Which American Car Brand of 'The Big 3' Needs to Be Eliminated?

SenorBabyMan 2009/03/02 23:08:29
Dodge Nitro
Pontiac G3
Chevy Avalanche
Dodge Journey
Chevy Tahoe
Dodge Caliber
Chevy HHR
Eliminate All Cars above and start from scratch
I know another car from the Big Three that definitely needs to be destoyed...
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General Motors is talking about killing car brands such as the Hummer and Saturn. But why stop there? All of the Big Three have cars that definitely have to be eliminated. Sometimes I wish American Automakers could eliminate all cars and start from scratch. With that being said, here are the top American autos that need to be eliminated! Experts say that because of these autos, the Big Three are suffering today:

Dodge Nitro - Bad design, horrible mileage

Pontiac G3 - When sitting in the dealership, this auto makes other cars look beautiful next to them.

Chevy Avalanche - Part metal, part plastic, all ugly!

Hummer - A box on wheels, horrible gas mileage not to mention how retarded you look driving a massive yellow box on wheels.. not even economical.

Dodge Journey - There are thousands of horror stories coming from previous owners of this car. Not reliable.

Chevy Tahoe - The engine on this guzzler starts with a 4.8L v8 and a whopping 16MPG. How many families need seating for 9 and a towing capacity of 4+ TONS!?! Despite what most drivers think this thing does NOT fit in a compact spot. Seriously. This vehicle is the epitome of excess and irreverence to everything.

Dodge Caliber - Once of the ugliest cars yet. Bad mileage, uncomfortable, makes children cry.

Chevy HHR - Very strange looking car, or truck, whatever that is.

If you know of another car from the Big Three that needs to be eliminated. Go ahead and tell us!
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  • The Bantam Seditioner 2009/03/03 07:56:40
    The Bantam Seditioner
    It doesn't really matter to me, and I'm not offended by them, but that would be the last car on this list I would ever think about buying. What a ghastly, unnecessary, overindulgent monstrosity!

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  • Franklin Butch 2009/03/04 13:30:54
    Yup I was always a “truck hater” I mean why would I wear my tool belt out on the town ? So why drive the truck as a status symbol...its for going to the feed store or Lowes nothing els...O yea this one has the small 318 V8 and a 4 speed she does really well for a truck her size on gas, I get about 17 average and she will hold 2 tones of concrete !
  • Butch Butch 2009/03/04 14:26:03
  • cbs3890 2009/03/03 22:23:57
    Hummer is a dinosaur
  • (David)... cbs3890 2009/03/04 00:39:03
    on wheels lol
  • Manster 2009/03/03 21:42:17
    Eliminate All Cars above and start from scratch
    I think the Big Three needs to get a do-over on all of these vehicles!
  • Jan Jayne 2009/03/03 21:18:44
    Eliminate All Cars above and start from scratch
    Jan Jayne
    i'm not a chevy person anf some of those vehicles are like plastic. if you get a ride make sure it's durable
  • Al C. 2009/03/03 21:05:09
    I know another car from the Big Three that definitely needs to be destoyed...
    Al C.
    Which ever company's union won't make wage and benefit concessions!
  • god 2009/03/03 20:49:40
    Eliminate All Cars above and start from scratch
    ugly cars gas hogs get rid of them
  • MkB 2009/03/03 20:16:03
    Why not drive a army tank instead. You'd get to point a to point b in the same gas guzzling way.
  • BlueMax372 2009/03/03 20:02:11
    Eliminate All Cars above and start from scratch
    Actually, the best thing the Big 3 could do is rescind all contractual agreements with the UAW and THEN start from scratch.
  • Butch BlueMax372 2009/03/04 02:27:14 (edited)
  • Franklin Butch 2009/03/04 10:30:28
    ...yea because its not the 7 million scum bags who did not pay back bank loans, its hand full of people who made money in a BOOM market that are the problem........
  • BlueMax372 Butch 2009/03/04 15:40:27
    That too. Plan complete!
  • Franklin BlueMax372 2009/03/04 10:28:43
    We have a lot judgmental people here that have no clue how much the American love affair with the car contributes to our economy and the wealth of the whole F-ing world...they can talk about how “great” things are while they WALK to the bread lines !
  • Ryoko 2009/03/03 18:37:14
    The Hummer. I never liked them. I never saw what anyone else saw in them, either.
  • brandon 2009/03/03 16:46:09
    look how much lebron James payed for his a cupple years back!
  • Manster brandon 2009/03/03 21:48:02
    Let's not forget that he "purchased" that Hummer while he was still in high school! I wonder where he got the dough for the down payment? Wink! Wink!
  • Butch brandon 2009/03/04 12:37:37
  • susan BN-0 2009/03/03 16:38:28
    Chevy HHR
    susan BN-0
    It's an ugly car.
  • Aleisa - Rightey extremist ... 2009/03/03 16:38:27
    Aleisa - Rightey extremist and SAHM
    The original is good, for the purpose it was made for. But the H2 and 3, are pieces of high and mighty status only. They don't look good, and do nothing but a big show.
  • 1oct1 "Marko" 2009/03/03 16:32:22
    Dodge Journey
    1oct1 "Marko"
    Would be my first choice. Then you could eliminate almost any of these. So I say put them in a group and through a rock blindly into the air.
  • wolfshadow 2009/03/03 16:21:27
    I know another car from the Big Three that definitely needs to be destoyed...
    Everything by:

    car destoyed
  • Franklin wolfshadow 2009/03/04 10:32:42
    Lol but did you not see what all the kids said its all the “hummers” fault...not like Ford has 6 ugly ass truck-lets that all are just as bad! Right ?
  • wolfshadow Franklin 2009/03/04 19:54:34
    Ford and Mercury all suck. Look how many people lost garages and homes because their FORD, which wasn't even running caught fire. When in college, my parents spent good money on a used Mercury Marquis for me. 6 months later it burned. 6 months after that they were recalled because... yep, they caught fire. When I asked them what they were going to do for me... Nothing, "do you still have the car so we can investigate why it caught fire?" Oh sure, lots of people keep burned out shells in their yard. i won't own anything by Ford or related to them. I also do not allow my children to buy or own Ford products.
  • Samie8908 2009/03/03 15:51:36
    What does a Hummer do except to be cool to the kids. It's a gas guzzler.
  • Franklin Samie8908 2009/03/04 10:33:23
    Exactly and who needs stuff like this adding $$$$ to our economy!
  • santa6642 2009/03/03 15:37:45
    I know another car from the Big Three that definitely needs to be destoyed...
    none of the above. Just eliminate all vehicles and lets go back to the horse and buggy.
  • Butch santa6642 2009/03/04 02:29:52
  • Franklin Butch 2009/03/04 10:34:57
  • i00wattz 2009/03/03 15:29:57
    Eliminate All Cars above and start from scratch
    Dont eliminate the cars.

    Move the manufacturers out of Michigan, where they have been cursed, then de-unionize them.

    The U.A.W. is a big reason why people buy Toyota's.
  • NotWithoutAFight 2009/03/03 14:51:05
    Eliminate All Cars above and start from scratch
    Start from scratch. The stuff offered isn't classy looking. All look generic or just silly.

    Need some classier looking vehicles.
  • Butch NotWith... 2009/03/04 02:30:37
  • jennifer1969 2009/03/03 13:53:24
    Hummers are impractical and stupid. For the price you can get two landrovers(older ones are better), jeeps, anything that is meant to get dirty, not to drive around suburbia in.
  • The Electrician 2009/03/03 13:26:05
    Eliminate All Cars above and start from scratch
    The Electrician
    One model each and change tooling at 3 year intervals.
  • Attila 2009/03/03 13:15:01
    Eliminate All Cars above and start from scratch
    cages suck
  • P-Funk 2009/03/03 13:06:50
    I know another car from the Big Three that definitely needs to be destoyed...
    ... every one that resulted from government mandates! One of the reasons the Big Three are failing is because they are still foolishly trying to build cars people WANT, rather than completely knuckling under to government mandated safety and fuel economy standards. To do that, they have to create a "mix" of vehicles that comply with the required production averages (NOTE: that's cars PRODUCED; not cars SOLD). So they build all these models (listed in the question) that no one wants in order to meet the production quotas. Then they sit unsold while people buy the models they really want.

    The Feds will soon have their way. The Big Three will be gone and we'll all be forced at gunpoint to drive a Tata. Sieg Heil!
  • Dwight Mann 2009/03/03 12:28:11
    Dwight Mann
    All bad cars should go to heaven
  • Maj. C. D. Hardy 2009/03/03 12:03:10
    Maj. C. D. Hardy
    I have used these enough to know that they are nothing more than opulent toys
  • strawberry 2009/03/03 10:24:08 (edited)
    Eliminate All Cars above and start from scratch
    The only Chevy I like is the Chevy Corvette. In comparison to GM, Chevy still makes good cars. Take all SUV's and mini vans off the road, they are a traffic hazzard. Ford has made junk the last several years. Too many problems with leaks. I will stick with the foreign auto makers. Take a look while driving, you mainly see foreign cars. junk years problems leaks stick foreign auto driving foreign cars I will keep this one.
  • Franklin 2009/03/03 10:04:44
    I know another car from the Big Three that definitely needs to be destoyed...
    American toyota and Honda brands should be the first to go! Both have been getting State and federal hand outs and both are losing money...and lets face it Japan has never done us a favor so dump those chumps ! brands federal hand outs losing money japan favor dump chumps

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