Why do people always have to live in the past?

AngelEyes 2010/09/30 15:46:50
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People always try to make people around them feel bad about themselves, the past is the past, Leave it there. It can not be changed, so why try. You made your mistakes, learn from them and go on. Cause no matter how hard ya try, there is no eraser big enough to erase the crap you have done...
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  • Ms.Gamlieli 2010/09/30 22:35:30
    People can change, just not their past
    I agree you can not change your past BUT you can change your FUTURE... so those kind of people who rub things in your face only hate on you cause you were able to put things behing ya...
  • AngelEyes Ms.Gaml... 2010/10/15 14:13:38
    Amen, I am going through something right now, a woman cheated on her husband, and because I did not approve of it, she is talking crap about me. She is trying to make everyone think it was me that did wrong. But ya know what, I am not the one on judgement day standing before the Lord and telling him that I broke a commandment, and I am not having to stand in front of my husband and say that I lusted after another man...
  • Ms.Gaml... AngelEyes 2010/10/21 23:12:19
    wow sorry to hear that but thats a good mentality that u have... everyone is responsible for their actions so there is no reason to worry and thats good that you dont let those people get to u because no one should put u down :) ...
  • AngelEyes Ms.Gaml... 2010/11/30 17:18:14
    I am so glad you understand where I am coming from - Thank you'''' but''''People think they have the right to just step into someones life and tell them what to do. I have only had a mother in my life long enough to bring me into this world. So in other words I have never had a mother that cared for me, so why do I need one now. So I say to the people of this world, Stay out of my life.
  • Ms.Gaml... AngelEyes 2010/12/09 08:16:01
    yeah there is always going to be people getting in other peoples lives for whatever reasons... some have good intentions and others don't. So just continue on with your life and only allow people that really care about u to influence in your life. Its sad to know that some people grow up without a caring mother but just know that there is always going to be someone that cares about you regardless if they are family or not. if you know that you are doing good choices and your living your life good then whatever people have to say shouldn't matter cause at the end of the day they will just be dying inside from all that hating :)...
  • People can change, just not their past
    υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    People that live in the past just don't have enough going for them.
  • AngelEyes υяsυℓα ... 2011/01/13 15:58:55
    Yea I know, and it is really ashame, life can be so fun if they would just step out of the shadows and enjoy the sun and let things go...
  • AngelEyes 2010/09/30 15:57:30
    People can change, just not their past
    I know people can change, Cause I did....

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