Why do people get so defensive when confronted with the truth?

Kristen Enzo Kadett 2010/06/02 23:58:03
I just noticed that when people ask a question, and are given a honest and intelligent question, that people find the need to defend themselves and throw nasty words, names, and personal cuts?
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  • Rain 2010/06/03 18:38:15
    because they are guilty and they dont like to be humiliated. also because they jus want to be right most of the time.
  • AmberLowe 2010/06/03 00:21:18
    Some people believe truth is relative to each individual. I believe that there are certain truths, some can be proven, some can't, but if a person believes your truth isn't thier truth depending on how you approach the situation it can make people feel attacked....just my opinion
  • Kristen... AmberLowe 2010/06/03 00:23:50
    Kristen Enzo Kadett
    yes, that's understandable.. do you think it's the fight or flight mechanism?
  • AmberLowe Kristen... 2010/06/03 00:26:53
    If someone is reacting to you they are most likely a fight type person but if they leave the conversation then they are mostly a flight type personality. Some people are so unwilling to hear truth because they know that they are living a lie and do not want to take the steps to change so they sit around and find excuses to blame other people, God, whoever they feel has attacked them
  • Kristen... AmberLowe 2010/06/03 00:37:11
    Kristen Enzo Kadett
    mmmmmmmmmmm... okay. Thanks for that :)
  • AmberLowe Kristen... 2010/06/03 00:49:25
    No problem;)

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