Who's Funnier: Men or Women?

Living 2011/10/21 19:00:00
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Women get pretty offended when people say they aren't funny (Melissa McCarthy, anyone?). But a new study "proves" that guys are funnier than gals -- but just a little bit funnier.

Researchers at the University of California at San Diego asked 16 male and 16 female college students to write funny captions for a blank New Yorker cartoon (if you've ever tried this, you know it's difficult). Thirty-four male and 47 female students ranked the captions without knowing the gender of the writers -- and the men scored 0.11 points higher than women.

"The differences we find between men's and women's ability to be funny are so small that they can't account of the strength of the belief in the stereotype," study co-author Laura Mickes, a postdoctoral research in the university's psychology department, said in a written statement.

The study also showed (news flash!) that men enjoy the humor of other men more than women do. "Sad for the guys who think that by being funny they will impress the ladies, but really just impress other men who want to impress the ladies," study co-author Nicholas Christenfeld, a professor of psychology at the university, said in the statement.

So who gets the last laugh? Do you think men are funnier than women?
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  • bman~AVA~BTTB 2011/10/24 17:38:28
    I'm guessing men here but it could be just about the same I guess. When I think of female comedians names like Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett come to mind. There's quite a few newer female comedians but some of their material is dirty and I like my comedy a bit cleaner. As far as the male comedians are concerned names such as Red Skelton and Bill Cosby come to mind. I also like the newer comedians. Guys like Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall and some of the others. They're all good in their own right
  • Pistol 2011/10/24 17:19:52
    I know many funny men but cant think of any women Id call funny. Men are just so much more likely to enjoy themselves.
  • 2011/10/24 17:16:42
    I've chosen "women" just because everyone choose men but I really believe it doesn't matter the sex. Everybody can be funny!
  • big T 2011/10/24 17:13:59
    big T
    being it was men or women were the only answer I said women simpy because most of them act like they know everything and in truth they don't know more then men. I a;lso think it is cute how they go with their emotional feelings so much. Mostly the American and Australian women and girls.
  • Leslie 2011/10/24 17:08:12
    Our greatest comedic talents are men - but I think we should have had a button for neither or both. There are some amazing women comediennes as well.
  • bono nere 2011/10/24 17:04:29
    bono nere
    On average but they make up for it by laughing at our penuses
  • Vickie 2011/10/24 17:02:02
  • Michael... Vickie 2011/10/24 17:14:22
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  • Ebony Flo 2011/10/24 16:58:10
    Ebony Flo
    They're stupid as hell. It's hard for me to tell jokes that are actually funny to anyone besides my Mother. She laughs easily like I do.
  • 24FilmProStudio 2011/10/24 16:57:36 (edited)
    i think women are too concerned whether if other people think they are funny or not, on another note women don't seem to appreciate the three stooges as much as guys do
  • Leyla 2011/10/24 16:57:06
    woman are too worried to look good to look funny.
  • Higzy Teflon 2011/10/24 16:55:52
    Higzy Teflon
    Men - 536 votes
    Women - 147 votes.

    It's nice to see that (most) women here don't mind calling it as it is - without bias. Men (in general) are definitely funnier than women, that is common knowledge. Those who cannot accept this fact obviously have a bad sense of humour or poor concept for what funny is.
  • Miki King Higzy T... 2011/10/24 16:57:49
    Miki King
    Even though i'm a girl and at least 90% of my friends are boys-and yet I'M the clown in our group and make everyone laugh? You have a very closed mind(:
  • Forgina Higzy T... 2011/10/24 19:02:56
    I agree partially. It's good that there's not much bias, but common knowledge that men are funnier? I must disagree. As said above, closed minded indeed.
  • Joanne 2011/10/24 16:55:06
    Take a look at Bette Midler, Carol Burnette, Vicky Lawrence, and I could go on, BUT, there's also many, many funny men. I think I would have to say "both". IT'S A TIE.lol
  • Feisty 2011/10/24 16:53:42
    The people answering this survey must not know the women I hang around
  • Lala MayMe 2011/10/24 16:52:35
    Lala MayMe
    One of the only funny women I know that's not fat is Amanda bynes ;]
  • scott 2011/10/24 16:43:33
    Men don't like to be serious as much as women do, imho, so men tend to spend more time on the funny stuff.
  • Harold 2011/10/24 16:34:49
    Both women and men are funny, but men like me look for humor in daily life occurrences.
  • Genise 2011/10/24 16:33:55
    Men usually are, but not always!
  • Muver 2011/10/24 16:33:39
    Because they are their own best supporters (pun intended),,,Really, what percentage of women really find belching out songs, lighting butt gas, making fun of other people, crass remarks, and the numerous other things that come from "a man brain" actually funny....1 or possibly 2 percent.
  • Brittanye90 2011/10/24 16:33:36
    I'm a woman, and SOME women are funny. But men are just naturally funnier, I don't quite know what it is exactly. But SOMETHING
  • Higzy T... Brittan... 2011/10/24 16:58:43
    Higzy Teflon
    Your honesty is admirable, Brittany. It's a shame more women couldn't be as truthful as you. Kudos.
  • Brittan... Higzy T... 2011/10/24 18:50:04
    Thanks, I try. lol (=
  • Spyderman739 2011/10/24 16:25:53
    because they think they understand women
  • Joanne Spyderm... 2011/10/24 16:58:12
    That's a good one. ha ha
  • ipod007 2011/10/24 16:18:57 (edited)
  • Joanne ipod007 2011/10/24 16:59:00
    hate to tell you, but that's not funny!
  • Higzy T... ipod007 2011/10/24 17:01:12
    Higzy Teflon
    If all men had your sense of humour I would have no choice but to vote for women. Horrible (grade-school) jokes don't make the cut anywhere, except in grade school. Are you in grade school, ipod007?
  • Mr Marvin 2011/10/24 16:18:35
    Mr Marvin
    When they are naked, men are funnier.
  • Frankie 2011/10/24 16:15:53
    I know a lot more women that are funny than men.
  • Higzy T... Frankie 2011/10/24 17:01:57
    Higzy Teflon
    Is there a shortage of ESL teachers in your region, Frankie?
  • todd 2011/10/24 16:15:37
    Although there are some HILARIOUS FUNNY women out there...most who believe they are funny, just aren't. So - larger number, goes to men. Sorry ladies. But, even most of you agree.
  • beyondtheparadoxical 2011/10/24 16:11:20
    I should preface this by saying that I am female.. but for the most part, female comedian are the least funny (and most annoying) people on the planet. Male comedians are funnier, more laid back, and generally less obnoxious.
  • Scott 2011/10/24 16:11:06
    When it comes to stand-up, there are only a few women that make me laugh, with Kathleen Madigan at the top of the list. I don't know why female stand-ups aren't funny, but they're not.
  • AquariusNX01 2011/10/24 16:04:55
    I wish there was a "neither are funnier" option to choose,because my opinion actually more matches the study (that there is really no significant difference) and not an either/or choice. As for men only really impressing other men, I disagree, at least in my own personal experience. I am more attracted to average- or even dorky-looking guys if they're funny, than I am a hot guy whose sense of humor is nonexistent.
  • mgwynn224 2011/10/24 16:04:18
  • jeff mgwynn224 2011/10/29 23:28:10
    things that come out of gals mouth's are CUTE, not funny....there's a huge difference. guys corner the market on funny if you're comparing genders. girls think cute is funny, while men think funny is funny. why do ya think there are so many more male comedians and comic actors than women.
  • mgwynn224 jeff 2011/10/31 14:35:34
    haha some things that girls say are cute (i'm straight) but other things are funny in the stupid way. That's why I say girls. But when I think of guys being funny I think of comedians. On tv shows and stuff they are so much funnier. And the guys I know personally, are not dull like the girl friends I have. So in a way, I agree with you.
  • ETpro 2011/10/24 16:03:24
    I know the study said men are -- but as a guy who really, really digs chicks, I prefer to stay on their good side. Isn't that funny?

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