Why are people so nosey ?

morrisseyfool 2009/10/25 13:27:02
Why Are Some People Just Not Happy Unless They Are Way Up In Other People's Business...Judgemental People...I Have No Use For!
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  • Brad Givens 2012/05/09 08:25:20
    Brad Givens
    they are bored and have nothing better to do. I just wish people could mind their own. Although, the abused me mentally and physically is why I still even triy to make an attempt to get along with them. They basically doesn't want me to be seen or heard To see them since moving here has cause me to with draw from them and society to a point... I regret not making a better effort .Until now life, its to short to worry about stuff too much I cant control how other "get off" or even try to control it. Even though I don't know them, I have made the effort and they have made the misery. ill never understand the preocupation with other private lives to their extent.
  • katriner 2010/09/30 08:58:46
    nej main you morther hahaha:P
  • mom5js2000 2009/10/26 21:47:36
    i agree. . .they are bored and have nothing better to do. . .
  • morriss... mom5js2000 2009/10/27 19:24:05
  • M@d3!ai%e&7 2009/10/26 13:14:04
    Probably because they don't have a fuckin life! fuckin life
  • Jack Sheet 2009/10/26 12:28:21
    Jack Sheet
    Why?, what did you do, c'mon I won't tell anyone, where you going? Look, over there, wow, have you ever seen the back of your head?, is that your real hair?, can I use your bathroom?
  • M@d3!ai... Jack Sheet 2009/10/26 13:14:35
  • Absynthe, Lady of Snakes 2009/10/25 14:58:28
    Absynthe, Lady of Snakes
    No clue. My mom is very nosy... She wants to know everything I do and when and she then she gets worse by asking me what I know about other people and what they are doing. That is where I draw the damn line for her. It always ends up in an argument. I even told her this and she still even to this day refuses to believe she is a nosy bitch. I just wish people could mind their own business... Also, funny thing is I don't live with my mom. I live with my dad.
  • morriss... Absynth... 2009/10/25 18:38:56 (edited)
    How old are you? I have two grown daughters they are 22 and 29. I was firm with them, not strict but firm. I am a single mom and have always had my parents support when it came to my kids. My mom is 74 years old now, I live right next door to her. She's pretty much a bitch to me most of the time.
  • Absynth... morriss... 2009/10/26 09:40:21
    Absynthe, Lady of Snakes
    I'm only 15. My dad cares, but my mom just likes getting my father into trouble because they are divorced. She really hurt him a lot and cheated on him. She was also, a bitch to me and recently told me our relationship is over because I'm apparently a terrible person. Although, she abused me mentally and physically. It's why I live with my father. I still even tried to make an attempt to get along with her and went to see her and she basically doesn't want me coming to see her. Well since she wants nothing to do with me I;m done with her at the time being....
  • L Absynth... 2010/08/25 22:25:08
    Hello , I know its been who knows how long this comment was made, but I feel really sorry for your mom, for one not having you in her life she's a lost soul, trying to hard, maybe when she was little that how's she was treated, but anyways I just wanted to let you know that you look like a strong person and eventually she will regret everything she ever said about you! Think of it this way its her lost not yours, your dad will enjoy his life with you.
  • Absynth... L 2010/08/26 03:55:29
    Absynthe, Lady of Snakes
    Indeed this was written along time ago. Things have changed a lot since this was last written. I have problems with both parents, but I learn to deal with it anyway. I try the best I can to get along with both of them. I do care about them both as well.
  • L Absynth... 2010/10/07 22:25:38
    sorry it takes me so long to respond, I just get so busy, like I said before they will both regret it in the long run until then enjoy life, its to short to worry about stuff that u can't control. Even though I don't know u well I'm still here if you need to talk.
  • Absynth... L 2010/10/11 01:33:56
    Absynthe, Lady of Snakes
    Okay and thanks\ you. :)
  • Extremist Soldier of Christ 2009/10/25 14:56:10
    Extremist Soldier of Christ
    Just don't talk or have conversation with them---it is called "blocked"----I am Judgemental at times--so I guess it is not me--I am still here talking to you
  • morriss... Extremi... 2009/10/25 19:00:52
    I must agree with you...if I don't like what they have to say...I just don't read it!
    Why would I loose sleep because the only thing that matters is God's opinion...in my opinion...
  • Sting Idol 2009/10/25 14:36:47
    Sting Idol
    Agreed with Mistiblu.
  • Lorelle 2009/10/25 13:39:55
    Tell me about it!
    Being a teenage mom of 3, people always are in my business.
  • RamblingVoices. 2009/10/25 13:35:39 (edited)
    i dont know...obviously their lives are so boring they have to meddle and interfere in other peoples to make it worthwhile
    lives boring meddle interfere peoples
  • morriss... Ramblin... 2009/10/25 19:07:03

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