Who taught you how to drive a car?

Tammy 2007/04/22 02:26:35
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  • Ryuji 2007/05/22 02:22:20
    Figured it out on my own. I was 9 years old and my uncle told me to feed the pigs on the ranch. He gave me the keys to a very old toyota pickup with 5 50 gallon drums of boiled barley. I was hooked, I would feed the pigs a couple of times a week.

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  • 0_0 2010/12/24 03:27:40
    Mostly my Dad
  • c@t 2009/04/23 01:08:40 (edited)
    daddy taught me to drive the truck in the back field. stick shift i might add. :-P
  • canada67pm 2009/03/19 05:20:09
    I learned from a boyfriend in high school.
  • tpromo@yahoo.com 2009/03/18 17:55:22
  • Madge 2009/03/18 06:45:39
    i taught myself how to drive. i'd practice in mall parking lots while my mom was shopping or in and around our sleepy neighbourhood. mom was a scary driver. no dad. no siblings. no extended family. you gotta do, watcha gotta do.
  • Chris 2009/03/18 04:58:47
    I was 11 and my mom picked me up from the babysitters drunk and she managed to drive to the edge of town and then told me to get behind the wheel.....I was terrified!
  • Lin 2009/03/18 04:27:31
    My dad started teaching me before I could reach both the pedals and the wheel at the same time. But I am seriously learning now at 15 so I can get a permit and hopefully a car for my birthday *crosses fingers*
  • emma 2009/02/11 00:35:36
    In a 1977 Malibu Chevrolet. momdad 1977 malibu chevrolet
  • Michael 2008/10/15 23:23:33
    myself. I watch and played video games. I finally just did one day out in the country. Open road and my dad's car. Lucky for me he was passed out in the back from hanging out with my grandfather and his buddies. Why he thought he could drink with the big boys? So I drove home... under grandpa's command. I called him as soon as I got home to say I made it. And from then on I was driving.
  • ........... 2008/09/24 01:11:04
    My Dad. He was good too, as a pilot he took moving vehicles seriously and taught me to think about driving.
  • Candi~p... .......... 2008/09/24 01:30:35
    Did you ever own a race car? race car
  • .......... Candi~p... 2008/09/24 01:44:43
    LOL it was a 70. I WANT IT BACK!!!

    lol 70
  • Candi~playin 2008/09/23 20:37:52
    AT 13 she said "it's easy" so we took dad's car for a spin around the block!! Driving ever since. friend 13 dads car spin block driving
  • alisabadisa 2008/08/12 04:24:43 (edited)
    my daddyo taught me to drive his OTHER baby..his custom 64 mustang when i was 14, yeah... i'd say he trusted me a little bit. Beauty is that after I bought my first car that next year I wasnt allowed to drive it again until the last day of my senior year of high school. Nothing felt sweeter than cruising into the school with the loud purr of the engine, top down, and my dads trust! Great memory (pic not his)

    felt sweeter cruising school loud purr engine dads trust memory
  • *!DANNIE!* 2008/04/05 17:25:28
    my mom and my sister and my best guy friend taught me how to drive a stick
  • Pixie 2008/03/03 15:09:15
    My grandfather taught me how to drive his truck back and forth to his farm. He did a good job...I've never gotten a ticket for anything before...
  • ButterBar 2008/01/30 00:57:33
    My oldest brother. He always told me "Do like I say and not like I do." He has taught me very well. I can drive anywhere and just about anything. Never drove a tank but point me in that direction and I can do it.
  • AngelwithBrokenWings 2008/01/28 21:25:06
    My daddy. :-)
  • Debby 2008/01/28 21:24:22
    Took driving lessons because I had no one to teach me.
  • Gale 2008/01/24 15:34:04
    My parents. I never really had a problem driving. My parents said I was the only one that got in a car and just started driving.
  • GETRDUN 2008/01/03 00:51:32
    My Dad. When I was 14 he let me drive around the block. My Dad was always my best friend.
  • Ciss 2007/11/16 04:02:12
  • Linda54 2007/11/07 04:14:03
    My Dad took me to drive. When we got back my Mom asked him how was my driving and he said I drove him crazy, so I really learned how to drive in drivers ed.
  • Foo Master Angie 2007/11/06 14:49:47
    Foo Master Angie
    No one. My dad wasn't allowed to teach me (step monster wouldn't let him).
    My brother was supposed to, but hanging out with his girlfriend was more important. My mom and grandma took me out like 3 times....and that was it... I just went and took my test. All told, I probably drove about 10 times before I got my license. Never on a highway....just local streets.
  • Tammy Foo Mas... 2007/11/06 23:40:15
    In California we have to drive a certain amount of hours with a Drivers Instructor...do you have to do that where you live?
  • Foo Mas... Tammy 2007/11/07 05:32:41
    Foo Master Angie
    Nope...I'm from Jersey...there's already so many drivers on the road, guess they figure no one cares how experienced they are...
  • *~JENNBEAVER~* 2007/10/13 03:10:55
    Driver's Ed Instructors. 2 Coaches that were both Hot!!! Heheh. Now ask me who taught me to drive a standard....LOL...that one I learned on my own, and o lordy was it hilarious!!!! I think I dropped the trani behind before I finally got it...maybe even burned up a clutch or 2....
  • Katy 2007/10/12 03:09:03
    Actually my dad started to teach me, but than my mom finish the job! =]
  • Tammy Katy 2007/10/12 03:10:33
    Did you scare your dad or something? LOL
  • ♥~Rainbow~♥ 2007/10/12 03:00:05
    my mom...and the funny thing was...and i never understood this...we were camping in the alleghany mountains in Pa...and it was way up there...on a dirt road with no guard rails and it was all twisty and turny...lol..we made it down...i think i was more scared than my mom
  • Tammy ♥~Rainb... 2007/10/12 03:05:40
    All I can figure is that she was banking on the hope that you had a REAL desire to live! LOL
  • ♥~Rainb... Tammy 2007/10/12 03:17:00
    lol...and she banked correctly
  • Glit 2007/10/12 02:55:25
    My Dad, who had the better disposition for it and was very supportive and encouraging. My Mom was too nervous to do it, and it made me nervous. My husband has taught the kids how to drive, as I get too stressed.
  • highdesertgemini 2007/09/25 00:32:18
    my dad started teaching me the day i got my permit -- monday, 1963, december 02 (would have been a few days earlier, but there was a holiday and the dmv was closed).
    then i took driver's ed through aaa -- a much shorter class than the high school class! -- for the insurance break. they used manual transmission cars at that time, so i was happy to take the course (we had an automatic because my mom couldn't drive a stick-shift).
    all those years ago, and i still remember so many of those first moments behind the wheel... i love driving!
  • Valkyries "In God We Trust" 2007/08/12 19:07:54
    Valkyries "In God We Trust"
    Driver's Ed, But my dad tried to teach me how to drive a stick, which I figured out by myself.
  • TiffanyBelle 2007/08/05 21:00:13 (edited)
    my aunt taught me how to drive... i remember that day like it was yesterday. I looked up @ her and said, "ok, now don't stress out.. but which is the gas pedal and which is the breaks?" the terror in her eyes was priceless. She also taught me how to multi task as a driver: eating my danish while driving, messing w/ the radio, phone, talking, etc which i now feel was something everyone should learn as few drivers are JUST DRIVING when they're in the car.
    :-) Oh and thanks to Jason my cousin for teaching me to pump gas :-)
  • Bren 2007/08/05 02:46:10
    I went to the driver's ed class at my public school.
  • Derek 2007/07/25 12:55:34
  • Angel with black wings 2007/06/27 02:07:24
    Angel with black wings
    My Mom and an instructor. My Dad tried to help but he didn't.
  • breath4soul 2007/06/26 09:52:49
    Various people let me steer and shift but I actually learned by instructor. I was from a small town but learned to drive in one of the largest cities in my state.

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