When Smoking Was Good For Your Health & Socially Acceptable...

This medicinal cigarette, not recommended for children under 6, apparently treats many ailments usually thought to be caused by cigarettes, like asthma, foul breath and bronchial irritations. Well done Dr. Batty!

ailments caused cigarettes asthma foul breath bronchial irritations dr batty

ailments caused cigarettes asthma foul breath bronchial irritations dr batty

ailments caused cigarettes asthma foul breath bronchial irritations dr batty

ailments caused cigarettes asthma foul breath bronchial irritations dr batty
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  • storeeverythingneon 2012/04/11 06:03:06
  • Ecig Review 2011/11/12 13:33:15
    Ecig Review
    yeppers i smoke. i know i should stop. i actually might soon, i have never even tried to stop before. smokeless cigarette reviews
  • DARIUS ... Ecig Re... 2014/10/31 17:38:46
    shut up
  • LadyKonFuze 2009/04/29 20:35:26
    Wow, didn't know the advertising was that bad back then, anything for money aye.
  • DanSuciu LadyKon... 2010/09/04 08:00:22
  • rottie 2009/04/28 00:47:55
    All of these adds were thought up by people who were and are being paid to do so, It's called "Advertising". adds people paid advertising
  • bacon bits 2009/04/23 23:08:30
    bacon bits
    I smoked for over 30 years and believe me it's not healthy. I haven't had a cig in over 7 years and I feel great. I hated that monkey on my back and when I was in the hospital for 7 days, I just never picked one up after that. I don't put people down for it, it's their right to smoke and I feel bad that they are treated like piranhas...It is still legal.
  • juandefuca 2009/04/23 21:40:30
    Back in 1939 the old one's told of Coffin Nails in reference to Cigarettes !!!!
    It goes to show you :If you BELIEVE , THINKING STOPS !
    ANY BELIEVING !!!!!!!!
  • CaNdY mAnDy 2009/04/23 20:32:43
    CaNdY mAnDy
    if smokeing causes cancer its guarenteed i'll have cance by the time im 25
  • Old Soldier 2009/04/23 19:05:21
    Old Soldier
    I smoked for years too, but I remmember a time when Cancer was only heard or seen once in a while, and I am only 62 years old. The truth is, and always has been, "you have what you believe." Belief is a strange thing. First comes belief, then comes faith in what you believe, but here is the clencher; once faith gets involved, it delivers to you the things you believe in, whether they be good or bad. Everyone has faith; "For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith." (Romans 12:3) Faith is awaken with belief, and then faith through belief, believe it or not, controls a great deal of your life. That is just the facts, whether you believe it or not. However, there will come a time when "belief and faith" will not govern events, and Jesus stated that in so many words. I know where to find it, but can anyone here state where Jesus tells us that? Just wondering.
  • Elizabeth 2009/04/23 18:35:42
    I smoked when it was fashionable, but never heard it was "good for the health." Where on earth did such bizarre information come from? After smoking 5 packs a day for some time, I realized I was addicted, got a lucky break (a week in the hospital on unrelated causes) and stopped cold turkey. The fact the government is feasting on peoples dependence through taxation is just another demonstration of hypocracy. Haven't touched a butt for 22 years to the day (April 23, 1987) and am horrified to see the cost of a pack is around $10.00.
  • TacoSauce Elizabeth 2009/04/24 17:58:12
    Hahahahaha Haven't touched a butt for 22 years...
    Haha sorry. That was immarture, but I had to.
  • sweetguy45 Elizabeth 2009/04/27 15:05:23 (edited)
    Actually their is research that is being done currently on Alshimers and Parkinsons Disease patients that suggests that people who smoke are not as apt to get Alhimers or Parkinson Disease. Both of these diseases need oxygen in order to thrive and spread through out the brain and older patients who never smoked are more apt to get these diseases. Smoking the study suggests is the reason that older patients who do smoke don't get these diseases more often than non-smoking patients. So if the results of this study is confirmed that smoking does prevent or slow down the rate of these diseases growth, than smoking is a healthy thing to do for your brain. This tidbit of information is what the anti-smoking nazi colation and the Health Departments don't want you to know, and dont advertise on their anti-smoking commercials.
  • GrandGizmo Elizabeth 2009/12/29 01:26:58
  • Dad 2009/04/23 14:00:28
    I remember those old ads.............................
    Smoking was never good for human health, it was the companies ads that made it look good for you.
  • kitkat42 2009/04/23 07:36:51
    Damn, I remember those days really well. Amazing how it was so "good" for you, for so many years. I'm still glad I kicked the habit, who can afford $8.00 a pack?
  • blahblahblah 2009/04/23 06:09:05
    its amazing what people used to think...
  • Lady 2009/04/23 00:34:51
  • Bob-chicka-wow-wow 2009/04/23 00:12:38
  • Lady Bob-chi... 2009/04/23 00:35:40

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