What's your view on interacial relationships?

manga4life 2009/09/17 23:57:54
do u support or hate them.
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  • Lucy in the Sky 2009/09/18 04:00:55
    Lucy in the Sky
    to each there own. if you personally are not attracted to someone of another race thats your business. just depends on your taste =]

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  • lori 2009/09/18 23:57:08
    i think it doesnt matter what color you are as long as you love the other person for who they are not the color of thier skin..who cares what anybody else thinks.
  • Nabael lori 2009/09/19 06:05:38
    Exactly what I think.
    Accept for the fact I do care what skin color they are, because I find dark, attractive.

    But yes, it should be you love who they are, and what they look like is disregarded in the long run.
  • Johnny-O lori 2009/09/21 04:15:42
    Music to my ears!
  • GreatLakes 2009/09/18 23:47:58
    Love is beautiful in any shade of color.
  • mrosen814 2009/09/18 23:07:47
    i support relationships based on mutual love and respect
  • AmmoLou 2009/09/18 22:44:15
    I approve of them, my first girlfriend was black, my 2nd from asia, and watching how they get along with mixed marrigaes in england, no problem.
  • reed67 2009/09/18 21:42:55
    While I have no problem with them I've known very few that have worked out in the long run.
  • Johnny-O reed67 2009/09/21 04:18:28
    I'm sure yoi know what you're talking about but, in light of the less than 50% success rate of American marriages overall, is that much of a difference?

    I don't really know, I'm just asking, y'know? Precentage of a percentage, that sort of thing.
  • reed67 Johnny-O 2009/09/21 04:21:03
    I understand what your saying here. No, I'm sure it really doesn't make a difference in the long run. I was just pointing out that the ones I've personally have know have never worked out.
  • Johnny-O reed67 2009/09/21 06:02:38
    Yeah, but what fun while it lasts, huh!
  • doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~... 2009/09/18 21:39:53
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    I know many interacial couples, As far as I'm concerned , if they truly love each other,it's fine. The people I know are happy together.
  • Ed 2009/09/18 20:58:28
    Oh it was very very nice, the contrast of the two colors when your intertwined Grrrr Oh man awesome. She was sweet too. I think it's great. I don't have a problem with interracial at all, it can be a beautiful thing just like any other relationship
  • Johnny-O Ed 2009/09/21 04:19:42
    I may've misjudged you, Ed; forgive me.
  • Freeranger 2009/09/18 19:34:44
    I'm attracted to love....
  • Ms. Honey 2009/09/18 19:22:05 (edited)
    Ms. Honey
    I support them. Hell, I date anyone outside of my race as long as they were decent looking and had a nice personality. Race does not matter to me. Neither does sex but that's for a different question.
  • SaraPraysForPlagues 2009/09/18 19:17:48
    Just like same sex relationships. interracial relationships are just as good as a normal white/white or black/black relationship. Its about who you love, not about anything else about them. At least it shouldnt be. love is love
  • Nabael SaraPra... 2009/09/19 06:06:18
    Well put, and an excellent comparison. That is very deep :)
  • Johnny-O SaraPra... 2009/09/21 04:20:30
    Good answer...
  • erdo sero 2009/09/18 18:37:03
    erdo sero
    The majority of women who I have dated have been Caucasian.
  • cronewinter 2009/09/18 18:03:51
    As long as the people involved are happy and they treat each other well it's no ones business but theirs. No one is as racially pure as they think..we are all a bit of a mix.
  • A man 2009/09/18 17:24:05
  • SaraPra... A man 2009/09/18 19:18:42
    no offense, but that is retarded. if you really love a person, you are totalllly within your rights to have a family with that person.
  • CHUCK -... A man 2009/09/18 20:51:07
    CHUCK - Liberal in Seattle
    WHAT KIND? Do you really think there is any one on this planet that is 100% pure anything?

    What are you 100% of besides BS!
  • A man CHUCK -... 2009/09/29 23:55:58
    A man
    Listen Chucky, you can come up with all of the purity clauses that you like and assume every single one of us is the same, but the fact is that we are not all the same and even if none of us are pure anything like you say your black and I am white. We have different customs, your kind is known for leaving their kids behind, white people are known for drinking too much , etc. Don't give me that crap about purity, a race is a race - their are different races and they should not be mixed in such a way that they would produce offspring, it's simply not right.
  • manga4life A man 2009/10/01 20:31:10

    stop being so prejudice!
  • doofieg... A man 2009/09/18 21:42:01
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    This is sick! This is what I call prejudice.
  • A man doofieg... 2009/09/29 23:56:57
    A man
    It is sick, it's so sick it's sad. How could anyone put a child through that disgrace and humiliation I don't know?
  • manga4life A man 2009/09/30 01:40:30
    disgrace and humiliation? explain this really stupid answer to me.
  • casperan A man 2009/09/19 00:54:36
    That's sick
  • Truthbe... A man 2009/09/19 03:45:29
    Actually genetic variability is the main reason why species survive.
  • Nabael Truthbe... 2009/09/19 06:10:35
    I don't think someone who would post such a hateful comment to begin with, would have the capacity to wrap their brain (pea) around it.
    Well said though.
  • Johnny-O Nabael 2009/09/21 04:25:08
    He's so right, and I would like to add that THAT is what makes America so strong - our diversity, as a people!
  • Johnny-O Truthbe... 2009/09/21 04:23:35
    That is exactly Goddamn right! Kudos to you for giving a thuroughly mouth-stopping answer!
  • Nabael A man 2009/09/19 06:08:59
    Remind me how something would be infeirior with mixed race? One would think they would actually be stronger, due to the fact they have more than one view on culture, and more likely to be open.
    Not to mention, race is insignificant in this day and age. Perhaps it would have made a difference, say 100 years ago, but not anymore.
    You are very crude lad, end of story.
  • A man Nabael 2009/09/30 00:00:34
    A man
    It's actually very simply. When you mix two pure breeds of anything the offspring will be a much better and stronger breed. We do it with dogs, horses, fish, etc. WTF are you talking about? How can something that is not the same be stronger, where do you rad this crap? Have you ever heard of a Mutt?
  • Nabael A man 2009/09/30 01:23:03
    I can see you have no idea what you are talking about. Pure breeds are a term for animals that humans have bread for superiority, so the offspring with anything else would be weaker, due to the fact the none-purebred would be less fitted and changed for the porpoise they are meant.
    HUMANS on the other hand, are not the same way. Every race has the same mental, physical and emotional capabilities as any other, thus mixing them would do no harm. You could claim that there are races that are superior in size and stature, but that is not the subject here, mixing 2 equal people from 2 different races would yield a child of diversity that would be just as capable, if not more so than it's two progenitors.

    And if you ask how something that is not the same can be stronger, look and compare humans with elephants, quite different, yet we are rats in comparison to those beasts. I also did not "rad" this anywhere in particular, more or less thinking and coming up with my own observations and inferences, a capability you just might lack as I see.
    I like mutts, I am one. Think about this:
    My mother is full Irish. My father is Serbian and native American. They were both below 5 foot 9, yet I stand at 6 foot one. Not to mention I have more potential and ability than they did as children. I am a superior mutt my friend, thus completely blowing your whole argument away.
  • aneed2know A man 2009/09/19 09:37:51
    You have no clue do you, most blacks could care less, you dont know many black people do you?

    Now if you said this, most black women dont like it, you would be partially correct. But then again i would be partially wrong if i said most white men hate to see a white woman with a black men. I say partially because i dont know most white men.
  • Johnny-O aneed2know 2009/09/21 04:33:50 (edited)
    No, you're right, many white men still get their hackles up when the see a white girl with a black guy - but things are changing, thanks to people who had more courage than I did, ignored their families' objections, and followed their heart!

    I sure hope you are in error about black women not approving of mixed marriages. AN2K, I want one!!! Hahahaha, not to be flip, I seriously do!

    As for 'A man' - sheesh, what is there to say? BAD SCREEN NAME!

    I will say it again - any man, white, yellow, or brown, who is any kind of real man at all, will want a black woman, the best in the world!

    Once again, nothing against other women,

    And this sad, despicable reject does not know what he is missing...

  • aneed2know Johnny-O 2009/09/21 05:25:35
    Personally i see women as women all beautifull, i came out of a black woman and i have black women in my family of course but i make no distinctions on the most beautifull women. Most of my life i have dated interracially so seeing color has never been a issue with me.

    One day i hope you find that love, but some advice look for love not color and you may be suprised at what you find or who finds you.

    All womn have their strengths and their flaws no matter what color, just like all men.
  • Johnny-O aneed2know 2009/09/21 06:11:31 (edited)
    Yeah, I know. I will definitely consider your advice, it's just that, after Phyllis, I know what I like, and why look anywhere else?

    There are some beautiful women out there, but I wasted my life and I'm running out of time, can't afford to 'see' if I'm compatible with a woman of my own or other race than black, this is what I want, and I am sure.

    But thanks for your advice, it is appreciated, AN2K. And of course you may be right.

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