Which of these continents would you rather have been born in other than your own?

Traveller 2011/11/18 08:17:53
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  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/21 14:19:08
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/21 14:32:15
    Where in the Quran is such a thing written?
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/21 14:33:37
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/21 14:43:09
    I think you should check back again. I don't think that you will find anything that says to kill any human being under any circumstances. Since the Quran gives complete code of life for humans, it also talks about war as a political strategy under only dire of circumstances and has even defined the code of dignified and humanised conduct under war times.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/21 14:46:57
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/21 15:03:05 (edited)

    i wish I had all those verses stored in my memory to reiterate here, but i think you should visit the above link and find the Quran there. or better still google war and quran and look for the authentic links that describes God's concept of human wars.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/21 15:36:20
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/24 09:44:18
    I have shared this link. It contains text from the quran. If you don't want to use this link, then simply google quranic text and read it. You will find its philosophy.

    I know about the millions of pages that exist which essentially say how intolerant islam and muslims are.

    i think one must read the islamic philosophy and muslim history too. Today's muslim world is mostly poor and they need to throw their corrupt leaders away so that they can what ought to be done.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/24 12:04:33
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/27 14:48:09
    well, i think whatever you want to say you can say it here, bit by bit. I won't bite, I promise.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/27 15:21:22
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/30 13:35:40
    well, since you are not willing to go to any online available text of the Koran, nor are you willing to pick the book itself, I would say, that you could continue to believe what you do without any proof.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/30 13:39:25
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/30 13:42:28
    I don't say that, I am translating your actions into words here. if you take my suggestion, just for fun, pick up a copy of Koran and read through it, you will find it interesting.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/30 13:51:59
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/30 13:59:33
    That is what I am saying and that is what I said earlier, don't ever read it, if that is what you wish. But, the only point I am making is that, without reading or not having read it, you can't say or claim what is in it.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/30 14:15:54
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/30 14:50:29
    how old r u?
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/30 14:52:41
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/30 15:13:37
    well, i would not want to upset 6 or 12 year olds by saying the same. besides maturity has less to do with one's biological age, its more about understanding life and people and human nature, its about mental growth and any one aged 6 or 12 can actually be that mature.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/30 15:15:14
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/30 16:26:52
    I don't have to assume that. I am inferring that.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/30 16:40:59
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/30 16:43:22
    this is exactly the reason the world is in chaos, because people are insensitive, more so to their own ignorance.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/30 16:47:39
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/30 16:49:08
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/30 17:04:03
    sir, I am asking you to stay or move one. I am not asking anything. This is the format of the site itself, people discuss here. Oh my God, you need to learn a lot!
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/30 17:33:24
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/30 18:02:26
    where did you say cheers and was sweet a form of goodbye?
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/30 19:23:26
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/11/30 19:36:47
    so, now the world not only should tolerate your ignorance, but also is suppose to interpret your language.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/11/30 20:14:24 (edited)
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/12/01 15:55:23
    sure, you don't have an interest in life itself. you have not made it your aim to find some purpose to live it.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/12/01 21:13:43
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/12/03 13:06:03
    Because there is something called common sense that constitutes our rationality.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/12/03 13:46:30
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2011/12/04 10:01:59
    i don't know your life or you. What I infer is that you lack rational approach.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2011/12/04 12:37:32
  • Traveller I NEED ... 2012/04/13 14:32:17
    I worry about what you think actually. And more so what people like you think.
  • I NEED ... Traveller 2012/04/17 13:42:22

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