Why do girls cheat on guys?

josh 2009/06/18 15:58:14
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  • Jimmy 2013/05/22 17:44:29
  • JRbuzzz27 2013/03/12 23:55:25
    There are sooooo many women out there wondering where all the good guys have gone. There's barely any left anymore because no one wants them. Sound ironic? GROW UP! GROW A BRAIN! I realize there's also guys out there that cheat. GROW UP! GROW A BRAIN! For those out there that are mature enough to stay true, keep it up regardless of all the overgrown children out there that want to drag u down to their level of worthlessness
  • Jack 2012/08/26 22:05:47
  • faraz 2012/03/12 17:47:16
  • faraz 2012/03/12 17:46:13
  • faraz faraz 2012/03/12 17:53:25
    hi i my new i the my old 55
  • faraz faraz 2012/03/12 17:56:56
    hi i ma new in the so no my friend
  • 2012/03/02 00:05:02
  • amayakudu 2013/07/13 14:48:39
    I was also cheated by a girl, she talked me over 2months for hours,
    oneday in my classroom she had a eggfupp in her mouth when I asked it she asked me eat my eaggfupp which is In her mouth, at that time I knew she is in love with me,but iam not, so I. waited to conform finally I conformed I can live with her, then she gave me her contact and talked 2months .in india no muslim girl can talk with any boy, but finally she got a best option and simply said dont call me
    now I feel sad and it fills my life sad
    what a girl ( I love darling )
  • Cameron 2011/12/19 03:53:53
    If you want a real relationship, wait until you're older, when you know when you're mature, and find a mate that is also mature, because clearly people who cheat aren't mature, if they hurt someone that loved them like that, and i've also seen a comment that said "because it's easier than telling them you don't love them anymore", yeah but if you really cared about them you would let them know that and then break up with them, instead of cheating on them which hurts them a lot more
  • Kandi 2011/11/18 07:55:51
    You know, I just read a study that says 64% of women cheat! It's not because they are ho's... its because their boyfriends are mean to them or their boyfriends are doing it to them! I know a girl who is in a really bad abusive relationship, but can't get out of it because he said he will kill her and her son! She is cheating on him, he doesn't know that she is, but I think that he deserves it! She has tried everything in her power to try to fix their relationship, but if this is all she can do for now then I am very proud of her! You people shouldn't jugde someone before you know the facts! I bet more than half of you on here have cheated at least once but are too scared to admit it because everyone says it's wrong! If anyone cheats them there is a reason and maybe the person being cheated on should re-examine the way they treat the person they are with before they judge! Don't do it to someone if you don't want it done to you!
  • depeche... Kandi 2012/07/08 09:58:57
    It's called going to the police and filing a restraining order. Even then, cheating is not justified. It never is. There's a reason it's called cheating. There's always a way around it. And yes, maybe most of the people who have posted on this thread has cheated, because even though it's wrong most people do it. But here you are defending the act of cheating, which I take as a pretty good indicator that you make it more of a habit than most.
  • TheExphinitee42 2011/11/04 03:40:19
  • Kandi TheExph... 2011/11/18 07:57:57
    You haven't been cheated on that you know of........
  • TheExph... Kandi 2011/11/18 13:32:36
  • Joanna Mesiano 2011/05/04 04:24:06
    Joanna Mesiano
    I think it the nature of the girls...
    One of the possible reasons for a girl cheating you when you claim too love them is that they think of themselves very beautifull and they accutally have many guys like to be around them, to love them, and to be at the beck and call of them.
    A girl is like a football there are many boys behing a single one.There are so many like us who love them , like them that they never pay much attention to anybody in particular
    But if you are really cool you are sure to get their love and attention.........that's what i can say about htis matter....
    because there are sooo many of them and its hard to just like one!!
    Girls cheat because the guy has been caught and she don't want to leave him, or because he is not doing everything to keep her happy at home the guy is lacking something and now she will find someone to fulfill that spot that the guy is missing at home.
  • kumarmani Joanna ... 2013/07/28 13:50:02
    It's really.. Dude..
  • rog 2011/04/27 19:12:27
    girls look for a guy who has the right match for her when she find it she opens her love towards him but guy they dont care because i know i am dum we always know in the end that what we missed love u XOXOXO
  • depeche... rog 2012/07/08 10:01:12
    What are you even saying...?
  • Conner 2010/08/16 17:20:56
    all the girls here saying "its goood harmless fun" to cheat, shut your mouths right now. i just got cheated on by my girlfriend of almost 2 years and i am dieing inside. it is the hardest thing i have ever been through in my life. she always says that im the best boyfriend shes ever had and she loves me so much and then she does this. so no, it isnt harmless fun. it is cheating. deceaving. lieing. pain. hurt.
  • cyrus 2010/03/14 19:02:58
    contact me on cyrus.delhi@yahoo.com or add me in yahoo as cyrus.delhi

    1.Guys dont hav enough money to spend on her.

    2.Girl got new boy friend.

    3.Gals follow these rule "love love but boy friend keep changing".

    4.want to discove more boys...

    5.Got bore so want new boy frd..
  • kumarmani cyrus 2013/07/28 13:55:57
    It's fact.. The dam*** girlzz r following thzz rules!!
  • ericane 2009/11/28 05:12:15
    you dont understand this some fucked up shit its like a knife through my heart just imagine dat her doin it without hesitating when yall been through it all omg only happens 2 the goodfellas
  • Tori ♥ 2009/09/25 05:05:31
    Tori ♥
    2 get more attentoin and action
  • Melody 2009/09/16 15:31:13
    it helps boost are ego when a guy wants me im like hell yeah plus i never get caught it harmless fun
  • TheExph... Melody 2011/11/04 21:32:40
  • depeche... Melody 2012/07/08 10:03:04
    Representing Team Skank.
  • Melody depeche... 2014/01/22 22:04:03
    haha in all honestly ive cheated one time but i could take the name
  • James T... Melody 2012/09/17 10:33:15
    James Tucker
    I hope you get herpes
  • Melody James T... 2014/01/22 22:04:33
    hmmm if that would be possible one being with one person then i guess thanks for the high hopes
  • ~Marlene~ 2009/09/05 22:47:08
    well idk i wuldnt
    or wuld idk i guess for somone or soething better.. :)
  • Barbie 2009/09/05 06:25:51
    THey look for what the guy they arent with have. You know maybe her bf is sweet and romatic, but this guy is a bad boy and rough ;)

    Plus girls rarely get caught,and they figure theyre bf must be cheatin any way, so why not. Ive never cheated b4, but I have alot of friends who do.
  • ☆☮〶♥♫ ♥H3av3n ♥♫ ♥〶☮☆
    maybe the love life suckz love life suckz
  • Abby<3 2009/08/05 01:26:51
    well one can get boring, then u toy with another and another and so on and so forth, not that i would know, if there is another guy i like, goodbye ~ HELLO!
  • claire0917 2009/07/31 00:31:56
    Because it's hard to tell your partner you don't love him/her anymore..
  • ♥♪MuSiC♪♥ 2009/07/28 00:17:58
    why do guys cheat on girls?
    It's jacked up either way!
    I don't cheat but I've been cheated on.
  • catherine-BOOboo 2009/07/18 14:54:10
  • Lady Whitewolf 2009/07/13 08:51:59
    Lady Whitewolf
    Why do guys cheat on girls??? puh-leeze....
  • mitch Lady Wh... 2009/07/17 20:17:50
    because we are all PIGS!! pigs
  • mad hatter 2009/07/10 00:37:09
    mad hatter
    because women have low self esteems and when they find a guy and are with him for awhile they want to know if they still have the "IT" factor so they go and cheat to make themselves feel better
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