Why do people "change" when they get into a relationship?

666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew 2012/08/11 04:15:21
I've noticed this with my friends. They have these MAJOR personality changes and they're just not the same anymore. O_O
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  • **StarzAbove** 2012/08/12 00:01:48
    Some people just like to play games, they like the chase and the conquest. Once that has been accomplished, it's on to someone else. People like that don't care who they hurt they are just thinking about themselves.
  • manendu 2012/08/11 20:35:52
    They get effected(or affected) by the new person in their life.
  • Vision of Verve 2012/08/11 16:14:39
  • zimmmy 2012/08/11 14:03:48
    Because they want to act "cool" for there boyfriend or girlfriend. Relationships end because once the person gets him or her they stop doing what it took to get them. So they act different, but in the end it doesn't last as long..
  • The River Rat 2012/08/11 12:04:25
    The River Rat
    They are in "love." That changes most people.
  • 666_Mag... The Riv... 2012/08/11 12:15:29 (edited)
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    I meant they act completely different. They're not the same person. Then when they break up they cone bitching back to you. It's PATHETIC!!!
  • The Riv... 666_Mag... 2012/08/11 12:19:55
    The River Rat
    Haha, maybe you will learn one day yourself when YOU are "in love!"
  • 666_Mag... The Riv... 2012/08/11 12:21:48
  • The Riv... 666_Mag... 2012/08/11 12:23:53
    The River Rat
    You don't change for them, you change because of the relationship. Kinda hard to explain. I am sure you will find out some day. I wish you much happiness when you do.
  • 666_Mag... The Riv... 2012/08/11 12:25:44
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    I'm not changing. I've been in a few relationships myself, I changed nothing. That's the thing about moi, I'm not changing for anything or anyone. That's self-deceit. Which is a sin...
  • The Riv... 666_Mag... 2012/08/11 12:27:08
    The River Rat
    You are my friend, I wish you happiness.
  • 666_Mag... The Riv... 2012/08/11 12:27:29
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
  • Wanderer 2012/08/11 12:01:21
    This is usually the behaviour pattern of a ''player'' even if they don't realise they are...once a relationship is gotten into they feel trapped and rebel against what it is that's keeping them from ''the game''.....
  • JMCC 2012/08/11 09:39:59
    It's probably something to do with Insecurity and the need for someone else to validate them.
  • BlackwinterG36C 2012/08/11 06:50:02
    Because they let their guard down and you meet the real person. When your dating someone you are meeting their representitive. People usually are on their best behavior then.
  • Fariborz-Zak 2012/08/11 06:16:28
    it is normal
  • L1 2012/08/11 06:01:15
    Not everybody. Some people do act weird and forget their friends until they break up and then need your shoulder to cry on. It's bit immature and insensitive to disregard a good friend just for a romance.
  • blah 2012/08/11 05:30:30
  • mikeeonly 2012/08/11 05:28:01
    people seem to try to change to fit into their relationship, but most changes in people are temporary and they revert to the wa they were before
  • Tom R 007 2012/08/11 04:56:05
    Tom R 007
    I've noticed something interesting with some of my female friends. When they start a new relationship all of a sudden they don't even talk to me anymore, then the moment it ends, BAM! they're speaking to me again. One friend of mine didn't speak to me for a year, and then out of the blue she texted me asking how things were going, and we started to chat. It wasn't long before I found out that she had recently broke up with her boyfriend.
  • Sammi </3 2012/08/11 04:29:05
    Sammi </3
    because love in not an emosion it a state of mind and it blinds you.
  • Jester M.S. 2012/08/11 04:22:56 (edited)
    Jester M.S.
    Most people feel the need to change their habits or personality in the wake of beginning a new relationship. Some of this might be psychological, since title can often dictate behavior, but it also can be a result of the challenges of the relationship itself. Some people are very demanding of both your time and your emotions, neither of which you have an unlimited supply of. Its hard to commit yourself to your relationships with your friends when you are dating a person that is very taxing or your energies.

    I am of the opinion though, that the best and most lasting relationships should not have to be so challenging.
  • reyrdeskully 2012/08/11 04:22:33
    well not all the people , few of them i dunno why tho , i wonder why they change ><
  • Soot The Fallen 2012/08/11 04:21:18
    Soot The Fallen
    Because they change for the one they "love" I just want to find some one who accepts me because i cant change who i am.
  • Steve 2012/08/11 04:19:03
    that is a very good question. Either they were living a lie before or they are trying to satisfy their love, or they have discovered new things that make them happy. Just my thoughts.
  • Happy 2012/08/11 04:18:52
    I don't know, especially since i have never been in a relationship before. It probably depends on the person, some might want to act for someone other than themselves for the first time.
  • Your Favorite Nerd 2012/08/11 04:18:14
    Your Favorite Nerd
    Because they are conceited bitches that think everything is going their way...
  • BattleB... Your Fa... 2012/08/11 04:20:33
    BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET)
    Well, if you're in a relationship with someone you love then something is going their way.
  • Your Fa... BattleB... 2012/08/11 04:21:47
    Your Favorite Nerd
    Exactly, but they want everything else to go their way...
  • BattleB... Your Fa... 2012/08/11 04:23:24
    BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET)
    Doesn't everyone.
  • Your Fa... BattleB... 2012/08/11 04:23:56
    Your Favorite Nerd
  • BattleB... Your Fa... 2012/08/11 04:25:37
    BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET)
    So really, people change in relationships because they are human
  • Crime Time 2012/08/11 04:17:51
  • Kyle 2012/08/11 04:16:30
    i think about the same thing to

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