Which of These Two Products Is Still Being Made Primarily in America?

ABCnews.com 2011/03/03 13:40:58
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  • Dennis Delling 2011/03/26 00:54:30
    Zippo Lighters
    Dennis Delling
    Carried them for Years! Pouch on my belt!
  • bob 2011/03/04 20:49:48
    Zippo Lighters
    Isn't the Sardines a Brit thing?
  • dan 2011/03/04 20:17:06
    Zippo Lighters
    Zippo lighters although now with the government thinking of banning smoking outdoors in some places, their sales will be hurt. I don't smoke but zippos are pretty cool!
  • IronOx 2011/03/04 19:18:39
    Zippo Lighters
    The last US sardine company closed several years ago.
  • CaptShu 2011/03/04 17:52:14
    Zippo Lighters
    Please tell me that the venerable Zippo is still made in Bradford, PA.
  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/04 15:26:58
    Zippo Lighters
    Maybe we should all go back and read a few chapters of "Sweet Thursday"?
  • Vietvet 2011/03/04 15:06:58
    Zippo Lighters
    I still have my zippo when I was in the military, working just find.
  • CaptShu Vietvet 2011/03/04 17:55:02
    I lost mine last year and was heartbroken. It was a USS Brewton command lighter I carried in the Gulf War - flawless performance for 20+ years. I can't replace it at any price.:(
  • Vietvet CaptShu 2011/03/04 18:25:53
    Yea I have had mine since Nam, in fact I got it there at the PX, it has a nick on the corner where a piece of shrapnal bounce off my helmet, knocked me for a loop, I use to carry it on my helmet.
    I feel for you brother, mine has been through hell and back with me and I would be very heart broken if I lost it.
  • CaptShu Vietvet 2011/03/04 21:03:47
    Welcome home, brother.

    At least I didn't have a cool shrapnel story connected with it.
  • Vietvet CaptShu 2011/03/05 19:25:49
  • ReaderX 2011/03/04 13:46:02
    Zippo Lighters
    Wikipedia says that the last (large) sardine plant closed up in 2010 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
  • Jay0Byrd 2011/03/03 16:40:28
    Zippo Lighters
    Since Zippo's have a lifetime warranty, I have just sent one back for repairs and the address was in the U.S.A. zippos lifetime warranty repairs address Zippo Liters
  • Captain Sticky 2011/03/03 14:13:16
    Canned Sardines
    Captain Sticky
    There used to be a cannery in Rockland, Maine. Could Zippos really be Nippos?
  • Tucker Captain... 2011/03/03 18:54:32
    Good one Captain.

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