Why do men cheat young girls.

ASTER 2011/08/05 05:32:28
Men love sexs only
Just for fun of it not serious in being a husband.
Not even being a father for the child he made.
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Men all round the world is cheating the young girls,
Is it caused for sex wise only.

And just fun with them then just let them be single mothers.
What is the reason for this.
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  • I NEED A HORSE 2011/08/05 14:59:17
  • 2012 rick 2011/08/05 12:21:52
  • MommaCat 2011/08/05 11:21:06
  • Chukroast 2011/08/05 06:06:32
    All of the above
    Gad, I didn't know my daughter was on Soda Head!
  • ASTER Chukroast 2011/08/05 07:30:22
    When did I become your daughter mum.
    This is a question to answer please reply back the answer mum
  • Gay Johnny 2011/08/05 05:43:07
    All of the above
    Gay Johnny
    My friend is like that, and he has his own reasons! 1. he doesn't have the heart to tell the girl it's over, 2. he really likes sex, 3. He has personal problems! :D <3
  • SkepticalSpider 2011/08/05 05:38:52
    All of the above
    each has his own reason or reasons and not all are cheaters

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