Why can men have countless women and its ok but when women do it were whores?

Nikki 2009/07/31 20:28:29
It annoys me that men can be a player and get credit for it,but the minute women have 2 or 3 boyfriends shes a whore whats the diffrence?
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  • painted desert 2009/07/31 20:36:17
    painted desert
    Good post Nikki. The old age "Double Standard"! I see these guys post nikki age double standard guys puffing their chests out and acting a fool. Too bad he doesn't know that he is just one link on the same chain! LOL! Women maybe be called whores, but we are still smarter!

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  • Marcos Imbillicieri 2011/04/07 01:04:02
    Marcos Imbillicieri
    Men have higher testosterone. That's why they like sex. Women only have sex to rebel against their parents or they think they are in love.
  • Cesare B. 2009/08/03 05:14:53
    Cesare B.
    Neither is ok.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2009/08/02 09:42:42
    Lady Whitewolf
    THERE ISN'T ANY DIFFERENCE Tell me children, can you say, "double Standard?"
  • jessiesgirl4463 2009/08/01 03:13:41
    if people are honest, a whore is a whore doesnt matter male or female.
  • tonnell 2009/08/01 00:49:04
    no difference, choose better friends
  • jesse 2009/08/01 00:15:24
    Whats rhe end result of both choices? rhe result choices
  • Nikki jesse 2009/08/01 00:22:16
    What jesse?
  • jesse Nikki 2009/08/01 01:08:03
    Look at john holmes, had sex with 10 000 wemqn .In the end whats he remembered for ? john holmes sex 10 000 wemqn remembered aids!!!
  • Nikki jesse 2009/08/01 01:46:32
    Ahh Ok well you didnt post that at first.
  • keliffa 2009/07/31 23:59:50
    The day women embrace the word 'whore' will be a troubling day for men.
  • Saddam Hussein 2009/07/31 22:50:17
    Saddam Hussein
    There are many biological reasons as to why men deserve several women. One man can impregnate multiple women, but a woman can only become pregnant once every nine months. Polygyny is clearly better for society.
  • Anteate... Saddam ... 2009/07/31 23:43:46
    Finally someone gets it!
  • *~*Mizz... Saddam ... 2009/08/01 02:07:36 (edited)
    *~*Mizz Behavedl*~*
    That doesn't make it right.

  • Nikki *~*Mizz... 2009/08/01 02:12:08
    Where the hell you been chick lol?
  • *~*Mizz... Nikki 2009/08/01 02:12:55
    *~*Mizz Behavedl*~*
    here, and u need to rave that comment! lol
  • Jillian... *~*Mizz... 2009/08/02 08:33:09
    What are you talking about? If it's biologically sound, it's beneficial to the survival of the species, and there is no greater right than that.
  • *~*Mizz... Jillian... 2009/08/02 09:07:33
    *~*Mizz Behavedl*~*
    How is spreading disease beneficial to the survival of our species? Because to procreate unprotected sex is required, and we all know that leads to disease.

    disease beneficial survival species procreate unprotected sex required leads disease
  • Jillian... *~*Mizz... 2009/08/02 09:17:01
    That's a weak argument, and you know that. Sexually transmittable diseases spread just as well through men as women, so that neither adds nor subtracts to my original statement, and furthermore, I never said that people with veneral diseases should go out and have unprotected sex. In fact, I never said they should have unprotected sex in the first place. It doesn't really have anything to do with reproduction at all, I simply stated that the answer to your question regarding the pack behaviour of the human race can be traced back to our biological roots. i.e. it is more socially accepted for men to have several partners(Albeit not at the same time, oddly) than for women to do the same because the behaviour, when transmitted to women, doesn't necessarily help the species move along or evolve, just as the original post by Saddam stated. There is nothing right with spreading disease through the ranks of humanity, other than the obviously un-humanitarian quirk that it helps move natural selection along, but that has nothing to do with the original argument. Stick to the subject!
  • *~*Mizz... Jillian... 2009/08/02 09:24:38 (edited)
    *~*Mizz Behavedl*~*
    I'm speaking of disease spreading both ways from the men to the women and from the women to the men. People with STD's don't usually come out and d\say they have one so promiscuity is always a risk.

    You said his argument is biologically sound and spoke of it contributing to survival of the species, so why are you backtracking now and saying you guys made no mention of reproduction. because you did.. So how does whoring around benefit the "survival of the species" if you are not speaking of one man impregnating several women at once? Which does make sense in increasing the population, except for diseases running rampant from protection-less sex.

    FYI it's a very solid argument indeed.
  • Jillian... *~*Mizz... 2009/08/02 09:31:05
    Finally we seem to be on the same page. What I'm saying is that female promiscuity isn't beneficial to the species in any way(In fact it's the other way around. Females should pick their mates with the utmost care to ensure suitable offspring), but male promiscuity is, so that the good genes in individual males can spread farther. That's what creates the behaviour you point out in your first post. Of course, veneral diseases and other sexually transmittable diseases spread more easily from this, but as I said, I never encouraged men to go out and have sex unprotected. I did mention reproduction, but only to make a point as to the behaviour of people in general, not a point pertaining directly to the subject of reproduction.
  • *~*Mizz... Jillian... 2009/08/02 09:35:24 (edited)
    *~*Mizz Behavedl*~*
    I don't know if we are on the same page, I think whoring around is wrong period whether it's a man or woman. In the beginning when God said fill the earth and become many, yes this made perfect sense. But I think it's Mission Accomplished (lol) so men can stop spreading their seeds in so many women. But I understand men will still do it anyway and so will some women just for the fun of it, I just think it's wrong though.
  • Jillian... *~*Mizz... 2009/08/02 09:41:32
    That's not the point to me, being the secular humanist that I am. To me, it's about keeping the gene pool in top condition, which is helped by men having several partners during their lifetime. If a man has characteristics which are of importance to the succession of the species, he's probably going to be an attractive guy. By spreading his genes via several partners, he then ensures that the next generation is going to have a higher percentage of those characteristics, thus spawning a generation more fit to take on life as we know it here in society. To me, as long as birth rates don't supercede mortality rates by too much, I'm fine. I know that the world is overpopulated and that the global populus is going to continue to grow, so we might as well try and see to it that the generation which will survive the massive population crash which is waiting within the next 1,000-10,000 years will be well adapted to rebuilding.
  • *~*Mizz... Jillian... 2009/08/02 10:20:33
    *~*Mizz Behavedl*~*
    I suppose, I've never really been into Darwinism and natural selection though. But if you believe in his theories what you say makes sense.
  • Jillian... *~*Mizz... 2009/08/02 10:25:16 (edited)
    It's not really belief as much as having concrete evidence of it in action, but that's not really that important.
  • Emma O Saddam ... 2012/11/19 18:44:22
    Emma O
    Good Lord, you talk like men are imbecilic creatures who are ruled by their organ and are incapable of thought and choice. The answer is simple--men act like sluts because they are encouraged to by their peers and our culture, while a woman who does the same is shamed. If you want use biology as en excuse, well then it would make more sense for a woman to get as much sex as she wants, since she is sexually available at all times, unlike a man who cannot fulfill his sexual role as impregnator unless he has an erection. A woman can only get pregnant while she's ovulating, so she has the rest of the month to enjoy her sexuality without fear of getting pregnant. Plus--what is the purpose of a clitoris then, if not for sexual pleasure? Sure it covers the opening of the urethra...but as any woman can tell you, the clitoris' main job is pleasure. The truth is, Nature equipped women with more "tools" to enjoy sex, while men are built to just do a job. So I say women should get out an enjoy it and let the men stay home and make sandwiches.
  • Fingon Celebrindal 2009/07/31 22:14:56
    Fingon Celebrindal
    Why do women go to men who have lots of women..?
  • Rae 2009/07/31 22:09:37
    It's a double standard. It sucks but society hasn't come past the double standards. It's like how men are suppose to have a lot of experience before finding the right girl where as if I women has any experience she's a slut and "unpure". Maybe that's an old double standard but it's still comparable.
  • LQ~phaet 2009/07/31 22:04:56
    There is no difference........they lied to you.
  • jessy 2009/07/31 21:27:52
    it fucking sucks though!
  • Gwynodd 2009/07/31 21:06:28
    Because women are always thought to be "mothers".
  • *^ɯɐɔ^* 2009/07/31 20:39:26
    When women make more money,have a better job,car,house etc it kills the mans ego in most cases,and especially when the women is independent in todays society men want women to raise kids,make dinner,clean cook etc. not be independent and have a man for everyday of the week it kills their pride.
  • Emma O *^ɯɐɔ^* 2012/11/19 18:48:16
    Emma O
    Oh those poor men! Our money and success make them insecure. Poor babies. Grow some balls and be a man, for God's sake! Wash some dishes, pick up the kids, be a partner instead of little boys. Stop being such whiners and be big, tough men you want to be.
    Wow, are men this pathetic that they just can't get over a women being her own person? A woman doing her own thing makes them feel this small and petty?
    Get real.
  • painted desert 2009/07/31 20:36:17
    painted desert
    Good post Nikki. The old age "Double Standard"! I see these guys post nikki age double standard guys puffing their chests out and acting a fool. Too bad he doesn't know that he is just one link on the same chain! LOL! Women maybe be called whores, but we are still smarter!
  • Nikki painted... 2009/07/31 20:41:03
    Thank you..I told you you inspired me lol
  • painted... Nikki 2009/07/31 20:46:44
    painted desert
    You are quite welcome.
  • Marcos ... painted... 2011/04/07 01:05:48
    Marcos Imbillicieri
    That's a double standard! You are saying it is bad for men to not allow women to show breasts, but it is okay for women to say they are smarter then men!
  • painted... Marcos ... 2011/04/07 04:01:50
    painted desert
    I didn't totally explain. I was referring to some men going to strip clubs. Men will go pay money to look, pay money for lap dances, pay money to get a not so cheap turn on. And continue that to a floral shop spend even more money to have flowers sent to this woman at this strip club. And when the man is asked what's the name to put on the card. He says "Oh she will know who it's from". I did the delivery myself. The woman looked at the flowers (very unimpressed), and when she read the card she looked at me and laughed saying "Was his name John"? So no, I'm not saying for men not to allow women to bare their breasts. They make tons of money doing just that, from men who think she really cares about anything but his money. This is her job. This is where I say women are smarter than men. You don't see too many women paying for men like this. I know this is a bit off the subject. And maybe these are the women that are being called whores. But many of them are college educated, or are in school and paying their own way. I don't have a problem with them doing what they do. I just have to smile and shake my head at these men, maybe I really should be feel sorry for these guys.
  • Marcos ... painted... 2011/04/16 19:32:54
    Marcos Imbillicieri
    I do not think it is right for women to be promiscuous. Though I do think that they should be allowed to express sexual excitement. The media makes it seem like women only want to have sex because they either think they are showing love to their partner, or they are rebelling against their parents, not for physical pleasure.
  • painted... Marcos ... 2011/04/16 21:06:58
    painted desert
    Hey, you are talking about the "Oldest Profession". Women will do it to make money, because they know they ALWAYS can! Nothing is ever going to change that. Men will ALWAYS pay for sex. But not all the women that are promiscous are doing it for that reason. Plenty of them do it because they really like sex! Younger women do it to be popular, because "everyone" is doing it. And now a days that seems pretty true. So the media may show those things you mentioned, but it doesn't make it so. Like I said, plenty of women who aren't being promiscous, they like sex because it feels good. Period. So where in Mass are you from?
  • Marcos ... painted... 2011/04/21 13:36:06 (edited)
    Marcos Imbillicieri
    That's what I'm saying. The media never shows women doing it for physical pleasure. It was also very sexist of you to say "Men will ALWAYS pay for sex.". There are women who will pay for sex. There are men (such as myself) who would not. People who have sex to be popular or to rebel are phonies. People who do it for physical pleasure are simply celebrating their human nature. Either way, I personally think sex should be with someone you care about, not casual promiscuity. That applies to both genders.

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