Why do girls and women like horses so much?

A lot of girls and women are crazy about horses just as pets in a way really. By and large boys and men aren't that keen on horses except for betting on or riding competitively as for instance jockeys. Why is there this difference?
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  • runningintriangles 2010/06/13 22:22:38
    ...the difference is you're making a ridiculous generalisation that has no base in fact or reality.

    I knew men that are just as passionate about horses and the sport as women are. I also know a good many women who couldn't care less about it.

    No woman I know wants a horse as "just a pet." And trust me, I've worked on farms, I've met a good deal of girls and women who deal with horses on a daily basis and none of them are stupid enough to want it as "just a pet." No woman I know living in the city wants a horse as "just a pet," because no one is that dumb to think "Oh, that's what I want, a bloody great horse to sit in my backyard."

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