world we are in that if words have to take on more than one meaning especially if it harms anothers feelings. I wish that the world would step back a couple of years, where the young respected the old and that words was not always bad.
  • Chrissy592 水 † Inv... 2009/09/28 01:09:15
    Wouldn't that be a beautiful thing? I wish we could too Mizure.
  • slug 2009/09/27 07:34:40
    i guess cutting yourself is the "cool" thing to do now?? i think it's retarded and don't see the reason. i remember when emo was just emo and emo bands were just bands.
  • Christi... slug 2009/09/27 17:38:16
    Christiexjmdmj ~Killjoys, make some noise!~
    yeah, but now when people call someone emo the whole "cutting" thing seems to be a part of the package! Anyone who wears dark clothes likes to hurt themselves?? I think not!
    I miss the old days as well. It's just stupid that people are making "emo" a negative thing.
  • Data 2009/09/27 04:49:49
    Amen! Well said sis, well said.

    As for the quote, it happens to be a favourite of mine!
  • Your friendly neighborhood ... 2009/09/27 04:48:11
    Your friendly neighborhood stalker
    I think it is simply taking a new meaning. For instance, "gay" used to simply mean "happy." Noe it means "happy" as well as "homosexual."
  • antanina 2009/09/27 04:47:36
    Some people at my school even take it as a compliment (they actually think it's cool and stuff)
    HAHA stupid motherfuckers
  • Speechless antanina 2009/09/27 04:48:27
    You're welcome.
  • ♡Short Sparkley Ginger♡ 2009/09/27 04:46:47
    ♡Short Sparkley Ginger♡
    wow, u r right. though i dont do that...... i will spread the word! :)
  • Speechless ♡Short ... 2009/09/27 04:47:42
    Thanks. :)

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