Why do most people act so rude to strangers?

rawr!!! imma potato!!! :) 2010/05/08 15:10:28
Because they are lame.
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I get that we're strangers but do people have to be so rude all the time?
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  • Quintessentila 2010/05/09 11:29:14
    I am sometimes rude to strangers because the intimidate me, or I find them to be generally offensive people.
  • wolf sloan 2010/05/08 21:43:02
    Because they are lame.
    wolf sloan
    and on the internet where they won't get the crap knocked out of them.
  • ChrisWestin 2010/05/08 18:58:23
    We have been brought up to approach everyone we DON'T know with fear and caution. It's hard to break those habits and invite strangers to be friends. In a Universal sense... A stranger is a friend you havent met yet.
  • Angelofdeath156 2010/05/08 18:22:16
    Because they are lame.
    While it's good to show some caution to people you do not know, there is no reason to be rude. My parent's always taught me to be nice to people I don't know. Hold the door for them if you can, be polite etc. Most people don't say thank you these days.
  • rawr!!!... Angelof... 2010/05/10 16:03:21
    rawr!!! imma potato!!! :)
    i no i find the same thing happening to me. i'll stand forever holding a door for someone and they'll just walk thro w/o saying anything!!
  • Angelof... rawr!!!... 2010/05/10 16:14:14
    I get a bit annoyed the few times that happen, common curtsy is so dieing out.
  • rawr!!!... Angelof... 2010/05/13 21:12:12
    rawr!!! imma potato!!! :)
    yup. well, we gotta stay strong and stick together! or they'll rip us apart!
  • Angelof... rawr!!!... 2010/05/14 02:01:42
    Lol, they can try.
  • rawr!!!... Angelof... 2010/05/17 21:26:06
    rawr!!! imma potato!!! :)
    *sounds all evil-ly-ish* but they will NEVER win!!!!! ................ok im done.
  • Angelof... rawr!!!... 2010/05/17 21:41:57
    here have a cookie ^u^

  • rawr!!!... Angelof... 2010/05/19 20:42:24
    rawr!!! imma potato!!! :)
    OOOOOOH!!!!!!!! COOKIEEEEEEE!!! :) most people do not trust me with cookies...........i wonder why............................. A POTATO!!!!!!!! (potatoes are my favorite!!!) :) :) :) :) ooooooh cookieeeeeee people trust cookies potato potatoes
  • Angelof... rawr!!!... 2010/05/20 03:52:53
    lmao, I'm a cookie monster :P

    lmao cookie monster
  • Asia 2010/05/08 17:54:23
    Because they are lame.
    there afraid of what or who they dont know
  • abhishek 2010/05/08 16:14:38
    because one generally do not trust strangers
  • jake 2010/05/08 15:58:48
    start smiling politely. their reactions will change. it works all over the world.
  • william_shatner4 2010/05/08 15:26:23
  • rawr!!!... william... 2010/05/10 16:04:15
    rawr!!! imma potato!!! :)
    me either!
  • Troy 2010/05/08 15:22:04
    idk even though i do it

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