Who's Journey's better lead singer? Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda?

batwarrior 2008/08/11 21:39:10
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  • Riley Logan 2009/10/11 21:35:12
    steve perry makes arnel look like shit
  • joey Riley 2009/10/19 13:00:50
    so true:)
  • joey Logan 2009/10/19 13:00:09
    DUDE you are full of frickin shit!!
  • Anna Vogt 2009/08/31 00:33:31
    Steve Perry
    Anna  Vogt
    No one even comes close!
  • Riley Anna Vogt 2009/10/11 21:35:27 (edited)
    you cant even put those two in the same sentence

    steve and.
    see you just cant do it? steve is to good
  • 223mtp 2009/07/01 01:19:08
    Steve Perry
    Arnel is a good guy but c'mon, Steve is probably the greatest rock singer of all time.
  • joey 223mtp 2009/10/19 13:01:49
    his voice will be heard for centurys!:))
  • spiderDCX 2009/06/22 03:41:23
    Arnel Pineda
    trivia for the day.. did you know that arnel pineda is the greatest singer of all time,. he can sing all kinds of music, no one can do that,. either ballad, lovesong, rock, or whatsoever.. steve perry is nothing compare to arnel pineda.. that's why arnel pineda is the best choice of all the audience
  • Riley spiderDCX 2009/10/11 21:37:19
    little trivia here: you dont know what a good singer is or wait when people see your comment there going to be able to tell anyway
  • joey spiderDCX 2009/10/19 13:03:37
    HAHAHAHA!!! dude are u a frickin drunkin rapeartist bitch!!! steve perry is the king of ROCK sooo burn and HA!:(
  • xian yap 2009/03/27 00:03:31
    Steve Perry
    xian yap
    Steve perry is the best journey performer. his voice is like and angel coming down from heaven and even i'm still 15 i'm sure that steve perry is the best!
  • joey xian yap 2009/10/19 13:04:40
    he is the best.
  • Michael 2009/03/16 00:30:35 (edited)
    Steve Perry
    steve perry is the best journey vocalist. steve's voice is kind of hallow and smooth and high, arnel is good he can hit high notes and sounded a little bit like SP if only we can combine steve aguirre's natural voice and arnel's powerful high voice it might sound 90 % steve perry. By the way i'm a filipino.
  • joey Michael 2009/10/19 13:05:44
    hahaha it is rocket sience to make a steve perry voice!
  • 123 2009/02/14 07:48:33
    Steve Perry
    is you educated?
  • mylesking.king97 2009/02/08 06:40:23
    Steve Perry
    steve perry duh
  • merrill.king 2009/02/04 18:02:14
    i never listen to journey growing up maby steve perry
  • joey merrill... 2009/10/19 13:06:45
    yes steve perry dufice duh!!!
  • Scappman 2009/02/01 21:58:38
    Steve Perry
    What is an Arnel Pineda?

    Somebody who tries to sound like Steve Perry!
    Without Steve Perry there would be no Journey.
    AP just sang with the group at the Superbowl. He sounded weak and forgot some words. He probably would have lost on American Idol.
  • raine 2009/01/27 16:10:43
    Arnel Pineda
    its Arnel - if you are musically inclined then you will know the difference!
  • Riley raine 2009/10/11 21:38:05
    if your not retarded you would know steves better but i guess its to late for you
  • joey raine 2009/10/19 13:08:17
    HHHEY bitcharoamis not even close steve perry is nothing less than the best you fuckin retarded asshole!...
  • dramaqueen761995 2009/01/16 20:52:46
    Steve Perry
    there's no comparison!!!
  • Alex 2008/11/27 06:19:50
    Arnel Pineda
    I go for arnel bec i'm a filipino but that is not the point! The discovery of pineda only shows the universality of music, so profound, so touching!. This is a breakthrough in music industry as nobody is indispensable! Keep on rocking arnel!
  • joey Alex 2009/10/19 13:09:38
  • teebee 2008/10/13 02:27:14 (edited)
    Arnel Pineda
    by far..... I'm not a Filipino, but a singer :) ..... that guy -Arnel- can do ANYTHING with his voice! (can Perry sing GnR, BON JOVI, or Roxane by POLICE??? Highly doubt it.....Look on YouTube's ZOO covers, and you'll see a wide variety of songs sung perfectly by Arnel..)
    Agree with Katzparov: listen to "Faithfully" and compare them....you will see....Arnel has a much wider range of voice and deeper sounding vibration/resonance in his singing...... Powerful....Steve Perry is a great (!) singer, but his voice fades out in many-many Journey songs.
    Guys/gals, stop being so old fashioned, there is nothing wrong to recognize/respect somebodies natural talent, even if he isn't the original singer of a band....... ("there is always somebody better out there"....... the only question is, who's getting in the spotlight)
  • joey teebee 2009/10/19 13:11:32
    u understand the term beeouch wweelll your the bee saying ouch because i step on u with my foot steve perry is nothing less than the best!!!! and yes he can sing all of THOSE!!!:(
  • Markeyz007 2008/09/26 06:50:57
    Arnel Pineda
    I'm Proud to be a Filipino and Of Course!!!! Absolutely, Arnel is the best lead singer of Journey... He can hit very high notes and his voice is very poweful and Just sounds amazing... Not Like Perry.,,, Who has an attitude problem who feels like he's the most important band member of Journey, that's why he leave the band. Let's just thank Schon for doing a great job, for finding Arnel as their new lead singer and Journey will rock again just like old time.. Right?
  • joey Markeyz007 2009/10/19 13:14:24
  • nicky 2008/09/23 19:24:15
    Steve Perry
    Yah, arnel is a good copy cat...thats about it!
  • Running Moon 2008/09/07 01:35:17
    Steve Perry
    Running Moon
    Steve Perry No Question. The Original is always the best!!!
  • Stephen Running... 2010/03/01 19:13:20
    That's a fallacy.
  • TxAggie93 2008/09/07 01:15:55
    Steve Perry
    no question......
  • seabrazil 2008/09/06 22:35:15
    Steve Perry
    perry but just barely. saw them in concert just last month in atlanta. never thought anyone could come close to perry, but the new guy came as close to perry as you could possibly come. what a great surprise it was for him to be that close in his singing ability.
  • katzparov 2008/09/06 04:49:14
    Arnel Pineda
    Arnel Pineda is better than the great Steve Perry. Just listen to what Pineda does to the song "Faithfully" He takes a truly great song, sung wonderfully by Steve Perry and makes it into and absolute work of art.........POWERFULLY sung throughout the ENTIRE song whereas Steve Perry had PARTS of the Song wonderfully done and other parts that can be forgotten.
    Arnel PIneda is absolutely incredible !!!
  • jimih67 2008/08/12 14:34:10
    Steve Perry
    Arnel does a great Steve Perry imitation. Steve Perry does not imitate Arnel Pineda. Arnel has a great voice, but Steve Perry is the strandard.
  • Jen**GPAC** 2008/08/11 21:52:57
    Steve Perry
    that man could just wail.. effortlessly..
  • TxAggie93 Jen**GP... 2008/09/07 01:16:19
  • batwarrior 2008/08/11 21:47:34
    Arnel Pineda
    Arnel sounds like Steve..... only kicked-up 5000 notches!!!!!!
  • joey batwarrior 2009/10/19 13:17:13

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