Why are so many people mean for no reason?

CoralCatastrophee 2010/04/02 07:02:43
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its seriously immature and pathetic.
why would you want to make somebodys ife worse when you can make it better?
i dont get it.
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  • Trix 2010/04/02 13:23:54
    other (please elaborate)
    it aint immature like what becca wecca said.
    people think differently about things. <-- keep that in mind

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  • ctrlzmankind 2010/04/03 18:07:03
    other (please elaborate)
    "its seriously immature and pathetic"

    Thats humanity for you.
  • zarya ward ctrlzma... 2012/06/05 00:02:06
    zarya ward
    i thank people are that way because they got nothing better to do than pick on people because they got problems themselves
  • payback 2010/04/03 10:40:55
    i dont know either
    who know ????
  • ×Micro× 2010/04/03 05:11:40 (edited)
    i dont know either
    To be honest, I don't know. Being mean doesn't help you in any way. Of course, there's some people out there who do it because they think it's fun, and/or makes them feel better. Which really, it's kinda sad... They shouldn't care what others think, it that be the case of why they do these things..
  • Caroline - fan of Audubon 2010/04/03 05:11:24
    other (please elaborate)
    Caroline - fan of Audubon
    Negativity plays a large part in being mean and so do people who are not truly happy. People have bad days and sometimes lash out because they are feeling bad about something. Some are that way the majority of the time and others just let a mean streak out once in awhile. Also some people may come across as being mean when they didn't intend to. Ones environment and how we are raised plays a factor.in the way we relate to others.
  • zarya ward Carolin... 2012/06/05 00:04:13
    zarya ward
    that's how my cousin is one minute she's happy then she want to cuss people out like she got issues
  • Gothicflame 2010/04/02 22:31:26
    other (please elaborate)
    they are afraid to show there true self in case of judgement
  • Huki68 2010/04/02 19:16:57
    other (please elaborate)
    Because they are unhappy people, they never experience true love with in, even if they think they do. When you are truly happy people can see it in your eyes, everyone talks about it. it happening to me everyday, they think Iam crazy because i am always smiling, happy... Positive energy that is what they need.
  • babydracula 2010/04/02 17:14:19
    other (please elaborate)
    Guess there are many reansons, envy, unhappiness, etc.That get them to have a negative conscience...Ive been around those motherf*rs and Im glad to see they are out of my life. For those that stayed n those that hide they faces their actions as words will be against them cuz they were made that way.
  • METALheadMom 2010/04/02 16:40:45
    other (please elaborate)
    Ask yourself WHY you get angry. Is that immature and pathetic? People are "mean" because they are angry and they are too wrapped up in themselves to CARE about anyone else at that time. What people NEED to do, is steer clear of others when they know they are in a bad mood or angry at the world. Having emotions is in NO WAY immature or pathetic, people sure could learn better ways to DEAL with them for sure. Thinking that a mean person could be nice instead, is like asking Obama to call himself a Mulatto instead of calling himself "black". Even our own President refuses to do the right thing.
  • other (please elaborate)
    Well usually it's because they want to feel confident of themselves.By insulting the other person,they feel happy and feel more 'secure' too.All of this then goes back to the thing about them having miserable lives.They want to be happy by downgrading other people.
  • Captain Sticky 2010/04/02 14:17:05
    i dont know either
    Captain Sticky
    Actually, there's a good part in your scenario. You know who to avoid before they're mean to you. Observe and decide.
  • corrine 2010/04/02 14:05:46
    i dont know either
    it hurts ny feeling to see ppl being mean to others
  • MickeyRenee~ 2010/04/02 13:25:42
    other (please elaborate)
    Ever hear the quote 'Misery loves company'? People who are mean and hateful usually have miserable lives and are very unhappy.
  • Trix 2010/04/02 13:23:54
    other (please elaborate)
    it aint immature like what becca wecca said.
    people think differently about things. <-- keep that in mind
  • becca wecca 2010/04/02 12:24:15
    other (please elaborate)
    becca wecca
    well its not immature bc mature ppl can do it
    but its just bc they hate themselves and want to make themselves feel better by bitching at someone else
    ur life is most likely better
  • Bright_mind_maden 2010/04/02 11:07:37
    other (please elaborate)
    Some people gain pleasure when they hurt the feelings of others or by making their lives worst! It’s their nature I would say…

    But they should know, that all the bad they’ve done or provoke will come back to them 100-times stronger!
    people gain pleasure hurt feelings lives nature provoke 100-times stronger
  • ṃεταllï... Bright_... 2010/04/02 15:59:28
    I might say that the pleasure part could apply to me.
  • ImgonaluvAztroBoi4eva 2010/04/02 09:51:31
    other (please elaborate)
    Oh there's a reason, a personal agenda. There's a reason for every single thing that the human does. I think they do it for that momentary boost of ego. The ego tricks them into a momentary false sense of superiority. They may be projecting their concealed misery upon others.They don't have to decide to act out in meaness at that moment, yet they do. But you're right, why not use that energy to do a positive act rather than a negative one. I guess they truly don't understand the big picture.
  • emmamess ~ In My Conscience... 2010/04/02 09:35:34
    i dont know either
    emmamess ~ In My Conscience I Trust ~`
    it seems popular lately for ppl to look for opportunities to be mean-spirited. I don't get it either. Kicking people when their down - or vulnerable seems to be the trend.
  • other (please elaborate)
    Dark Demonic™ ★ The Original SodaHead Guru ★
    Schadenfreude, arrogance and ignorance. :o)

    elaborate schadenfreude arrogance ignorance
  • ninja-to-go 2010/04/02 08:52:08
    i dont know either
    because they take pleasure in other people pain, or because they want to impress their friends because they have no confidence in themselves.
  • ErinGoBragh87 2010/04/02 07:37:28
    other (please elaborate)
    there are some people that deserve it
  • betrayed~in nyx i trust 2010/04/02 07:22:04
    other (please elaborate)
    betrayed~in nyx i trust
    cuz its fun.
  • Jay0Byrd 2010/04/02 07:20:18
    other (please elaborate)
    In-grown "Toe Nails" and `Painful Hemmeroids", is my guess...
  • Dain Oakendrill 2010/04/02 07:20:10
    other (please elaborate)
    Dain Oakendrill
    simply because they can be and it makes them feel better about themselves
  • CoralCatastrophee 2010/04/02 07:07:50
    i dont know either
    its so stupid
  • urgayrumematesfriend 2010/04/02 07:05:35
    i dont know either
    my mom asked me the same thing wen i was 12

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