Why do guys act so stupid?

Tokijmon 2013/06/01 18:41:15
I know guys who I can have good conversations with and hang out with, but then they go to their other friends and act really stupid and half the things they say don't even make sense.
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  • Robbb 2013/06/02 00:51:15
    That didn't make sense.
  • rand 2013/06/01 21:10:39
    Testosterone has them trying to impulsively impress others with their passions rather than their reasons, which require time consuming deliberation.
  • stevmackey 2013/06/01 20:30:21
    That sounds a little prejudiced to me. LOL
  • Lorelei 2013/06/01 19:59:12 (edited)
    When a lot of guys get together in one room there's too much testosterone and it gets dusted up cause they're kicking with their hooves so then their brains--and sometimes their mouths--go all squishy and stupid. Suddenly it's about impressing their buddies and in pretty childish ways.

    They can't help it, though, so no use letting it get to you. A good rule of thumb is to avoid men in groups of 3 or more. :) Herds of them are even worse. Try to keep it one on one as much as you can if you want intelligent conversation.

    I have the sinking feeling they think something similar about girls who congregate together at jewelry parties, talk about potty-training and True Blood and giggle a lot. But I could be wrong...
  • Crime Time 2013/06/01 19:54:31
  • OBEY 2013/06/01 19:30:08
    Because we do.
  • Lorelei OBEY 2013/06/01 20:00:06
    no argument here lol!
  • ilikechickensandcows :3 2013/06/01 19:03:22
    ilikechickensandcows :3
    ._. I act stupid a lot ._.
  • sockpuppet 2013/06/01 19:01:17
    Just about everybody acts pretty stupid when they're young. Give 'em about 10 years and see how the World changes them. :O)

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