Which foods remind you of your childhood?

mrosen814 2009/08/07 22:50:33
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  • DJL 2010/08/06 07:43:39
    I had a push-up today,they were my favorite ice cream treat when I was a kid.
  • Chris D 2010/07/14 01:10:05
    Chris D
    Chicken Noodle O's
    chicken noodle os
  • Camda 2010/07/13 17:28:09
    Warm peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Magzilla 2010/07/13 03:12:42
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2009/10/05 22:30:30
    luigi1- in god we trust
    ox tail soup or better known as poor man's soup. just had some tonight along with some corn dodgers. my grandma made it all the time when i was a kid.

    tail soup poor mans soup tonight corn dodgers grandma kid
  • highdesertgemini 2009/09/04 01:05:29
    Koluskis, Spanish rice, cherry pie, cream of tomato soup 'n' grilled cheese sandwiches, strawberry Bavarian cream, tapioca, fish sticks, chile, tuna bunsteads, and butterscotch pie...
  • ittybittykitty 2009/08/21 09:52:46
    brussel sprouts brussel sprouts
  • PurplePenguin 2009/08/20 23:56:03
    Pigs in a blanket.
    Even the name oozes childhood.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2009/08/17 08:32:10
    Lady Whitewolf
    Mac 'n cheese!
  • ăđăм™ *sex cake* 2009/08/16 12:31:30
    ăđăм™ *sex cake*
    Dr. Pepper. Can only get it at the import lolly shop here now, oh how I miss the days of drinking it by the bottle load, now can only get cans of it and costs more than beer!
  • funlovinfreak 2009/08/13 17:49:37
    meatloaf. I hated it when I was growing up and now that I fix it for my family;I think about all the times I turned my nose up at it.
  • PreciousOne2526 2009/08/12 01:20:11 (edited)
    fun dip

    fun dip
  • gracie935 2009/08/11 22:56:12
    The smell of fresh strawberries takes me back to my childhood. Grandma made the best strawberry shortcake!
  • Andrea 2009/08/11 22:28:40
    Lemon meringue pie and Red Velvet cake. Yummy. My grandmother is a mean little shit but she can cook.
  • Spiryt Henderson 2009/08/11 21:29:19
    Spiryt Henderson
    ice cream sandwiches
  • rena 2009/08/11 20:58:04
    it would have to be cotten candy just bc i see little kids with cotten candy
  • Billyk75 2009/08/11 20:35:18
    Tossed Salad. My childhood was all mixed up and tossed around.
  • Spiryt ... Billyk75 2009/08/11 21:30:21
    Spiryt Henderson
    tossed salad huh... hmmm...
  • hw 2009/08/11 20:06:24
    Watermelon. Just the smell alone takes me back instantly.
  • Jayde 2009/08/11 19:48:55
    These are the restaurants that bring back good memories restaurants memories restaurants memories
  • turkey pepperoni 2009/08/11 19:46:38
  • Keen Tojones 2009/08/11 19:39:05
    Keen Tojones
    Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches.
  • Soda*Head88 2009/08/11 18:04:43
    well ma wasnt so money lucky soo.. she always made stuff from scratch..but in the end it always taste better!
  • Soda*He... Soda*He... 2009/08/11 18:07:03
    well i supose lol didnt really answer the question.. but home made mac n cheese! MM.. lol. supose lol answer home mac cheese mm lol
  • ColorMeRaven 2009/08/11 17:33:08
    Defiantly baby food bananas I used to eat them all the time I was weird.
  • Soda*He... ColorMe... 2009/08/11 18:08:00
    yea me too.. i liked the strawberry and bananas baby food.. and i agree with yah its weird! BUT GOOD LOL!
  • ColorMe... Soda*He... 2009/08/11 19:33:37
  • 1206720 2009/08/11 15:43:03
  • ^~lala~^ 2009/08/11 15:35:45
    imo's pizza!!! imos pizza
    since im from st.louis we used to eat there alot when i was a kid!!
  • Brandonnn, 2009/08/11 15:10:58
    grilled cheese!! :)) i loved them!
  • Samigurl 93 2009/08/11 15:06:31
    Samigurl 93
    I remember eating Mac n cheese. but I used to love those Hug juices and now i can't stand them!
  • nickells 2009/08/11 14:45:24
    steak and potatoes with veggies...even though i don't eat red meat anymore..haha steak potatoes veggies eat red meat haha
  • Mr. Penguin•the guy you've ... 2009/08/11 12:25:27
    Mr. Penguin•the guy you've been waiting for•
    umm probably peanut butter and fluff and applesauce lol. umm peanut butter fluff applesauce lol

    umm peanut butter fluff applesauce lol
  • Soda*He... Mr. Pen... 2009/08/11 18:09:17
    the penut butter and fluff?? is that marshmellows? jw..
  • Mr. Pen... Soda*He... 2009/08/11 19:09:31
    Mr. Penguin•the guy you've been waiting for•
    yeah its like whipped marshmellow. its so good
  • Soda*He... Mr. Pen... 2009/08/11 19:34:44
    MM.. might have to try it!!! Does it come like peanut butter? In a jar? Or.... lol..
  • Mr. Pen... Soda*He... 2009/08/11 19:35:37
    Mr. Penguin•the guy you've been waiting for•
    yeah it comes in a jar
  • DIAMOND MIKE 2009/08/11 08:29:10
    bologna, yeah sht was tough growing up
  • Samigur... DIAMOND... 2009/08/11 15:07:22
    Samigurl 93
    I used to eat it all the time and I dispise it now... I dont know how i ever ate it! lol
  • DIAMOND... Samigur... 2009/08/11 16:05:08
    i don't think i ever even gave a piece of that mystery meat to my kids once, but it sure tasted like steak when it was the only meat in the house!
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