Why do old people always think they're right

Gavin 2010/07/11 22:53:05
here on sodahead i can usually tend to some what understand everybody in some type of way even if i dont agree with them but....i find that i can do that to all but one group of people..old ones..i can get etleast some what understand anyone through the ages of 13-35 even if i dont agree with them i can grasp what they're saying.....people that are like 40+ usually think they're all old and wise and they're annoying to be honest...find me someone who is 40+ here on sodahead that's not annoying and ill change my opinion i've yet to meet(or etleast the ones that i've payed attention to their ages)that is not annoying as fuck

just because you have white hair and are not physically amazing like most young people doesent mean your mentally amazing..it could just mean your amazing simply at nothing:) and simply annoying!

just because you've been on this earth longer doesent mean your smarter better at anything or even have experienced more ......i myself have done more then most anyone i know has ever done in their whole life in almost every field of their life
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  • Brian Black 2012/02/25 07:24:59
    Brian Black
    You answered your own question with your self-elevating blather at the end of your statement. Old people do what the rest of the human race does despite their so called experience; they group others and people they see as like themselves into groups based on mentality, age, and race, and then form incoherent opinions about these groups to feel a little more in control of a world where we all really know very little. Control is antonymous to the most powerful and most manically avoided feeling in the world: fear.
  • zelda man 2010/09/05 23:08:25
    zelda man
    i agree ,my da thinks healthy food is awful to eat and he thinks currys are ok to eat in the morning.he thinks hes right about everything and he always trys to win by saying im on this eart longer than you and hes overweight from eating crap and drinking all the time
  • HollywoodSmile 2010/07/20 05:27:00
    cause they wish they were me; im young and i know everything.
  • Marsz: God Of War 2010/07/13 07:37:35
    Marsz: God Of War
    I'm LMFAO! Well Jesus Horacio Christ on a Saltine Cracker, I must be dead already because it sounds to me like my life is over...Move over Mary with the Cherry 'cause big Daddy's a-comin' home! saltine cracker dead sounds life mary cherry daddys a-comin home
  • Billie bear ~ Ƭɦɾɩɭɭ Ƙɾɘɰ ~
    Cause they think just because of their age they're the smartest people ever and have experienced the most of everything. If you try to tell them different then you're a young idiot who knows nothing. It's ridiculous.
  • Gavin Billie ... 2010/07/12 16:42:57
    old F*cks annoy me
  • Billie ... Gavin 2010/07/13 00:25:08
    Billie bear ~ Ƭɦɾɩɭɭ Ƙɾɘɰ ~
    Same lol.
  • Emily MCRmy [FTDM!!!!] 2010/07/12 08:04:47
    Emily MCRmy [FTDM!!!!]
    They are under the misconception that age is knowledge.
  • Gavin Emily M... 2010/07/12 08:05:33
  • zelda man Emily M... 2010/09/05 23:36:14
    zelda man
    your right about that.my da always trys to think hes better and trys to win by saying the same words, im on this earth longer than you.he always thinks hes right even when hes proven wrong
  • Emily M... zelda man 2010/09/06 00:23:04
    Emily MCRmy [FTDM!!!!]
    Dads like to do that.
  • Jerry 2010/07/12 05:51:19
    cause they have lived a long time & have experienced a lot of stuff, my grandpa was the same way
  • Daniel 2010/07/12 02:40:28
    Teenagers here's your chance. Quick run for it and build a life right now why you still know everything.
  • Kwami Daniel 2013/09/02 03:39:10
    Well teenagers are in their physical prime, more often than not more technologically knowledgeable than older people, usually are more innovative and adaptive than older people, all they'd lack in starting a new society is a leader, resources, and the will to put down their less physically able ancestors, hope this is never a scenario because the elderly would be screwed.
  • Daniel Kwami 2013/09/02 11:20:04
    No they're not, they're still growing. They're also nothing without old people. Take you for example and it kind of disgust me to see you write such rubbish as you're in college with no income. Who feeds you? Who flips the bill for you to go to college? I sent my my son to college and he started talking stupid about how much greater he was with his 4.0 and how insignificant I was. I warned him that he was in a dorm in another state that I was flipping the bill for. Well I was kind enough to buy him a ticket home and let him stay with me till he could save enough money to get a place. Today he's coming over and is probably moving back in. Amazing how important us old folks are. Physically my son was a line backer in college but dad still stronger and faster than my boy. Yes he even tried to take dad. He has become much more respectful since he moved out while he knew everything HA HA HA, and dad will probably send him back to college. Point is, your parents are far wiser and smarter than you. Kids just don't grasp this till they're thrown into a world their parents struggled through while protecting you. Kind of sad to hear children put you down when everything you did, you did for them.
  • Kwami Daniel 2013/12/01 21:24:55
    I don't know about your son, but by 15 I was fully self sufficient when it came to getting food, I know more about hunting game, and raising crops than may parent's parents, if it wasn't illegal I'd be able to feed myself relatively easily. My parent's didn't pay for my college, my live stock/the government did, though to give them credit the help me obtain livestock. Either your son can't fight or he's holding back, or I'm just in the minority of physically superior teenagers, but most kids don't want to hurt there parents. I didn't really need protecting from the world, besides hardship develops the spine. Look you've been around for along time, you things, I get that, but your age has inflated your ego, kids know more than their parents gives them credit for. Yeah you provided a lot, but the computer your using, this website, and your browser were all design by young people just as wise as you
  • Daniel Kwami 2013/12/02 01:03:36
    Knowledge and wisdom aren't the same. Sounds like you have the ego of youth which goes away with age. The computer was designed by a guy who's my age.
  • Kwami Daniel 2013/12/05 03:38:28
    Knowledge is apart of wisdom. I'm aware of the strengths and weakness of both the young and old, your bias may seem to make me egotistical, but I'm not really. Microsoft and Apple were designed by guys my age, and computers don't have much use without one of those two programs in todays world.
  • Daniel Kwami 2013/12/05 10:47:16
    Good luck with all that. like millions of others before me, I wish I'd have listened to the wisdom of my dad.

    Quick  leave home while you still know everything
  • Kwami Daniel 2013/12/11 16:22:28
    I listened to the wisdom to my parent's, but I also questioned it which usually resulted in us all becoming wiser because of it.
  • sd *TROUBLE* 2010/07/11 23:29:45
    sd *TROUBLE*
    Because they think all young people are stupid and they like feeling like the top dog. Its not all old people though, and lets not forget that young people can be the same exact way, myself included lol
  • Gavin sd *TRO... 2010/07/11 23:32:05
    old people annoy me.....i find that everyone i can silghtly relate to is younger tehn 40...lol litteraly the oldest person here that i know of their age and i like is 39...he's only got one more year then we're doomed!lol
  • sd *TRO... Gavin 2010/07/11 23:32:49
    sd *TROUBLE*
    Lol there not all that bad, to be fair teens can be just as obnoxious as older people... i mean just look at some of the dumbass teens on here.
  • Crystal Chan Deliers 2010/07/11 23:16:24
    Crystal Chan Deliers
    probably for the same reason young people think they're right....

    they are mistaken...

    no one is right all the time...
  • Gavin Crystal... 2010/07/11 23:20:48 (edited)
    true but old people think their opinion is fact!much more so then i have scene young people show
  • Crystal... Gavin 2010/07/12 04:55:49
    Crystal Chan Deliers
    hopefully you will give old people a break :)) we arent all that way
  • Gavin Crystal... 2010/07/12 06:11:14
    i do but i hate when old people try to act like they know everything
  • Crystal... Gavin 2010/07/12 21:06:20
    Crystal Chan Deliers
  • some idiot who thinks he kn... 2010/07/11 23:03:33
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    Because they're asking question you don't know the answer to and they answer your questions knowing how to manipulate you before getting onto the wrong side of you ... That's sodahead for you.
  • Gavin some id... 2010/07/11 23:05:29
  • Katie. 2010/07/11 22:55:34
    bcause they're older than us
  • Gavin Katie. 2010/07/11 22:57:33
    yeah well they can go suck a dick because they look like reatards and 99% of the time im smarter and have experienced more then them in every aspect of life there is

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