Where can you sell drawing pictures?

Tyrinx'CEL 2013/08/11 05:34:19
Right now, I'm feeling desperate to rebuild my budget and I was thinking may be I can sell some drawing pictures. But I just need to know where to sell them and I was wondering if anybody on here knows whichever place I can do so. It's just that I get paid about 7.25 an hour at where I work and it seems like I'm not getting pay much since occasionally we are getting slow; i.e. not much of customers coming by to eat at the buffet. Therefore, I thought of making my drawing masterpiece as like a second part-time job and thus sell the portraits to people. So I'd appreciate you posting me which proper places to sell them, thanks. :)
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  • Countess Karu 2013/08/11 21:45:47
    Countess Karu
    I'm a member of a website called "Deviant Art" You can post art,writing, ect. You can also buy and sell art there too. I've never actually sold art, but i know people who have. Its an option, you can look into it if you'd like.
  • Tattoo Nana 2013/08/11 17:36:43
    Tattoo Nana
    Etsy.com is a site where people sell arts and crafts. Should be perfect for your drawings. Or maybe on Ebay.
  • gone 2013/08/11 15:55:45
    Try etsy.com
  • strawberry 2013/08/11 06:11:02
    I do oil paintings. Try art shops, frame shops, poster making shops, sign shops. I had several copies made of an Abstract I drew many years ago.  Space Bird  Space Bird
  • Tyrinx'CEL strawberry 2013/08/11 22:02:25
    Okay, thanks for your comment. And you have one talent strawberry, I like your oil painting. :)
  • Addixtion21 2013/08/11 05:50:54
    you might want to try offer your drawing/illustration service online in outsourcing sites like odesk, freelancer, or elance, the registration on those sites are free and you can set up your hourly rate by yourself.
    here's the link:
  • Tyrinx'CEL Addixti... 2013/08/11 21:59:20
    Okay, thanks Addixtion21! :)
  • Addixti... Tyrinx'CEL 2013/08/11 22:07:13
    you're welcome
  • Dgjot~PWCM~JLA 2013/08/11 05:45:50
    Here in town. once a year they have a "starving artists" sale at one of the hotels. All the local artists display their paintings. I don't know if they have something like that where you live.

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