When does love become hate?

Zero Harte~King of Nothing~ 2010/02/21 23:58:50
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  • ZILdeactivated 2010/02/26 01:41:36
    When your heart gets broken and you get mad and don't want the person to fix it. Well, that's my guess.
  • TwistedForScreams 2010/02/22 06:41:40
    When someone tells you they hate you after you admit to them your love for them

    If everyone was like that EXACT person who did it to me, I don't think I would be alive by now :(

  • bigeasy628 2010/02/22 03:25:02
    When someone uses the love you have for them to hurt you, or use you because they know you love them. I loved someone and was used and finally saw I was being used and it turned from love to hate, or really just a lack of positive emotion about the person anymore.
  • SeptemberRose&SunFlower'sMo... 2010/02/22 02:23:06
    I feel that love is so much more powerful than hate will ever be. I believe that you will always love that person all the while, you can generate completely new feelings towards them... such as hate. I'm the kind of person who gives her heart away easily, I really am. If I meet you and we just click... I'll love you forever. I don't hate easily, I'm just not that kind of person. I really believe in the word Love.
  • Lady_V 2010/02/22 02:00:24
    For me it's a matter of loyalty. If that's broken, then all trust will be lost and never will it ever be the same. No matter what.
  • Eternallegs 2010/02/22 00:34:29
    When you're married to love lol j/k
  • ElisaLovezz_-_ 2010/02/22 00:18:58
    when someone makes a mistake.
  • MidnightCowboy said "What's... 2010/02/22 00:04:44
    MidnightCowboy said "What's the name? :)
    After they do something wrong. :D
  • SnoopFuzz 2010/02/22 00:03:58
    when you get married
  • Mysticflamez 2010/02/22 00:01:42
    when you or ur partner betrays you or sumthing else...
  • (no name) 2010/02/22 00:01:10
    (no name)
    wen u like sumbody still but u argue and fight all the time and break up and get back together so many times and eventually after it happens so many times u just start hating them, but really deep down u still want them to love u...
  • FD-Firefighter 2010/02/21 23:59:59
    when trust is lost

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