Why are men so stupid when it comes to women? You should know by all the movies what we want, why not at least try?

allikat 2009/05/13 22:24:27
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  • Heptarch 2009/08/27 15:06:54
    other....please explain..lol
    We can't know what you want until you tell us. Because you're not always going to want the things in the movies, even if you do most of the time.

    With most women, what they want changes daily. Sometimes hourly.
  • Mimi Lucia 2009/08/01 02:27:02
    other....please explain..lol
    Mimi Lucia
    I find women are typically too unrealistic with regards to how men see us. We are an object of desire to them. Nothing more. yes, we can be friends, blah-blah-blah. But if there is any kind of attraction what-so-ever, forget it. It's just a matter of time before he hits on you.

    So I don't believe the men are stupid, I think women are unrealistic. Guys don't need to have flowers, and dinner, and a massage, and candles, and a hot bath with in scents. As soon as they're hard, they could be in church, and that's as good a place as any.
  • Maine Guy 2009/07/29 19:06:59
    other....please explain..lol
    Maine Guy
    Why are women so stupid when it comes to men? Don't assume that we know what you want by all the movies. We don't watch the same movies. Tell us what you want.
  • Cap 2009/05/25 14:48:22
    other....please explain..lol
    I think I pretty much know what women want and I believe most other men do, too. However, I and they all also know that we can get to California from NY by heading west; that doesn't mean there's no wrong way to go about following that dictate. The situation for women, incidentally, isn't all that much different.
  • that0neguy 2009/05/14 00:52:08
    other....please explain..lol
    This is an ignorant question.

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