What's your favorite dream you've ever had?

Miss Bela Rae 2012/07/06 23:09:14
My all-time favorite dream is what I named The Lavender.
We were shooting through a dark tunnel. The walls were were glowing with color. The only two colors were purple and gold, but it was every single shade of purple and gold. The colors changed every half-second. There was music, but it wasn't music from earth. It was nothing I had ever heard.
We (my mom, my real dad, and my two sisters) were sitting in a train car that wasn't connected to other cars--I guess it took place in the future, because it had an open top and no steering wheel and was on tracks, but we were the only ones. Or maybe there were more people behind us. I don't remember.
They were calling me antisocial because I wasn't talking, just staring, wonderstruck, at the walls and listening to the music. I wasn't interested in what they were talking about. All I remember of their conversation is my mom saying, "Bela's just over there being antisocial..."
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  • lil crazy 2012/07/06 23:48:25
    lil crazy
    The best dream I ever had was one of this guy I fell in love with. We were trying to come together but something kept keeping us apart. On the third try we finally got together and when we kissed we merged into one being. It felt complete and wonderful like nothing I have ever felt before. It was like the beginning of a whole new wonderful, where anything is possible world was opened up to us. It felt so real as if our eyes were truly open for the first time to know things we didn't before and to be awed by the mysteries that still surrounded us.
  • Miss Be... lil crazy 2012/07/06 23:51:27
    Miss Bela Rae
    That sounds epic! :) I've never had a dream like that but I think at least once in their life everyone has a dream where they feel something they could never feel in real life. In the dream I described I felt like a soul with no body.
  • Cellar Door 2012/07/06 23:40:48 (edited)
    Cellar Door
    I can't remember most of my dreams, but this was one of my most recent ones so it's my favorite.

    I was in a library watching a documentary about Columbine and there was a woman narrating it. Then I saw Dylan and Eric (the shooters) pacing around in the library. My dream jumped to me being under a long table in the middle of the Columbine library. There were maybe 5 or 6 other people my age under there with me? And Dylan and Eric were just walking around, Eric wasn't saying anything, but Dylan was telling us "rules" and the only ones I remember are "Don't speak unless you're spoken to" and "Keep everything under the table unless you wanna get shot." Then he asked us what time it was but said that we couldn't look at the clock (and for some reason I got the impression that if we had the wrong answer he'd shoot us.. Idk haha) and someone guessed "11:11" but it was really 10:50 (I had a watch on, hollaaaa) but nobody got shot. At the end of the dream Dylan walked right past me and just stood there.

    A lot of my dreams make no sense okay

    Also your dream sounds really pretty
  • Miss Be... Cellar ... 2012/07/06 23:46:05
    Miss Bela Rae
    lol Some of my dreams make no sense either, like once Justin Bieber was trying to eat my dog, and another time Barney the Purple Dinosaur was trying to rape me in the middle of the Grand Canyon so I hit him over the head with a frying pan X) I literally woke up laughing.
  • PoisonCrayons 2012/07/06 23:35:35
    Wow! That's a really interesting dream.
    Most of the dreams I have inspires me to create stories.
    Most of my dreams are my favorites. xD
  • Miss Be... PoisonC... 2012/07/06 23:47:42
    Miss Bela Rae
    I like making stories out of dreams, too. I make stories out of everything. A puddle inspired me once. I imagined a dollhouse-doll-sized person using a leaf as a boat.
  • Cunning Stunts 2012/07/06 23:15:41
    Cunning Stunts
    The wet kind.
  • Miss Be... Cunning... 2012/07/06 23:47:54
    Miss Bela Rae
    lol do I want to know?
  • Cunning... Miss Be... 2012/07/09 10:47:40
    Cunning Stunts
    I'm in the 4th grade and my hot teacher is giving me a table dance in front of the whole class.

    She suddenly says "class dismissed" but gets me to stay behind... wild times ensue.

  • Miss Be... Cunning... 2012/07/09 18:44:05
    Miss Bela Rae
    well okay then lol

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