When talking to someone do you look away a lot, or do you look at them straight in the eye?

bubbles 2009/11/04 21:51:16
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  • Ms.NY 2009/11/12 14:42:03
    I usually look a person straight in the eyes, unless their breath is foul !
  • brutusin~ Proud Apetheist 2009/11/08 00:00:47
    brutusin~ Proud Apetheist
    I don't look people in the eye. Shy bastard.
  • SouthernB 2009/11/07 06:44:58
    Right straight dead in the eye. I'm an eye engaged communicator.
  • beachbum 2009/11/07 01:31:06
    Look 'em in the eye.
  • ShahnazRoxs(: 2009/11/06 21:52:25
    I have a habit of my eyes looking the other way while talking other than looking at them contact to contact.
  • hatshepsut123 2009/11/06 18:13:24
    i usually look them in the eye, but sometimes i tend to look away if i don't like the person or if they bore me with some annoying conversetion that we had like 100000000 times before.
  • ~Faith_N_Jesus ~ is returni... 2009/11/06 14:23:19 (edited)
    ~Faith_N_Jesus ~ is returning to the old landmark
    Sometimes I have noticed I close my eyes when talk because I have to think what I am saying...and really so when I am serious! If I am kidding I look you in the eye and laugh like a goon!.LOL
  • SEAHORSE 2009/11/06 14:22:02
    It depends on who im talking to and what im talking about.

    But i usually look away a lot i cant help it.
  • little bill 2009/11/06 13:51:14
    little bill
    i like to look straight at them in the eyes is good.
    make them know you are listening to them. straight eyes listening
  • Melanie 2009/11/06 11:26:02
    eye contact
  • SATAN 2009/11/06 09:52:12 (edited)
    100% eye contact...

    a good practice: look at a area between the eyes or forehead.. saves looking away and they think you're being attentive...
  • emmamess ~ In My Conscience... 2009/11/06 03:54:09
    emmamess ~ In My Conscience I Trust ~`
    depends how they are lookin at me.
  • DiViews2015 2009/11/06 03:34:10
    Just my humble opinion, but most of the times I have been lied to the liar was looking me straight in my eyes. I believe they are concentrating on what they are going to say next. Lying tends to take more concentration than the truth. You do not have to remember the truth. Just tell it.
  • Moonlight148 2009/11/06 02:45:11
    straight at them. I think it freaks some of them out cuz i don't break eye contact.
  • hook 2009/11/06 02:15:17
    yes inless i am driving!!
  • mach-1 BL-106 2009/11/06 02:06:52
    mach-1  BL-106
    I look at them...Why wouldn't you?
  • squirtpink 2009/11/06 01:56:31
    I do what Sweets does. I look, then I look away...then I look back..
  • Antarctican Pride 101 2009/11/06 00:00:09
    Antarctican Pride 101
    When I'm nervous I look away. It could be a symptom of a personality disorder .
  • Merna 2009/11/05 23:55:39
    That's right straight in the eyes
  • CHICKSRULE 2009/11/05 23:53:47
    Straight in the eyes of course.... I learned that during my college years, in my speech class.
  • japaness girl inside 2009/11/05 23:26:29
    japaness girl inside
    i just look at them, but if i'm working i just look down at the paper and talk
  • Hannah Cullen 2009/11/05 23:05:42
    Hannah Cullen
    i look at them straight ut when im trying to rember something or im thinking i look away...
  • shahnaz seduction 2009/11/05 22:35:41
    shahnaz seduction
    i look away quite alot, i dont mean too but i do. maybe i have trust issues?
  • Sam DePecan 2009/11/05 22:29:18 (edited)
    Sam DePecan
    I usually try to keep them on their toes trying to figure out which EYE I am looking in ... I do that by looking between their eyes. You ARE talking about two-eyed people . . . Right??
  • ¡ǝɯ ʇǝƃ ǝɯoɔ ˙˙˙ǝɯ ʇuɐʍ noʎ ɟı
    i look em' straight in the eyes and make them face my devilish features!
  • Caroline™ - a registered tr... 2009/11/05 22:09:55
    Caroline™ - a registered trademark of Sarcasm, Ltd.
    Straight in the eye...but not in a terrifying way that suggests I want to hurt them.

    straight eye terrifying hurt
  • Kienlee 2009/11/05 22:18:45 (edited)
    I could be crying, and I wouldn't look away. The best thing you can do is keep your head held high. That is if they're talking to you.
  • Mikaylah 2009/11/05 21:54:22
    I think that I look away a lot (:
    And Kim does too (:

  • Kienlee Mikaylah 2009/11/05 22:19:16
    Who's Kim?
  • Rose 2009/11/05 21:43:19
    look away let my eyes wander around lol
  • Knot_RIch 2009/11/05 21:39:48
    Look but don't stare.
    Body language speaks far louder than words. Yours also, people want to know you're paying attention.
  • Holly 2009/11/05 21:23:21
    I like to look people in the eyes so that they know i'm listening, but it's never creepy, i don't stare at them http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/i...
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2009/11/05 21:10:06
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    I tend to look people in the eye. If you look away in business, people assume you're not dealing properly with them.
  • left-libertarian 2009/11/05 21:05:13 (edited)
    When I engage a conversation I have eye contact, but when I listen I face them but I do not hold eye contact the whole time. I find that when talking to someone I loose my train of thought if they are staring blankly into your eyes.
  • Kienlee left-li... 2009/11/05 22:21:21
    Well yah... yah Wouldn't you look away if somone were to look at you like that?
  • whiskey 2009/11/05 21:05:12
  • courtney 2009/11/05 20:54:23
    when i like someone i am usaully far away or if i no them then i just look at them
  • CALVIN BENET 2009/11/05 20:41:01
  • twowheelsrule 2009/11/05 20:31:50
    As a businessman, I always make eye contact with whom I am speaking with and in groups, I try to make eye contact with everyone at least a couple of times. I think it's rude not to.
  • Connie 2009/11/05 20:22:27
    I'm definitely a 'look them in the eye' person. Gotta watch out for those that constantly look away...

    Had an ex-husband like that once...he was an habitual liar!

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