Who can you not live without?

Dark Angel 2012/06/11 05:59:47
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Lots of ppl...
No one
Just one person
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cant live without youif one day
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  • Trent Nathan Bell 2012/06/12 01:02:28
    Just one person
    Trent Nathan Bell
    my baby girl stacey love u baby
  • Yoko 2012/06/12 00:35:50
    Just one person
    My twin flame. ^_^

    Blessings to all and,
    May all be well with you ^_^
  • <3!Shezza!<3 2012/06/12 00:33:58
    Lots of ppl...
    my family n close friends n especially my horse
  • Stacey Lea Sheldrick Lawn <3 2012/06/12 00:32:46
  • aidet 2012/06/11 23:41:31
    Just one person
    MY BOYFRIEND!!! not just because he's my boyfriend but because before anything he was and still is my best friend=D
  • Becky Boo 2012/06/11 23:30:54
    A few ppl
    Becky Boo
    My Family, Friends :(
  • Sam DePecan 2012/06/11 22:40:47
    Lots of ppl...
    Sam DePecan
    My family
  • Amberwolf 17 2012/06/11 20:22:12
    Just one person
    Amberwolf 17
    My boyfriend. lol
  • PsychoxAngel 2012/06/11 20:08:27
    A few ppl
  • John Galt jr or Ron/jon 2012/06/11 17:51:46
    Just one person
    John Galt jr or Ron/jon
  • HaCutMe 2012/06/11 17:41:17
    Just one person
    My bestie Shyla :)
  • Miss Bela Rae 2012/06/11 17:39:37
    Just one person
    Miss Bela Rae
    My dog.
  • Sebastianchocolatebeargiles 2012/06/11 17:08:56
    Lots of ppl...
    There are just a lot of people i don't ever want to be without but i mean if they had to leave for whatever reason it's not like im going to beg them to stay haha. I love them but im not an obsessed stalker...
  • none 2012/06/11 15:21:54
  • Lil'AngelGrrl 2012/06/11 12:10:41
    Lots of ppl...
    but... the person i love most takes the trophy.
  • The River Rat 2012/06/11 11:24:16
    A few ppl
    The River Rat
    I am not sure. I guess the will to go on is all that is necessary. If there is someone, she is not a real part of my life yet.
  • sky blue pink - American 2012/06/11 11:23:49
    Lots of ppl...
    sky blue pink - American
    Most of all, my husband.
    Have a nice day !
  • den 2012/06/11 11:19:29
    Just one person
  • Jessica ♥ Nick = foreva 2012/06/11 11:17:47
    Just one person
    Jessica ♥  Nick = foreva
    Y boy friend zac
  • beach bum 2012/06/11 09:03:13
    A few ppl
    beach bum
    a select few
  • Crime Time 2012/06/11 08:44:04
  • CircusFreak13 2012/06/11 08:09:44
    A few ppl
    my best friend, and a couple of really close friends
  • Lady Aiyanna 2012/06/11 08:02:26
    A few ppl
    Lady Aiyanna
    Just these people: My family and Michael Jackson. No one else. The rest are ships that pass at night....
  • Dark Angel Lady Ai... 2012/06/11 08:07:06
    Dark Angel
    hate to break it to ya but michael jackson is already dead :p lmao
    michael jackson tombstone
  • Lady Ai... Dark Angel 2012/06/11 08:09:44
    Lady Aiyanna
    Hi Music Lives on so that is what I live with and I write about it too...
  • Brownielover504 2012/06/11 07:37:19
    Lots of ppl...
  • ~*PoliceGirl*~ (>^-^)> 2012/06/11 06:16:52
    Just one person
    ~*PoliceGirl*~ (>^-^)>
    my imaginary lawyer bob...he handles my everyday law suits...dont like what I have to say? Talk to bob.
    imaginary friend motivatioinal imaginary friend motivatioinal imaginary friend motivatioinal
  • N-RagedOwner 2012/06/11 06:12:43
    Lots of ppl...
    Without my parents, I wouldn't be here. Without each of their parents, my parents wouldn't have existed and thus I wouldn't be here. My being able to exist, much less to be alive is because of my parents, their parents and so on.
  • Oaces_boss_yo® 2012/06/11 06:07:55
  • lorenab. 2012/06/11 06:03:22
    Lots of ppl...
    but if i had to choose one it would have to be my momma!!:D i deffinitely couldnt live without her! hell, i cant even go a day without talkin to her!!:D haha
  • Ben 2012/06/11 06:02:14
    A few ppl
    My wonderful, perfect, Anne.
  • Anne 2012/06/11 06:00:59
    Just one person
    my beautiful bob.

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