When someone says "I feel sorry for you" during an argument, does the person saying it ever really mean it?

crotchrot 2009/08/03 18:25:40
Or is it just something that people have become accustomed to saying just for the hell of it?
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  • Veronica ~RWAC~CFM 2009/08/03 18:30:08 (edited)
    Veronica ~RWAC~CFM
    No! They mean:
    "you win I have nothing intelligible to say to counter what you just said"

    I LOVE hearing that! Mwahaha

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  • oliver.stieber 2013/05/13 13:41:34 (edited)
    I think this is classic, what I call, ego transfer... once you get the idea you can spot it a lot... The guy who's nice to everyone because they want someone to be nice to them etc.....

    So in this case,
    the person feels inferiour and that you should feel sorry or some other type of compassion for them but instead you're breaking down their every grip on reality...... winning the argument.
    so they say
    'I feel sorry for you'
    it's a reflection of their internal ego upon you.

    A bit like 'takes one to know one' for instance.

    I suppose if you break it down litterally they are saying they feel sorry for you, implying that you should feel sorry.

    it's also a masquraded version of
    I feel pitty for you, in that you should feel pittyfull.

    pittyfull has two meaning, one more positive as in need of pitty (that's a case of ego transfer again)
    the other less nice 'inadiquate' but again a reflectio of their own inadiquacies.
  • Ictoa 2009/12/01 04:37:30
    Of course in other words "Im so sorry you're a fucktard"
  • crotchrot Ictoa 2009/12/01 05:08:41
  • plumecat 2009/08/18 07:59:22
    dont know about losers and loserville and all that american lingo, but its because the person doesnt really like you that much, and they seize the oppertunity to demoralize you, now theyre the ones in a position of power, or so they think, because it was you they felt inferior to in the first place, so just look up and give them back the look of hell, then let them choke on theyre words.
  • ☠Twisted Beauty☠ 2009/08/16 03:54:08
    ☠Twisted Beauty☠
    They say it to make themselves feel above you....when they're full of shit and can't think of anything else to say.
  • Chozn4u 2009/08/05 18:04:00
    I think people say their sorry AFTER they've been caught doing something wrong to avoid consequences. To be truly sorry, to me, is to strive to never repeat the same action even if you don't have to suffer for what you did.
  • Ally 2009/08/05 00:31:48
    I just laugh it off, really. I could care less about what they say and whether they mean it or not.
  • Jesse 2009/08/04 19:48:40
    Well somtimes i just no when they do because of the expression on there face, but other times when there not paying attention to you and are distracted then it kinda hurts cus you know they dont mean it.
  • ptete in left I trust ~ POT... 2009/08/04 16:19:39
    ptete in left I trust ~ POTC**FUKU2**
    They don't have much else to offer so they attack you personally.
  • Joker~RWAC/CFM 2009/08/04 14:23:36
  • Kari 2009/08/04 12:28:32
    I suppose I don't say that often. I've actually thought it more than said it. If I say it, I do mean it. I mean, there are some people that I truly feel sorry for. There are some people who are so ignorant & full of hate, that I just can't possibly believe that they are living a happy existence. In conclusion, I don't say it much, but if I do, I definitely mean it.
  • ypd91 2009/08/04 07:25:41
  • kaylyn 2009/08/04 07:15:29
    most ppl just say it cuz itz their stupid way of making the other person feel bad about themselves.....stupid.....yet very affective. lol ;)
  • kiara 2009/08/04 07:04:50
    it depends on what the argument's about. and what was just said
  • ♥tashinaMurderScene♥ 2009/08/04 06:14:05
    hell no!
  • Stix 2009/08/04 06:01:20
    When said during an argument it is an insult because the person is saying they feel sorry for you because your thoughts on the subject being agrued are so wrong that they feel sorry for you..

    They of course have nothing to back their opinion up so if they can make you think you are pitiful they will feel like are right without backing up their opinion with facts.
  • Rεvolution 2009/08/04 05:43:52 (edited)
    It means they don't have a comeback so they're going on the offensive.
  • kaylyn Rεvolution 2009/08/04 07:18:34
    haha thts soooo true.
  • Rεvolution kaylyn 2009/08/04 07:20:59
    Thanks. :)
  • kaylyn Rεvolution 2009/08/04 07:22:47
    no problem....u said it so i didnt have 2 so thank u. lol
  • ;]maewilleatyourskittlesxxx 2009/08/04 05:27:55
    well.. for me it kinda means "haha, you're a stupid loser"
  • <--That guy 2009/08/04 05:22:54
    <--That guy
    I think it's meant more as an insult. When someone says, "I feel sorry for you," they're really saying, "Something's wrong with you."
  • shyguy5204 2009/08/04 05:11:52
    It matters who the person it. you know. If it is like a good friend then im sure they meen it unless they like secretly are like out to get you then they probebly dont meen it. but. If it is someone you trust then they i think that will truelly mean it.

    Sorry if that didnt make sense. lol.
  • twothunders 2009/08/04 04:25:17
    I think it's like they are saying "I am superior to you and it is sad that you will never evolve into the well versed, righteous person that I am..."
  • David 2009/08/04 04:13:40 (edited)
    A definite put down!
  • ahhaterry 2009/08/04 03:42:46 (edited)
    Of course they don't ... it is a code actually, what they are actually saying is this... I know th' code, see?....

    your hear "I feel..."

    what they are actually saying is... "you loser. you put yourself in this pathetic position.... so suck it up... I am sooooooo glad I am not you... you loser! Now please, save all some displeasure and go die or something already please... loser...."

    it is simple really.... hope this helps....

    sooooooo glad loser save displeasure die loser simple hope helps
  • crotchrot ahhaterry 2009/08/04 03:46:56
  • ahhaterry crotchrot 2009/08/04 03:47:35 (edited)
    It felt good actually, lol

    ahhaterry was speaking rhetorically here... he was refrencing no one in particular... but he's been of the brunt end of a few of these conversations, hence he was able to finally break the code....
  • crotchrot ahhaterry 2009/08/04 03:52:29
  • ahhaterry crotchrot 2009/08/04 03:59:16
    I am an expert here as well...

    point of fact, I have also been on the brunt end of these types of coversations...

    they usually go something like this... "ahhaterry, why don't you go F'off and die or something man?

    and yes, I have always appreciated this kind of brutal honesty... it shows a sterling character on the deliverer's part....

    coversations ahhaterry foff die appreciated brutal honesty sterling character deliverers
  • GettingANewName 2009/08/04 03:36:16
    I try to mean it when I say it, but a LOT of people use it as pure insult.
  • Cherrie 2009/08/04 03:27:15
    during an argument they probably just saying it as a insult TRANSLATION "i feel sorry that you have to live with urself"
  • Dan~R.W.A.C~C.F.M 2009/08/04 03:20:33
    Yeah its an insult. But I laugh it off. They really feel sorry for themselves.
  • leonoraw1 Dan~R.W... 2015/03/21 15:43:59
  • artist1963-Progressive Patr... 2009/08/04 02:50:25
    artist1963-Progressive Patriot for Change
    I have told others who have been excessively nasty to me that I feel sorry for THEM because I do. When another person has nothing to offer up in a debate, argument or whatever you want to call it but insults, uses profanity and trying to humiliate me, then I do feel sorry because of their total ignorance and obvious lack of common sense.

    I am sure I have had it said to me though can't remember my reaction to it. Only the person saying this can know if they mean it or not because I am not a mind reader.
  • Cherrie artist1... 2009/08/04 03:28:31
    i say it as an insult thats for sure
  • mz.gigi0723 2009/08/04 02:01:48 (edited)
    Well what i mean when i say it is ..... i feel sorry for you - you ignorant, S.O.B.

    Sorry for how stupid and stubborn you are.

    You're and idiot!
    And it's sad that you're the only one who doesn't know it!
  • crotchrot mz.gigi... 2009/08/04 02:05:58
  • mz.gigi... crotchrot 2009/08/04 02:16:14
    yes you are reading too much in to my response .... lol .... i was simply answering the questions from my point of view when i say those words to a another person in the heat of an argument.
  • crotchrot mz.gigi... 2009/08/04 02:25:53

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