Why are teachers so arrogant and stubborn?

Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT 2010/07/28 00:38:51
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I work at a school as a part time custodian and while not all of them are like this.... i would say 3/5 are arrogant and stubborn. This past week I had to tell a teacher three times we were locking up the building and that she had to leave because were turning the alarm on... she got fiesty. Don't get me wrong I do like some of the teachers there but most of them piss me off and annoy me. They complain about every little thing they can think of when they get the whole summer, easter, and christmas break off where as custodians bust their asses the whole summer in a hot building. And they always show up when the building's about to close and when we tell them to leave they get angry. Not to mention most of them are slobs during the schoolyear. They make good money, get great benefits, get the whole summer and holidays off so why do they complain? And some of the teachers just plain don't like me because I'm a 20 year old kid so i guess they assume I'm some punk kid who's going to cause trouble or they look down to me. Some of the teachers I have close relationships with because they taught me at that school before and some are not arrogant and prissy... but sometimes I just can't stand to work with these people they bitch about anything and everything. What gives?
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  • sd *TROUBLE* 2010/07/28 02:05:26
    sd *TROUBLE*
    Some teachers just simply should NOT be teachers.
  • Icedragon1969 2010/07/28 01:30:14
    I'm a teacher and I'll say that its because they are the expert. They are the ones that know, after all, isn't that what their position is about? It's exactly why anyone that believes their position entitles them to anything should be bludgeoned about the head and shoulders.

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