Why are kids these days so freaking rude?

Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥ 2009/10/10 04:34:28
Seriously just in some of the questions I've seen asked tonight....disrespecting teachers, lying and mouthing off to their parents. And then they wonder why no one respects them...go figure...
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  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2009/11/04 02:21:46
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    Because most of the parents nowadays seem to forget that kids need structure and discipline. I have seen many parents my age ignore their children and I have seen many others cater to their every whim. Neither child understands the word "no". And that simple word can do wonders. My children respect me and my rules, as I have laid down the law. If they break the rules, they are punished. Grounded or spanked, depending on the severity. I have been known also to slap my children on the mouth, but only when they talk back to me. My daughter, even at the age of 5, thinks she can talk back to me. She gets a swift slap on the mouth, which shows her that I mean business, and she apologizes for her attitude at me. It does no lasting damage, and I get a child that knows I care enough to notice her attitude. It is all about the love, tough as it may seem at the time.
  • Fizzbitch {ZeDameofFrenchBr... 2009/10/25 23:00:45 (edited)
    Fizzbitch {ZeDameofFrenchBraziers}
    I blame the parents and other role models children look up to, monkey see, monkey do.

    If kids are looking up to Miley Cyrus being a general BRAT and throwing tantrums all over the place, it's not going to bode well fo the future!
  • bughut *~In Passion Pit I t... 2009/10/18 23:22:31
    bughut *~In Passion Pit I trust~*
    I'm a teenager myself, but I'm not a rude little kid. I'm sad to look at the kids in my generation. *sigh* It's probably because of their 'role models'. The celebrities, ex. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, etc.

    Our school just had a meeting last week on 'sexting.' For crying out loud, we're not even in high school, and your sending nude pictures of yourself to people! Dear goodness, if Vanessa Hudgens does it, it must be alright! *sarcasm*. It scares me to think that kids my age do things the celebrities do because they think it's cool.

    It irks me to the very core to see kids in my school system smoking and etc. Last week, someone got busted for selling drugs. In high school. It's terrible. I completely agree with you.
  • sarah lou 2009/10/18 19:07:37
    sarah lou
    no offence hun u ask a question like this youe bount to get some people been mad i get sick people having go at kids i meet alot of old people who are the same to me and we allways get a bad name
  • Lady Ju... sarah lou 2009/10/18 19:43:06
    Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    And the people getting mad are probably rude little children who have no business being on this site anyways. The only negative things I've gotten from posting this poll were from two girls who both ended up being incredibly rude.
  • sarah lou Lady Ju... 2009/10/18 20:19:40
    sarah lou
    im not saying that but in the press and everything the always blame kids dont u think it goes both ways
  • Lady Ju... sarah lou 2009/10/18 20:27:17
    Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    And I'm not talking about blaming kids for anything other than thinking being rude is cool.
  • sarah lou Lady Ju... 2009/10/18 21:32:42
    sarah lou
    ok hun i misunderstood your question hun soz x
  • BiologyStudent 2009/10/12 01:37:37
    Because their parents are probably rude or poor disciplinarians.
  • Damselfly 2009/10/11 20:44:54
    Some kids were never taught to respect their elders. Mom and Dad should be parents first, not buddies, with their children. I think it's better to be friends with your kid when he/she is a young adult and not earlier.
  • ~Kimberly~ 2009/10/11 20:35:06
    Not all kids are rude. I'm not. But, kids do look dumb today. Skinny jeans? Ughs? Seriously. Those stuff looks really bad!
  • Ginger Snapp 2009/10/11 13:43:05
    Ginger Snapp
    hey its not all kids, although i am disapointed in my generation
    skinny jeans and texting??
    seriously??? thats it?
  • Meg ~Complicated & Simple~ 2009/10/11 10:51:24
    Meg ~Complicated & Simple~
    Because many kids don't have parents to discipline them. *sigh*
  • Long~Legs-RWAC 2009/10/11 05:56:09
    Because parent's don't spank/whoop them anymore.
  • moomoof 2009/10/11 03:56:19
    Just take a guess
  • Delilah Rasputin 2009/10/11 01:52:30
    Delilah Rasputin
    i wrote an article in the school paper about how horrible kids r getting and 2 weeks later someone else wrote about it 2!
  • Stormy 2009/10/10 21:07:15
    Because the family values suck and the ridiculous child abuse laws. Some parents are to absorbed in their work, some are to absorbed in the drug and alcohol world, some are to absorbed in the divorce trials. The parents who aren't absorbed in all the garbage are afraid to touch or even raise their voice at their child in fear that child protection will deem them as unfit or abusive.
  • Lady Ju... Stormy 2009/10/10 21:07:59
    Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    So true...
  • dead fairy 2009/10/10 20:37:09
    dead fairy
    Cause it isnt the old days now its the present
  • Lady Ju... dead fairy 2009/10/10 20:40:11
    Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    So it's okay?
  • Ash-the-empress 2009/10/10 20:23:29
    Eh, I blame the parents.
  • diaverde08-AmericanKilljoy 2009/10/10 19:21:10
    They learn it from their PARENTS.
  • Sarah 2009/10/10 18:54:57
    Bad parenting (in some cases) and definitely media
  • SamanthaNicole** 2009/10/10 18:37:41
    bad parenting, divorce, and they dont know how to act...they were never taught.
  • Nate SD 2009/10/10 18:25:23
    Nate SD
    Bad parenting.
  • Miranda Kaye♥ 2009/10/10 17:56:49
    Miranda Kaye♥
    I may be only a teenager, but I see it all of the time...
    Now, I know that I'm not perfect and I sometimes will mouth-off to my mom...
    But some kids are just outrageous...
    Cussing out their parents and teachers, lying, fighting, threatening to runaway...
    It's ridiculous...
    Not all kids are like that, but I definitely notice it...
    But, then again, usually the reason why kids are rude is if the parents don't teach them right...
  • JuJu~Proud to be Infidel 2009/10/10 17:27:54
    JuJu~Proud to be Infidel
    I've always heard it said: 'If you want to know why a child misbehaves, follow him home.'

    ive heard child misbehaves home
  • Seiji JuJu~Pr... 2009/10/10 22:30:42
    Very true. *nods in agreement*
  • weirdchick 2009/10/10 16:13:40
    um excuse me but not all kids are rude ... some adults are rude.... teachers,bus drivers i mean they r getting paid and they act with their freacking bad attitude so please change the question to why people are rude ... is not only kids!! ... i love my parents.. i respect the people around me but i wont show any respect to someone who wont show me respect
  • Lady Ju... weirdchick 2009/10/10 16:52:27
    Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    And no where did I say all kids are rude. Seriously it's a bit rude to put those words in my mouth.
  • weirdchick Lady Ju... 2009/10/10 17:50:30
    um HELLO u said KIDS in other words all... u never said SOME kids!! genius ..... and ur being rude by posting this question and generalizing that all kids are rude
  • maia weirdchick 2009/10/10 17:54:11
    Using the word 'kids' does not imply all. It implies the kids that she has seen and heard. By the way, your comeback was very rude. If you were trying to make a point, you failed.
  • weirdchick maia 2009/10/10 17:57:31 (edited)
    lol ur great example of how parents fail to educate kids... btw WHEN U SAY KIDS notice the s in the end meaning more than one .... plus u didnt specify that u were talking about some einstein please think before u ask a question
  • maia weirdchick 2009/10/10 18:01:12 (edited)
    Did you mistake me for the author of the question. Wow, learn to pay attention please. That's a helpful life skill.

    By insulting my intelligence, you have proven that you are rude. I noticed the 's' on the end of kids. I never said 'kid' nor did I ever imply that it was singular. Another helpful tip -- learn to read.

    Why would I specify about some Einstein? Are you even aware of what you're writing?
  • weirdchick maia 2009/10/10 18:06:55
    lol and what would you know about life..... vice versa, learn how to read .... the way i used einstein is kind of ironic, in other words i was calling u dumb... and everyone makes mistakes ur icon look somewhat similar to the author of this question... you know what ur wasting my time please reread ok =] have a nice day
  • maia weirdchick 2009/10/10 18:12:57
    Excuse me, but you're a rude little kid. You obviously felt threatened because this was a poll that seemed to be calling you out on your behavior, so you decided to be rude on it.

    I'm aware of the irony used in calling someone Einstein but referring to them as an idiot. That's what made me call you rude in the first place. I cannot see the similarity between my icon and the icon of the author of the poll and even if we had the same icon, the band that has the screen names above the comments is a different color for the author. I'll tell you again to pay attention to your surroundings.

    I've read your comments. They are very rude and they don't say much for kids your age. If you want to prove that kids your age are not rude little brats, then you should at least come to the conversation with proper sentence structure and avoid insulting the person.
  • Seiji maia 2009/10/10 22:44:27
    Ah, let it go maia. She's a teenager. Their stages in life are predictable. One of the stages being that they know absolutely EVERYTHING and try to prove it by their horrible "texting grammar". Don't worry. In some way, she'll learn. Then it will all come rushing back.
  • maia Seiji 2009/10/10 22:50:53 (edited)
    I wasn't that bad when I was a teenager. Hell, I'm still a teenager and I'm not that bad. It would be so much easier if we all matured at the same pace. Boring, but easier.
  • Seiji maia 2009/10/10 23:01:53
    Matured at the same pace?! Aw, that'll be awful. Besides, I like having a reason to call my pop a "bald, grouchy, 12th century old man." Cause he as well knows it and it's my job as a teenager to remind him! XD lol (he's usually snoring his butt off and says 'Mm-hmm' when I tell him. How's that for rudeness!)
  • maia Seiji 2009/10/10 23:12:58
    My parents actually encourage that kind of playful rudeness. They take everything I throw at them and throw it right back at me.

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