Who's Smarter: Dogs or Cats?

Living 2010/11/23 21:00:00
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Bigger than apples vs. oranges, men vs. women, tomatoes vs. tom-AH-toes: dogs vs. cats.

Cat people swear by their furry friends, while dog lovers insist their pups are posher. And the dog peeps may be right: The intelligence of dogs has evolved at a greater rate than the intelligence of cats, scientists at Oxford University claim, according to the Telegraph.

Cats were previously thought to be smarter than dogs because they require less attention, but researchers have discovered that cats' brains are smaller because they are less social.

"Dogs have always been regarded as the more social animals while cats like to get on with their own thing alone. But it appears that interaction is good for the brain and extends to other species, like ourselves," Dr. Susanne Shultz, who led the research, told the Telegraph.

So being needy and social means you're smart. Hooray for humans!

The research found that over the last 60 million years, the brains of monkeys grew the most, followed by horses, dolphins, camels and dogs. The brains of more solitary cats, deer and rhino grew much more slowly during the same period.

Take that, cat ladies.

"All dogs are quite good at solving problems, which gives credence to the traditional image of the cunning fox which is a member of the same family. Dogs descended from wolves which appear to have the biggest brains as they live in large family groups," Shultz said.

The study also proves what you might have suspected all along: Dealing with others isn't easy.

“[The study] suggests the co-operation and co-ordination needed for group
living can be challenging and over time some mammals have evolved larger
brains to be able to cope with the demands of socializing.”

Now we know why we need a glass of wine before Thanksgiving dinner.

Read More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/family/pets/8151924/Dog...

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  • Doglove... David 2011/12/15 16:39:59
    here's why dogs are better and smarter http://www.freewebs.com/puppy...
  • mel 2010/11/25 22:03:18
    CATS! People say cats are dumb-not true. They are loyal, quiet, cuddly, don't poop in the yard, stink, and yes, you can train them...but they are independent and need love, and if you take care of them, they'll be there for you.
  • greggerz mel 2010/11/26 00:22:45
    Yes,,,,and one has to WORK a little for their affection !!
  • Lady Wh... mel 2010/11/26 11:16:43
    Lady Whitewolf
    You CAN train them but ya gotta start with them right from the time they're tiny kittens!
  • merlinskiss 2010/11/25 21:42:34
    We have both and they are both smart in their own way. Our baby's each have their own little personalities and each one is individually smarter than the others about specific things. Kinda like people, except for the really dumb ones, each has some smarts about some things. Some more than others.
  • moo 2010/11/25 21:09:46
    cats and dogs cats dogs cats and dog
  • Mikeyandmadgelover 2010/11/25 20:55:01 (edited)
    Quit with the discrimination between cats and dogs!

    Cat and dogs ARE BOTH smart in their OWN way!

    CATS ARE just as smart!
  • Caitlyn 2010/11/25 19:57:18
    "Dogs have owners, cats have staff."

    Dogs will do whatever you tell them to... usually. Cats do whatever they feel like doing with no regard to how irritated it makes you.
  • Olivia27 Caitlyn 2010/11/26 00:01:38
    That's a priceless quote!
  • Caitlyn Olivia27 2010/11/26 02:26:27
    Thanks. I don't remember where I heard it, but it's stuck with me.
  • Lady Wh... Caitlyn 2010/11/26 11:17:10
    Lady Whitewolf
    me too!
  • Pele Emerging 2010/11/25 19:50:54
    Pele Emerging
    This is like saying that apples are better than oranges. You're comparing a pack animal (dogs) with a more independent, solitary animal (cats). Both are smart. Dogs tend to work more cooperatively than cats because that's the way they are, but cats tend to work better alone because that's the way THEY are. Pointless to get into a debate over which is smarter. I love cats (it's a librarian thing, probably because cats were at one time invaluable to keep mice from destroying the books). However, I love dogs, as well. What do I dislike? People who hurt animals. People who abandon them. People who mistreat them in anyway. Don't like dogs? Don't get one. Don't like cats? The same. Personally, I hope there is a special place in hell for those who mistreat or hurt animals.
  • Nonpart... Pele Em... 2010/11/26 05:03:24
    I always wondered why I have seen Cats in book stores and Libraries. Never seen any Dogs in those places, except for service Dogs.
  • Pele Em... Nonpart... 2010/11/26 05:46:22
    Pele Emerging
    Mice are hard on books. Plus, cats tend to just blend into the books. I have been in several bookstores that had resident cats. Even as a librarian, I didn't realize the reason behind the books/cat connection for a long time, and it was a fellow librarian who enlightened me.
  • boberry Pele Em... 2010/11/26 06:20:29
  • Aurora 2010/11/25 19:41:22
    Dogs are far more smart! They can learn commands and actually obey those commands. And just because a cat or two can do that, doesn't mean anything. Some dogs actually learn how to say words. Nothing big, but short phrases such as "I love you" or "hi". Some dogs have even learned to read their commands and obey them. I've never seen a cat do that. Not only are dogs smarter than cats, they're much more loyal. What would a cat do if a bad guy were to get into the house?? They'd scarm and get their asses outta there! But a dog? He's stand by your side. No, scratch that. He'd go and put his own life in order to protect you. He'd make the bady guy scram and get his ass outta there! Well, Mr. Bad Guy would try to, but most dogs wouldn't let him have the time. Dogs are far better than cats in almost every way. Dogs greet you when you come home. Cats run away, afraid of the door opening. Dogs can go on a run with you, play frisbee. Cats just chase the stupid feather aound. Dogs will come and sit on your lap, or sit by your side just to be next to you and feel your company. Cats come to their owners when they wanna be pet. To me, nothing can beat a dog <3 feel company cats owners wanna pet beat dog 3 dogs feel company cats owners wanna pet beat dog 3 dogs vs cats
  • Doglove... Aurora 2011/12/15 16:38:17
    yes it's true. here's why dogs are better and smarter http://www.freewebs.com/puppy...
  • pen pal 2010/11/25 18:24:06
    pen pal
    Dogs. They have a bigger brain. Can be trained to understand multiple commands. And will obey those commands. I have yet to see cat do that.

    bigger brain trained understand multiple commands obey commands cat smart dog
  • Doglove... pen pal 2011/12/15 16:38:06
    yes it's true. here's why dogs are better and smarter http://www.freewebs.com/puppy...
  • Vision of Verve 2010/11/25 17:48:33
  • Doglove... Vision ... 2011/12/15 16:34:59
    yes it's true. here's why dogs are better and smarter http://www.freewebs.com/puppy...
  • Assault 2010/11/25 17:42:26
    My cat can open our sliding glass door, then the other one uses his head to make it open farther.
  • Aurora Assault 2010/11/25 19:42:07
    That's one cat. I could teach ANY dog to do that.
  • Assault Aurora 2010/11/26 00:45:48
    Bring it on lol
  • Errol Park Aurora 2010/11/26 03:48:33
    Errol Park
    Any cat could figure it out on its own.
  • Nonpart... Errol Park 2010/11/26 05:11:09
    I agree, my Cat can open any door that is not latched with something that she can not unlatch. Unfortunately I still have not gotten her to be concerned about closing the door behind her.
  • boberry Errol Park 2010/11/26 06:22:11
    My dogs figured it out on their own. Had the carpets cleaned so I threw a rug down on the patio and had them chill on the patio for a few. I ran to the store and when I came home, all of them were inside and lounging on my damp carpets. LOL
  • Aurora Errol Park 2010/11/30 06:07:22
    And a dog would do it faster.
  • Errol Park Aurora 2010/11/30 11:50:39
    Errol Park
    However, you said you would have to teach the dogs.
  • Nonpart... Aurora 2010/11/26 05:07:09
    Give my Cat any door with a proper door handle and she will open it. I will bet that any Cat is smart enough to do that too.
  • Aurora Nonpart... 2010/11/30 06:07:42
    And dogs aren't??
  • Nonpart... Aurora 2010/12/01 03:34:35
    The only time I have ever seen a dog do it it was just dumb luck, though I never said that a Dog could not do it, I just said that when there is a door with a proper door handle she will open it.
  • boberry Assault 2010/11/26 06:21:03
    My dogs do that.
  • RastaFan 2010/11/25 16:53:36 (edited)
    A dog will guard your dead body til he starved himself. A cat would eat your eyeballs.

    A dog can understand a myriad of spoken requests or commands and lovingly cooperate. The only response a cat has is, "f&k; you. here, look at my ass."

    Dogs attract appreciative masters. Cats attract compliant buttkissers.
  • Errol Park RastaFan 2010/11/26 03:52:28
    Errol Park
    I hardly see how a dog sticking with its owner's dead body until it starves proves it to be more intelligent than a cat. More loyal, yeah. That's a no-brainer, and it also is not the question.
  • RastaFan Errol Park 2010/11/26 15:38:40
    umm ... busted?
  • bags 2010/11/25 16:47:33
    I have both. My vote is for cats because they're smart enough to figure out how to get you to be their willing slave with just enough reciprocation to qualify as sadism. Dogs want to please you, cat's couldn't (quite literally) give a rat's hind quarters.
  • Aurora bags 2010/11/25 19:42:49
    In other words, cats are just sassy little brats :P
  • bags Aurora 2010/11/26 00:05:59
    Some are. I have a drama queen, a merciless huntress, and a spook. The dog could be a stand-in for Odie.
  • ɟʇʇoɔs 2010/11/25 16:33:27
    Cats almost seem human sometimes

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