When He/She says you deserve someone better, how do you take it? What means to you?

Huki68 2011/06/05 18:25:22
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  • ~WinnieThePooh~ ^-^ 2011/06/07 02:13:54
    Uhmm I really never thought about it...
    ~WinnieThePooh~ ^-^
    I guess I sort of take it as a compliment but if I'm with the person and I'm happy I guess I kinda ignore them.
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2011/06/06 13:46:43
    Well It means...
    Just MEH....Piwan
    I would take it as a compliment, pobviously they are saying you are a very worthy person who deserves good things.
  • sczen8 2011/06/05 22:26:13
    Well It means...
    I take it as a compliment.
  • Chaya2010 2011/06/05 21:17:13
    Well It means...
    I don't want to be with you.
  • fay 2011/06/05 21:11:27
    Well It means...
    well, it means that he found an other girl so he just trying to find something to say[maybe to make you feel better] BUT in my opinion he doesn't make the things better!
  • fay fay 2011/06/05 21:12:12
  • Jana~ una chica loca 2011/06/05 20:48:06
    Well It means...
    Jana~ una chica loca
    they're right and that relationship is over
  • ~~Lady~With~Class~~ 2011/06/05 20:11:52
    Well It means...
    It means it's over.
  • Do0da..♥ 2011/06/05 19:50:16
    Well It means...
    he has some1 else in his life and he doesn't want me
  • Daniel 2011/06/05 18:54:44
    Well It means...
    She doesn't want me.
  • TasselLady 2011/06/05 18:47:13
    Well It means...
    It means one of two things: 1. He actually DOES believe you deserve better. 2. He's actually saying that he would rather have somebody else in his life.
  • Silver Dew 2011/06/05 18:30:33
    Well It means...
    Silver Dew
    If he or she says you deserve something better then it means you can do better than that, but be careful sometimes when someone says something like that, they could be deceiving you, in order for them to crawl into the gap that you and your spouse have created to claim their prize.
  • Yoko 2011/06/05 18:30:29
    Well It means...
    That they don’t wanna hurt me but they don’t wanna be with me… aka : they r not my type…or more…I’m not theirs…

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