Why do guys get so pretective of there girls?

~lilttle Miss.devil~ 2009/10/11 06:18:40
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like when the dude knows that shes goin to hang out with he best guy bud, or something.
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  • Mikayla 2010/04/14 04:16:24
    they're weird like that!
  • ↓←↑♣→NVL←♣↑→↓ 2010/03/20 00:23:06
    they want to let them know that they their girl and no one elses
  • pete AKA TMNT guy 2010/03/18 00:43:22
    pete AKA TMNT guy
    becuz we dont know wht our girl is doing.
  • ↓←↑♣→NV... pete AK... 2010/03/20 00:23:52
    so if she tells she is having dinner with her best friend you wont believe her
  • pete AK... ↓←↑♣→NV... 2010/05/12 01:06:19
    pete AKA TMNT guy
    i will but if there goin out with a guy like hanging out with them then i would be curious
  • ↓←↑♣→NV... pete AK... 2010/05/12 01:47:30
    just like any other guy would
  • pete AK... ↓←↑♣→NV... 2010/05/26 02:50:31
    pete AKA TMNT guy
  • Veronica:D 2009/10/28 02:09:09
    i think its because theyre insecure about themselves that they think some better guy will come along and sweep their girl off their feet
  • [*Brit*] 2009/10/25 17:02:14
    He wants to keep his girl, thats why
  • pisanokid 2009/10/22 18:05:56
    They dont like it wen other ppl flirt or mess with them. Like me and my bf go to different schools and he is very protective over me and gets mad wen other guys talk sweet to me
  • Kupkake Babii 2009/10/16 00:48:05
    Kupkake Babii
    because obviously guyz dont want their girls 2 be taken away from them!
  • Gumdrop 2009/10/14 00:50:43
    Well we have it in or nature that we want to be the big gender were the boss, i know that might be true. Some guys could be jerks though.
  • Miranda Kaye♥ 2009/10/12 10:49:34
    Miranda Kaye♥
    Well, sometimes if they want to keep a girl, they have to be protective...
    There are lots of guys out there...
    And that's in their nature...
    They love the feeling of protecting the women...
    Guys crack me up, but I think it's sweet when they get protective like that...
  • Popcornman 2009/10/12 04:18:05
    Well its our nature to want to protect our girls. But if he is protecting you from another guy its because he sees the way this guy is looking at you and knows whats going through his mind and he wants to keep that away from you .
  • ~lilttl... Popcornman 2009/10/12 04:44:39
    ~lilttle Miss.devil~
    wow so tru lol
  • Popcornman ~lilttl... 2009/10/12 04:45:41
    Yupp...I've done it a couple times
  • ~lilttl... Popcornman 2009/10/12 04:48:37
    ~lilttle Miss.devil~
    really,i bet every guy has at least once.
  • Popcornman ~lilttl... 2009/10/12 22:30:06
    I wouldn't bet against that
  • ~lilttl... Popcornman 2009/10/15 17:47:52
    ~lilttle Miss.devil~
  • F***k YoU 2009/10/12 03:54:40
    F***k YoU
    the dude wants to make sure that their girl is safe and good
  • Tony The Tigerr 2009/10/12 03:52:16
    Tony The Tigerr
    When a guy really cares about his girlfriend...He won't let other guys touch her...I'm in one of those realationships right now..I love my gf to death, and no guy will come in between us
  • ~lilttl... Tony Th... 2009/10/12 04:05:01
    ~lilttle Miss.devil~
    thats good
  • jessie Tony Th... 2010/05/15 03:42:18
    who were u with at that time
  • Elektra 2009/10/11 15:36:16
    i dont no maybe you should a guy ya no who does that ya should ask
  • Ken 2009/10/11 14:06:19
    we kno how other guys think, cause we are guys..and we dnt want any of them trying any tricky stuff on our chick.
  • Courtne... Ken 2009/10/11 14:13:07
    Courtney Rene;*♥
  • Ken Courtne... 2009/10/11 14:14:57
    shut up! its true!
  • Courtne... Ken 2009/10/11 14:15:58
    Courtney Rene;*♥
    yeah i know. its just funny. lmao
  • Ken Courtne... 2009/10/11 14:18:33
    ooooooooooookey dooooookey then. haha
  • Courtne... Ken 2009/10/11 14:20:32
    Courtney Rene;*♥
    mhmm, ooooh
    guess what? its cashmere ! lmao
    you had to be there...... xD
  • Ken Courtne... 2009/10/11 14:23:09
    u confuse me..first the dog and now this? what r u talking about?!
  • Courtne... Ken 2009/10/11 14:26:37
    Courtney Rene;*♥
    what dog? um, im confused now
  • Ken Courtne... 2009/10/11 14:27:21
  • Courtne... Ken 2009/10/11 14:29:42
    Courtney Rene;*♥
  • Ken Courtne... 2009/10/11 14:32:11
    excuse me...i think u mean...extremely cute dumbfuck.
  • Courtne... Ken 2009/10/11 14:33:50
    Courtney Rene;*♥
    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha handsome dumbfuck. lmao
  • Velanarris 2009/10/11 12:13:32 (edited)
    Genetic hardwiring. The tennets of society may prevent you from running off with someone today, but back in the ole caveman days if you were lying with another member of the tribe you were affecting our ability to procreate and undermining our status.

    In other words, it's a trait we have because it served to increase our ability to procreate in the past making it the subject of natural selection.
  • laureenf 2009/10/11 12:12:56
    Nature made Men the providers and protectors...women are the nurturers and gathers...it's aaaaaaaall good!
  • Donny the great☺ 2009/10/11 12:11:30
    Donny the great☺
    it takes a lot of time before you even ask out someone. then if that person leaves you for a rich hottie, you got embarrassment and sadness to feel.
  • goblin6409 2009/10/11 08:24:11
    Because men are stupid and like to have pissing contests with one another. Best bud or not, men don't care. Men who get that jealous and "protective" over their girls in that situation, only see you as property and nothing more.

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