When You Pet A Cat Near It's Rear Why Does It Lift It's Butt In the Air?

Banana 2009/08/11 02:44:46
that's what Archie, my tuxedo cat, does.
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  • 2012/04/25 22:23:22
    For females it is a mating position. However it isn't limited to females. I have two neutered boys and they do the same thing.
  • Nathalie 2011/10/24 14:20:07
    sorry to be a killjoy, but your question is badly wrong: you pet a cat near ITS rear and it lifts ITS butt!!! Why do people seem to think it's so cool to add apostrophes EVERYWHERE? Plurals and possessives keep their -s attached; apostrophes are for abbreviations of 'are' and 'have' only. Thank you!
    PS: I am neither a teacher nor even English. Get a bit of pride in your own language...!
    That said, I think 'Raindropkitten' has the best answer to the question: lifting his derriere is a sexual response --a cat is a very sensual animal after all.
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2009/08/29 01:50:30
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    Yes, because it feels good.
  • ✦WikidFairy✦ 2009/08/19 18:10:59
    yep every cat i know does that, lol :D
  • $3x! L3x! {twilight rocks <3} 2009/08/11 17:06:47
    $3x! L3x! {twilight rocks <3}
    idk its weird though! lol
  • EJ 2009/08/11 13:22:01
    ohhhh you touch my ta la la !!!!
  • The Roses Thorn 2009/08/11 10:34:56 (edited)
    The Roses Thorn
    The cat does that when she is in heat. Or when she wants to make friends. The cats have a very sensetive ass..
    I guess the cat wants to "do you" :P

    cat heat friends cats sensetive ass guess cat
  • Banana The Ros... 2009/08/11 23:25:57
    that picture

  • diaverde08-AmericanKilljoy 2009/08/11 10:29:40
    Don't know, but it's interesting.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2009/08/11 08:32:52
    Lady Whitewolf
    Maya does that.... never could figure that out myself!
  • Sgt.Pepper 2009/08/11 07:13:57
    Yeah, My cat Chocolate always does that, its wierd
  • reddawn0 2009/08/11 06:51:38
    You would stick your butt out too if someone that loved you rubbed it.
  • strawberry 2009/08/11 06:48:50 (edited)
    You can't figure that out? Humans forget dogs and cats are not just cuddly pet toys. figure
  • anash 2009/08/11 05:44:03
    because cats are freaking awesome! cats freaking awesome
  • Brooke 2009/08/11 05:20:44
    cuz it feels good! cuz feels
  • Intuition1 2009/08/11 04:34:19
    I think because it is a sensitive & joyful feeling to the cat. Odd but good question.
  • Raindropkitten™~the author ... 2009/08/11 04:30:21
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    Usually when a cat does that, it means they are in heat. If your cat isn't in heat, it's just a friendly ritual kind of thing. Cats who are familiar and friendly with each other often have a greeting ritual. They rub their head, side and tail against you to exchange odors. Cats raise their butts even higher (almost standing on tiptoe) to invite you to sniff their anal glands as saying, I like you. Which is when a cat will usually take action and mate. Your cat is either saying "do me" or "Smell my butt, let's be friends"
  • Lin 2009/08/11 04:25:09
    All cats do that. But most humans react when being petted on the butt, cats just seem to like it, I guess.
  • corvettesrock 2009/08/11 03:57:13
    LMAO...great question!! I've always wondered that myself, but never asked. Unfortunately, I have no answer.
  • Triple T's in love wit Twil... 2009/08/11 03:41:09
    Triple T's in love wit Twilight
    my cat used to do that cause it wanted to *do it do it* cause we took it 2 the vet and asked so we left it there with the other cats but only girl cats do that so it probally has babys now cat 2 vet cats girl cats probally babys
  • mrs awesome face 2009/08/11 03:18:49
    mrs awesome face
    yes. its getting in position to fart position fart
  • MechanicalWalrus 2009/08/11 03:16:26
    It wants it so bad.

  • vigeoman 2009/08/11 03:04:24
  • Thcmas 2009/08/11 02:58:32
  • God-Cilla (Saviour to the M... 2009/08/11 02:55:35
    God-Cilla (Saviour to the Masses)
    It wants fishsticks... ?
  • Belanova 2009/08/11 02:54:52
    you questions are unreasonable

    and disrespecting jesus..i dont like your last question o.o
  • Kennedy1st Belanova 2009/08/11 19:33:15
    Duh??????? duh duh duh duh duh
  • Gun665 2009/08/11 02:51:48 (edited)
  • evceleb 2009/08/11 02:50:35
    cuz it gets pleasured
  • Joey 2009/08/11 02:50:29
    i dont know, they just like it i guess.
  • Your friendly neighborhood ... 2009/08/11 02:49:53
    Your friendly neighborhood stalker
    Good question. lo.l
  • ALL_BAND_FAN 2009/08/11 02:49:20
    cuz it likes it. like when you pet a dog on his ears, and he moves his head closer into your hand... that sounds kinda like creepy-romantic. but... yeah.
  • Eddie 2009/08/11 02:49:16
    One of my cats does that. The other one usually just tries to bite me.
  • T-InMuse*I*Trust- 2009/08/11 02:49:13
    i dont know but it kinda cut on kittens a hairless would be creepy if it lifted its but at you lol!
  • TheGinjaNinja 2009/08/11 02:46:50
    cause it wants you to continue and it feels good so it leans into your hand lol io sound like a cat expert
  • Emmie ♥ 2009/08/11 02:46:47
    Emmie ♥
    cuz maybe its gonna pee on u xD cuz gonna pee xd
  • Bob-chicka-wow-wow 2009/08/11 02:46:37
    *knows whatever i type will be taken the wrong way*
  • Banana Bob-chi... 2009/08/11 02:48:27
  • bye 2009/08/11 02:46:26

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