Who would win in a fight: a taco or a burrito?

Me, Myself, and I 2009/05/10 17:24:14
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The taco our undefeated champion already took down the grilled cheese but can it win with the burrito?
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  • IsaiahFreeman 2010/08/19 04:49:43
    a burrito
    the taco is gonna crack under pressure
  • the future rachelder kaultiz 2009/05/11 02:04:37
    a burrito
    the future rachelder kaultiz
    Buritos rock. burrito buritos rock
  • cullen luver 2009/05/10 19:04:04
    a burrito
    cullen luver
    its big and long. and its stuff is wrapped up.
  • jimih67 2009/05/10 18:47:23
    a burrito
    A taco would fall apart, but the burrito would have it wrapped up.
  • ★kAuLItZlOvEr95★ 2009/05/10 18:17:54
    a burrito
    Burrito would knock taco out of the shell.
  • Becca 2009/05/10 17:57:32
    A taco
    tacos r like awesome man (mexican axcent)
  • veronica gibson 2009/05/10 17:49:30
    a burrito
    veronica gibson
    a burrito. the stuff doesn't fall out as easily.
  • Me, Myself, and I 2009/05/10 17:27:28
    Me, Myself, and I
    a taco could use the meat, cheese, greens, and shell as weapons not to mention the greese.
    But the burrito could use anything it really depends on the type of burrito like a breakfast burrito could use eggs and possibly peppers ,ect..
    it really depends on the burrito
    but i think the taco could still win.
  • Aingean 2009/05/10 17:26:39
    depends on how hungry i am. right now both sound good!

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