Which weighs more, a gallon of water or a gallon of milk?

ღLHღ 2009/08/29 21:44:11
milk duh!!
water geez!
both! a gallon is a gallon!
ummm... I'm not sure...
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  • Effin Genious from Hahvahd 2009/09/23 17:48:41
    milk duh!!
    Effin Genious from Hahvahd
    A gallon of milk weighs more than a gallon water, because milk has a higher specifc gravity (higher density) than water.
  • Amber 2009/08/31 01:35:24
    both! a gallon is a gallon!
    ummm, it's a gallon of both either way!!!
    lol, you gave away the correct answer with this choice though!! lol
  • sysdba Amber 2013/04/25 20:45:49
    .... I hope you're trolling.
  • dee Amber 2013/08/08 14:14:18
    Ummmm no a gallon is volume not weight. A cup of 2 different liquids my weigh differently. But a pound of 2 different liquids would each be 16 oz (a pound). Soooo a gallon of water which weighs about 8 pounds may be different from a gallon of milk. I don't know which 1 is heavier. I always thought those 2 liquids were the same
  • xFenikkusux 2009/08/30 22:59:46
    milk duh!!
    It depends... we need more information if we are to answer accurately. We need to know if we're dealing with whole milk, skim milk, or something in between and also if the water and milk are at the same temperature and pressure, as all of these are factors that can alter the answer.

    However, if we assume that the temperature and pressure are constant, though, and that we are dealing with whole milk, then indeed, a gallon of milk will weigh more than a gallon of water because whole milk is denser than water at a constant temperature and pressure.
    The density of whole milk at 4.4 degrees Celsius is 1.035 kg/L, while the density of water at 4.4 degrees Celsius is 1.00 kg/L.
    Since 1 Liter = 0.26417 gallons, we can calculate the actual weights (even though the densities are enough to provide your answer...).
    For milk:
    1.035kg/L * 1L/0.26417gal. * 1gal. = 3.958kg
    For water:
    1.00kg/L * 1L/0.26417gal. * 1gal. = 3.82kg
    3.958kg > 3.82kg
    Therefore, with the given assumptions, we can conclude a gallon of milk does indeed weigh more than a gallon of water.
  • Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~ 2009/08/30 02:01:34
    both! a gallon is a gallon!
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    Gallon is a gallon, no matter how you wanna slice it.
    Of course, one could argue that a gallon is a form of measurement and one can indeed be heavier than the other.

    But I don't really care that much.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2009/08/30 00:08:26
    both! a gallon is a gallon!
    Lady Whitewolf
    The same! *sheesh!*
  • ღLHღ Lady Wh... 2009/08/30 23:18:54
    That's what I've been trying to tell everyone but they argue with me...
  • Barry S 2009/08/29 22:52:04
    milk duh!!
    Barry S
  • Warren - Novus Ordo Seclorum 2009/08/29 22:39:51 (edited)
    ummm... I'm not sure...
    Warren - Novus Ordo Seclorum
    Milk has fats which are lighter, solids which are heavier, so I don't know! Good question.

    Edited: Here is what I found:

    The density of milk (g/L) changes with temperature.
    For example, the denisty of milk = 1.003073 - 0.000179t - 0.000368F + 0.00374N,
    where t = temperature in degrees C; F = percent fat; and N = percent nonfat solids

    Question: If you collected milk from a Jersey cow (5.5% milk fat; 15% milk solids) and stored the sample at 4 C, how would the density of that milk compare with the density of milk from you collected from a Holstein cow (3.5% milk fat; 12.2% solids) and stored at 4 C? What if your milk samples were stored at room temperature (22 C)?
  • Gina 2009/08/29 22:17:36
    both! a gallon is a gallon!
    They weigh the same thats just like:-
    Which is heavier a ton of gold or a ton of feathers?
    Both it's a ton duh!
  • Zuggi Gina 2009/08/29 22:26:11

    Gallon = volume. Not at all alike.
  • Gina Zuggi 2009/08/29 22:28:35 (edited)
    yes all like that
    If you have a ton of something and a ton of another they both weigh the same because it's a ton, the weight of a ton doesn't change no matter what objects you have to weigh
  • Zuggi Gina 2009/08/29 23:20:22
    Take a bucket. Fill it up with water. Weigh it.

    Take a bucket. Fill it up with air. Weigh it.

    Volume is not weight.
  • Gina Zuggi 2009/08/30 00:02:41
    you can't weigh air!
    it's all around us its got to be a substance which is not air
  • Zuggi Gina 2009/08/30 01:37:18
    Sure you can.

    Weigh a bucket of feathers then. Is it heavier or lighter than a bucket of water?
  • Gina Zuggi 2009/08/30 01:55:55
    You can't do it like that it only works if you have got like a gram, kilogram, gallon, ton or whatever of each substance to make it the same weight but if you just have a bucket of one and a bucket of another it's different weights
    do you get it?
  • Zuggi Gina 2009/08/30 01:58:54
    Yes, I get that.

    A gallon is a measure of volume, just like a bucket is a measure of volume.

    Kilograms, tons, pounds, etc... are measures of weight/mass.

    Two things with the same weight weigh the same. Two things with the same volume do not ness. weigh the same.
  • Gina Zuggi 2009/08/30 21:15:59
    ok whatever i can't be bothered to explain anymore
  • Hahaha Gina 2009/09/20 14:25:36
    Gina, you're a fucking idiot. lol
  • Gina Hahaha 2009/09/20 18:16:41
    thanks! jerk
  • mx Gina 2012/07/30 19:10:53
    Gina DUDE, you are WRONG!
  • Barry S Gina 2009/08/29 23:03:41 (edited)
    Barry S
    A gallon of milk is heavier than water. water= 8.25lbs per gallon milk= 8.50lbs per gallon
    crude oil=7lbs per gal

    gallon n. ( Abbr. gal. ) A unit of volume in the US Customary System, used in liquid measure, equal to 4 quarts (3.785 liters)
  • Gina Barry S 2009/08/29 23:05:52
    i know that...now, it doesn't matter what the weight of the object is if you have got a gallon of one and a gallon of the other it weighs the same because it's a gallon!
  • Barry S Gina 2009/08/29 23:16:09
    Barry S
    Get a gallon of lead and a gallon of water and try to pick up the lead. I work with fluids all the time. They all have different specific gravities= weight. A gallon is just volume of a vessel that holds the fluid. Oil floats on water because it is lighter. Lead would sink.
  • Hahaha Gina 2009/09/20 14:27:23
    Gina, you're a fucking idiot. lol Please don't reproduce.
  • mx Gina 2012/07/30 19:16:46
    Gina , lets make this a learning moment. i know you have the internet, so look up the difference between weight and VOlume...

    Volume is the quantity of three-dimensional space occupied by a liquid, solid, or gas.
    Weight is the measure of the pull of gravity on an object
  • timmy 2009/08/29 21:52:47
    milk duh!!
    milk contains more then water.
  • milk duh!!
    ƙʊɱɪ ɧɒɲɑβʋʂɑ →ρᴊατσ←
    It has more things in it
  • Your friendly neighborhood ... 2009/08/29 21:47:18
    milk duh!!
    Your friendly neighborhood stalker
    I think a gallon is by volume, not weight. Milk contains fats and other things while water is just water. So, I think milk weighs more.
  • ღLHღ Your fr... 2009/08/29 21:48:14
    okay thanks
  • bleueyed 2009/08/29 21:46:45
    milk duh!!
    haha everyone knows that!!! well... except Grandpa...
  • ღLHღ bleueyed 2009/08/29 21:48:26
    HAHA not everyone...

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