Why do girls bend at the waist and not at the knees?

NyghtZtalker 2009/10/02 12:50:20
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  • sjhottell 2011/11/16 20:58:34
    To get attention, they're attention whores.
  • *Ash*~In Conor&Murphy I Trust~ 2010/04/15 12:36:28
    *Ash*~In Conor&Murphy I Trust~
    Because we know that there's always a guy around checking out our asses so why not give him something to look at? lol =)
  • NyghtZt... *Ash*~I... 2010/04/16 19:22:01
    lol then why do some girsl complain when we check out the ass
  • MissBubbly 2009/11/02 03:22:43
    Girl bend over at the knees if they're flexible enough and don't have too much weight in their boobs. girls with smaller chests can bend over at the waist and stick their butt out there so people look. it;s an automatic response. also gymnast do it because it's how they're trained.
  • Xyphre 2009/10/23 21:59:01
    It's probably weight distribution. It's easier for a girl to bend over because their weight is centered in their waist. When they use their knees its more work and can throw them off balance.
    A guy has more weight in the upper body and shoulders, so its generally easier for them to use their knees, and would most likely lose balance bending over.
    I would assume attractions and appeal compliment the issue after that. I doubt its attractive to see a guy doing what roller girl is doing ^ up there.
  • Half-Ginger 2009/10/02 16:53:12
    I do both...
  • NyghtZt... Half-Gi... 2009/10/04 04:17:43
  • Half-Gi... NyghtZt... 2009/10/04 12:56:54
    Dunno - obvious reaction is to just to get what you want as quickly as possible, using and bending as least parts as possible. If I crouch down I usually end up falling over.
  • NyghtZt... Half-Gi... 2009/10/05 07:57:57
    i see your point. thank you
  • Tutboy (oYo) 2009/10/02 13:52:17
    Tutboy (oYo)

    just for fun
  • NyghtZt... Tutboy ... 2009/10/04 04:18:14
    now wat if it wasnt in a club but at the work place
  • FreakOfNature~S(he)Be(lie)v... 2009/10/02 13:41:24
    when I bend over to pick something up I have to bend down like a pregnant woman.hah!
    I have a knee injury that I never had the surgery for.
  • Psychotic Embryo 2009/10/02 13:34:07 (edited)
    Psychotic Embryo
    To place themselves in a more sexually appealing posture for me. As in
    sexually appealing posture

    sexually appealing posture
  • Me 2009/10/02 12:59:28
    I do both depending on the situation and my attire.
    I wasn't aware there were etiquette guidelines as to how I move.
  • NyghtZt... Me 2009/10/02 13:11:21
    there isnt
  • !TARD~MUFFIN! 2009/10/02 12:57:32
    B/c we can... Haha
  • NyghtZt... !TARD~M... 2009/10/02 13:11:59
    then dint get mad when we (guys) stare
  • !TARD~M... NyghtZt... 2009/10/06 23:51:40
    haha i dont! i really and truely dont care...
  • NyghtZt... !TARD~M... 2009/10/07 10:50:52
    thats goof
  • !TARD~M... NyghtZt... 2009/10/07 20:36:10
  • NyghtZt... !TARD~M... 2009/10/08 14:57:01
    sorry i meant good
  • !TARD~M... NyghtZt... 2009/10/10 20:13:58
    haha o...
  • randy 2009/10/02 12:56:11
    I try to correct anyone I see bending and especially bending and lifting improperly. A lot of people have back problems and I can see why. Female or male.
  • NyghtZt... randy 2009/10/02 13:12:16
  • Waiting 2009/10/02 12:52:34
    Basically because it is deemed more feminin. Bending at your waist would strike a more sexual pose with the ass sticking out.
    I am think a girl should be how she wants and not be judged for it though, I am just stating what I beleive is the reason.
  • IGnOrAnCe 2009/10/02 12:51:29
    what do u mean??

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