Why do people feel that they have the right to judge others...especially someone they have never even met?

♥Wild@Heart♥ 2011/04/17 06:34:52
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If we are all created equal, then what gives someone the right to judge their fellow man/woman? If you claim to be a Christian, but yet you constantly judge and blame everyone else for your problems, then what does that make you?

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  • Adi 2011/04/17 11:41:05
    I guess it is human nature.....it has been going on for years!!!
    Sad isn't it:-[

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  • goblue1968 2011/05/15 03:04:49
    It's just human nature. I've observed throughout my life that most people will criticize others about things which they themselves are guilty of (hypocrisy-"pot calling the kettle black").

    Also, in a venue like SodaHead, I see a lot of people judging others based upon an opinion they read in a post, without knowing anything else about the person who submitted the post. It's happened to me, where others have replied to my posts accusing me of many things which are completely false about my personal life, beliefs, personality, etc.
  • wtw 2011/04/26 04:34:25
    Jesus taught people not to judge others--period!
  • Lindsey 2011/04/25 20:51:47 (edited)
    Cause they don't have anything else better to do! Here's a tip: Just ignore! Works wonders!
  • Munster 2011/04/25 15:41:41
    Everyone judges everyone else, whether you admit it or not. It's human nature and it will always happen. The trick is to keep it to yourself so that you don't hurt anyone's feelings. I was always taught if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. As long as you practice that, you should be okay.
  • Lindsey Munster 2011/04/25 20:55:52
    Not everyone fyi! Some people were taught not to go and judge others, or they would get their a-- whipped!
  • Munster Lindsey 2011/04/25 23:26:08
    EVERYBODY judges. You judge, I judge. You certainly weren't raised that way, I know you in real life remember? Your mom or dad never beat you. It's in your make up as a human being, everyone judges, even animals do. Why do you think animals leave the runts behind? Because they feel like that particular baby is missing something. You may not want to admit it and that's cool, but I'm here to tell you everybody on earth has judged or been judged at one time.
  • Lindsey Munster 2011/04/26 01:20:53
  • Munster Lindsey 2011/04/26 02:21:09
    Glad you agree!
  • Lindsey Munster 2011/04/26 03:01:49 (edited)
  • Munster Lindsey 2011/04/26 05:02:39
  • PilarHernandez 2011/04/25 04:00:45
    They judge because they are hypocrites. Everyone judges, so why thinking you're above it if you still do? But no, they shield themselves and their judgments using the Bible.
  • ♥Wild@H... PilarHe... 2011/04/25 16:01:04
  • CharlesG BN-0 2011/04/24 00:14:48
    CharlesG BN-0
    If you claim to be a Christian, but yet you constantly judge and blame everyone else for your problems, then what does that make you?

    Pretty judgmental assessment of alleged christians... constantly judge blame problems pretty judgmental assessment alleged christians
  • ♥Wild@H... Charles... 2011/04/25 16:03:16
    It has to do with a personal experience here on SH. I do judge people at times, I think we all do. But people who claim to be Christians that do things Christians shouldn't do, have no right to judge others...they need to clean their own house before they can judge mine.
  • Charles... ♥Wild@H... 2011/04/27 02:54:19
    CharlesG BN-0
    People who claim to be... pretty much says it. People who claim to be Democrats should be for the middle class instead of huge corporations like GE (for example)
  • Darnel 2011/04/22 00:30:06
    (sad smile)
    Reality Check:

    Unless you can be specific, you must accept that all ANIMALS judge others as a survival trait. In a perfect would where we wouldn't last more than three generations you could get by with not "judging" others.
  • PilarHe... Darnel 2011/04/25 03:59:03
    Maybe that explains why Christians tend to be such hypocrites. They dare to say "don't judge others", as an intent of wiping any trait we have in common with "non-sentient" animals, yet they do it. Still, they love to think they're God's favourite children, thus giving them the right of lording over everything.
  • Munster PilarHe... 2011/04/25 15:45:39
    Not all Christians are this way. I'm Christian, I judge, I know there's no such thing as perfection. It's something everyone struggles with and it's something you can't control. You can't how you feel about someone else, but you can control yourself not to be rude about it. As long as you're a kind and decent person that tries to do the right things you should be okay in your Maker's eyes. (If you believe, that is.)
  • ♥Wild@H... Munster 2011/04/25 16:04:42
    Some people feel it is okay to judge others and tell lies about them as long as they will be forgiven of their sins come Sunday morning in church.
  • Anar BN-0 2011/04/19 16:53:43
    Anar BN-0
    We all judge others...some of us are just better not letting the rest know of our judgements ^^
  • wombat 2011/04/19 16:10:24
    They think the first two amendments give them the right to do so.
  • ♥Wild@H... wombat 2011/04/25 16:05:26
    True...they also think that no matter what they do, they will be forgiven of their sins, therefore it is justified.
  • Flowers 2011/04/19 12:53:49
    People are judgemental, it's in our DNA. Since the beginning of time we have judged our peers based on how much food we could gather, or the size of the deer shot for the community. Women and men judge and decide who is where in the hierarchy of life. It's impossible to change, but we can be less damaging but remembering one simple thing: if someone said that to me, would I be upset? Answering that question HONESTLY would keep alot of people from feeling worthless and still have a beneficial society (seeing how TOO much political correctness is a disaster)
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾ 2011/04/19 06:48:56
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    Because they are idiots
  • RogerRover ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2011/04/19 14:17:20
    In YOUR judgment...LOL..
  • Dawn 2011/04/19 01:42:28

    i'm not condoning it or excusing it but it takes actual courage to just "own" your life. to choose the path that you feel is right and not need to have anyone else choose it to remain certain of that. and to see when a wrong turn was made and say - "that was me navigating."

    people who can't do that are afraid. and we all get scared sometimes; i try not to live that way.
  • jovi 2011/04/19 00:43:08
  • Captain Kirk~POTL 2011/04/18 21:42:37
    Captain Kirk~POTL
    There are many mentally challenged people in the world!!
  • ♥Wild@H... Captain... 2011/04/18 22:30:17
    There sure are, and most of them gravitate towards SH.
  • Captain... ♥Wild@H... 2011/04/19 09:07:49
    Captain Kirk~POTL
    Plenty of them definitely have!! LMAO
  • PI ~ Ma... ♥Wild@H... 2011/04/19 19:16:18 (edited)
    PI ~ Magnum ~POTL~ RWAC ~
    Remember the comment we both mentioned from another poll and I quote we said, "This is not to offend anybody" in our comment boxes giving our little disclaimer. Ummm, there seems to be copycats among us who read our comments and implement specifics into their poll titles themselves.
  • ♥Wild@H... PI ~ Ma... 2011/04/19 19:22:19
    I saw that.
  • PI ~ Ma... ♥Wild@H... 2011/04/19 19:26:38 (edited)
    PI ~ Magnum ~POTL~ RWAC ~
    SH: You just altered my comment in this box about being discriminated against. You removed my last sentence. This proves you are watching and monitoring what we are saying.

    However, are you doing the same to others who cause trouble on this site daily? A screen shot has been made of this as will others in the future of any comments which may be deemed offensive to you and others.

    DISCRIMINATION against us as individuals and as a group!
  • bob 2011/04/18 19:19:29
    Jesus Told us "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" He was telling us to Judge nobody Unfortunately this seems to be a lesson most Christians Fail to learn. It seems to offend some when you tell them they don't have a right to judge, Christ will Return to Judge the quick and the dead. What Christ meant is clear, Why so many choose not to do as they were told is Sad To Me.
  • Charles... bob 2011/04/24 00:16:37
    CharlesG BN-0
    Jesus then picked up this wicked huge rock...
  • ♥Wild@H... bob 2011/04/25 16:07:27
    I know people who commit sin all week long because they believe Sunday at church they will be forgiven....therefore wiping their slate clean.
  • Charles... ♥Wild@H... 2011/04/27 02:56:58
    CharlesG BN-0
    I knew Catholics who honestly and sincerely lived their life exactly that way. How you conduct yourself is not based on the actions of others.
  • DAWG 2011/04/18 18:17:54
    Judge not lest ye be judged. No one has the right to judge any one else whether you have met them or not.
  • ~♥Vixen... DAWG 2011/04/18 19:17:19
  • PI ~ Ma... ~♥Vixen... 2011/04/18 20:45:25 (edited)
    PI ~ Magnum ~POTL~ RWAC ~
    But then these attention seekers who are lying out of the blue to raise themselves up in the name of vanity and narcissism keep wanting to "rebirth" everything as if it wasn't bad enough they created the mess themselves based on NOTHING. This is the problem at hand and it's left to go on by powers at be who quite frankly, I think enjoy it.
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