What's your opinion of the ontological argument?

gingey 2011/08/30 13:59:21
i'm currently studying the ontological argument at college and was wondering what's peoples opinion of it? whether it be studying it ( i'm finding it quite hard and confusing to be honest) or just in general due to your personal beliefs.
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  • rand 2011/08/30 15:40:21
    It's easy to see and understand that it's all an illusion. The most ancient philosophers figured it out and now physicists are confirming it. Philosophy matters because we all have one and operate according to its tenets...whether or not we take time to define it.
  • gingey rand 2011/08/30 15:41:13
    thanks :)
  • Will on the road again 2011/08/30 14:13:40
    Will on the road again
    It's interesting but seems to talk itself into circles. I can see where there would be some heated debates, but in the end, it still comes down to faith. You either have it, or you don't. Good luck on your studies!
  • gingey Will on... 2011/08/30 14:14:45
    thanks :)
  • Quiet-is-feared 2011/08/30 14:07:39
    Personally, I think the arguments between whats existing and whats not are pointless. I think people are welcome to believe what theyd like to, each individual probably has their own terms and beliefs they live by, so by all means live by them, I dont see why people argue over something like that :P

    I find it hard to argue about it, I have my veiws and beliefs afterall, but I think its mainly hard to argue about this, because theres no right answer or like, conclusion.
  • gingey Quiet-i... 2011/08/30 14:12:11
    thanks :)

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