Why do many blacks name their kids unusual names? (Now don't anybody play the race card with me. I'm sure other white people like myself might like to know the answer)

Patty Ann 2007/12/05 01:26:38
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Studies are showing that people with unusual names often make
less money throughout their lifetimes, have difficulty getting jobs,
have difficulty being taken seriously, have difficulty in school, etc.
It seems like it's becoming more and more fashionable for black people
to spell a traditional name differently.
Example: Instead of "Jeremy", a black gal I know spelled her baby's name "Garame".
naming of children is actually rather fascinating among native
English-speaking people. Whites, for instance, are known for using
Barbie or Ken as names. Blacks often use Leroy or Lakisha. Brits get
into Rhys, Harry, Millicent.
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  • Roxi 2008/08/20 22:01:45 (edited)
    This is what I think
    I don't know why black people do this. I think it's just plain stupid! When I had my son I named him Robert. I gave him a good strong American name that I felt would not hold him back in life and one I felt he wouldn't have to be 21 years old before he could spell it! Blacks have enough to have to deal with without being saddled with a crazy, mixed up, made up, strange sounding name. Why other black Americans would do this is beyond me! I call it just plain ignorance.
  • Seuskeeper 2008/05/15 23:50:12
    This is what I think
    I think it is a pretty common practice among everyone right now. However, I believe it started with African Americans in an effort to maintain an identity separate from White people. It is in essence a desire to resist assimilation. Anyway, I think it is kind of cool! I am white and I named my youngest Kage. I have not seen that name anywhere else. I like the variations and the variety.
  • angie ~ MCCAIN / PALIN 08 2008/04/12 06:54:37
  • sweetpea 2008/04/11 11:17:10
    This is what I think
    They often combine the names of the childs parents. Well hell my kids would of been screwed ....Kabill.....Bikat.....bill...
  • fuzzyface 2008/03/31 02:22:43
    No idea. Are these names a cultural thing or are they a recent invention?
  • josodf 2008/03/06 18:37:02
    This is what I think
    Perhaps to relate to lost heritage?
    My great grandparents originated from Europe (namely Switzerland & Germany) I can think of some pretty "unique" names that would have reflected an association to that part of my family's past, yet I didn't feel inclined to look for a way to try to label my children anything other than American & draw attention to my family's "past" heritage. My great grandparents were once German & Swiss, they gave that up to be American.
    If my children stand out in a crowd it's due to their own accomplishments & merrit, not a name I've given them.
  • skull 2008/02/21 23:57:18
    This is what I think
    They do not want there kids to have white names. I judge a book by the pages not the cover. I did not know that there was racist profileing on names.
  • Anjirocks 2008/02/13 23:18:51
    This is what I think
    well i'm not sure but i think it's quite likely that names that seem unusual to us are perfectly common in other countries.
    perhaps we haven't heard of many of these names that Blacks call their kids yet they may be widely used in Africa? it may just be because of the culture difference, people may want to use names that are traditional in their country to remind themselves of where their ancestors are from.
  • Wesloco 2008/02/05 16:21:35
    This is what I think
    You know the names are only unusual if you are not familiar with them. When I worked as a teacher in South Central I heard those names all the time so they sounded very usual. When I came to South Texas and heard names like Tranquilino and Isamara I was like why would anyone do that to their kids but these are popular names here. As a culture we are familiar with names that have anglo-saxon origins but that's changing.
  • Chocola... Wesloco 2008/02/21 23:58:33
    Chocolat-In the universe I trust.
    Very good observation! Wesloco.
  • dee 2008/02/03 20:46:19
    This is what I think
    lol i myself am a black person.

    i think why they do this is to make theyre child feel special.

    i dont thibnk ill name any kid i have one of those.

    maybe jsut natasha x3
  • stephie 2008/02/02 16:01:29
    A name is a name
  • Marc 2008/01/28 14:58:35
    This is what I think
    ruining the English language, it makes them look ignorant, which they are not, but you know as these kids get older they will get teased because of bad spelling.
  • Chocola... Marc 2008/02/21 23:59:39
    Chocolat-In the universe I trust.
    Are you one of the people that will tease them for bad spelling?
  • Marc Chocola... 2008/02/22 00:01:16
    not at all, i am one of those people that doesn't look like an idiot by spelling my name in a stupid way
  • Chocolat-In the universe I ... 2008/01/27 03:08:49
    This is what I think
    Chocolat-In the universe I trust.
    I would like to know just what you mean by "playing the race card." Are you playing the race card by asking such a question? Do you realize what a racist statement that is?
  • eltonlover234 2008/01/26 03:30:45
    this poll is a stereotype... i mean just saying that its kinda shady but its ok but from the things in the parathesese thats really racist
  • ⚜Ellen⚜... eltonlo... 2008/02/17 07:30:30
  • DEE 2008/01/21 10:10:40
    This is what I think
    It has become a fad for blacks
  • 134 2007/12/06 23:07:05
  • Patty Ann 134 2007/12/07 03:04:31
    Patty Ann
    Good point.
    I know I've heard some real doozies too.
  • Marc 134 2008/01/28 15:00:01
    i understand them wanting their child to stand out, alas i feel the will stand out in a negative way
  • Chocola... 134 2008/02/21 23:56:30 (edited)
    Chocolat-In the universe I trust.
    The names began in the seventy's. They are not given usual names to "stand out" it to rebel against white/slave names.
  • SassafrAsh 2007/12/05 16:53:27 (edited)
  • Katy 2007/12/05 01:58:48
    I really hate the name Rhys. Its barely even a word!
  • Patty Ann Katy 2007/12/05 02:07:34
    Patty Ann
    I know.
    Another popular Brit name is Trevor.
    It's very rare in the US, but I like it.
  • Katy Patty Ann 2007/12/05 02:08:55
    I used to know a guy named Trevor, he was a jerk.
  • Marc Katy 2008/01/28 15:00:53
    that's because it's a NAME and of Welsh origin not English
  • Katy Marc 2008/01/28 17:06:48
    Yeah, I know its Welsh....doesn't make it any better.
  • B4Real2Me 2007/12/05 01:47:50
    This is what I think
    Because what's unusual to you isn't unusual to us, but what's usual to you can be unusual to us.
  • Patty Ann B4Real2Me 2007/12/05 02:06:40
    Patty Ann
    Interesting response and you're absolutely right.
    Some of my
    black co-workers and I once made a list of "white" baby names and
    "black" baby names and we had a lot of fun with it.
    It seems like
    the current trend among white people is to name babies "old" type
    names. It's like each decade has it's favored names. Back in the 40's
    and 50's, the popular names were Linda, Susie, Kathy, Candy, Judy, Mary
    Ann, Patty, Jeannie, Barb, etc. Later on, names like Jill, Tracy,
    Kelly, Michelle, Nicole, Jennifer, Jessica became popular.
    noticed that black boys are often referred to as Michael, William,
    Robert, Marcus. And, white guys are called Mike, Bill, Bob and Marc.
    seems like black babies born before 1980 had names that would be
    considered "white" whereas nowadays it seems like parents try to come
    up with some very unusual names and spellings. The kids must find it a
    challenge to spell their names in kindergarten.
  • B4Real2Me Patty Ann 2007/12/05 16:13:28
    A lot of time Blacks will combine parts of the mothers name with the fathers name and come up with the baby's name as oppose to name the baby after just one parent. For instance, the mother's name could be Denisha and the daddy's name is Marcus and the baby's name will be DeMarcisha. Now we do go through a period where we were naming our babies African sounding names, I blame that on 'Roots'.
  • Chocola... Patty Ann 2008/02/21 23:53:56
    Chocolat-In the universe I trust.
    "The kids must find it a challenge to spell their names in kindergarten."

    We teach our children to spell their names way before kindergarten.
  • ►Cesar◄ 2007/12/05 01:47:05
    This is what I think
    i'm not black

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