Why Do People Believe Everything They Hear?

DizzyDezzi 2013/01/12 07:34:07
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Apperently my friend got told I called her stupid or an idiot. Which I never did. I told her and she started bitching about how dumb do I think she is and blah blah blah. I got mad and told her, that if all she was going to do was yell at me to stop texting me. So she did. I cried and I feel stupid for crying because it isn't that important. And so I'm asking, why do people believe everything they hear?
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  • Cat 2013/01/12 07:53:15
    Most people don't believe thing unless the info comes from a trusted source or if it is something they already suspected to be true.
  • DizzyDezzi Cat 2013/01/12 07:54:27
    But she didn't even tell me who told her. So I don't know if someone is out to ruin my friendship or what?
  • Cat DizzyDezzi 2013/01/12 08:04:07
    Obviously, she doesn't trust you. Perhaps your relationship isn't what you thought it was.
  • DizzyDezzi Cat 2013/01/12 08:06:23
    That's what my mom said too. Thanks for the advice.
  • Cat DizzyDezzi 2013/01/12 08:11:13
    Glad to help. ;-)

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